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What is Leadership?

The following excerpt was taking from Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s New York Times best-selling book, Launching a Leadership Revolution.  What is Leadership? The concept of “leadership” is a complex one. Most everybody has a feel for what the term … Continue reading

The Top 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Finances

The Life Wealth Habits subscription was created to supplement the information taught in the Financial Fitness Program. It provides monthly, on-going training sessions to help people develop the long-term habits of the wealthy, and equips students with the knowledge needed … Continue reading

Life Leadership’s “You, Inc.” Financial Hierarchy or Pyramid

Proper Financial Fitness begins with mastering the Defense, Offense, and Playing Field of money.  For the many satisfied customers (click here and scroll down for textual, audio, and video testimonials) of Life’s Financial Fitness suite of products and services, this … Continue reading

Pick Your Curve – Life Leadership and Power Curve Success

I have often taught that we don’t know what we don’t know. But sometimes, we don’t know what we think we know. And this second condition can lead to erroneous conclusions and frustrated efforts. When I was a child in … Continue reading

Financial Fitness from Life Leadership

Are You Ready to Get Financially Fit? Sincerely, Chris Brady The information presented on this blog and in any of its videos is for general educational purposes only, and provides information the authors believe to be accurate on the subject … Continue reading

Originality: What Do You Have?

In 1923 a member of the board of directors for Lloyd’s Bank in London asked a literary expert at a party: “You may know of one of our employees who is, I understand, a poet. Mr. Eliot.” To which the … Continue reading

LIFE Leadership Scam

Is Life Leadership a Scam? I posted the following article on our Life Leadership Forums page, and it received so much traffic I thought it appropriate to also post it here as well.  The purpose is to help people understand … Continue reading

“A Month of Italy” book set to debut in July

Have you ever felt overworked, overstressed, maxed out, and out of focus? Have you ever needed a break from it all, and by that, I mean something more than a frenzied weekend or busy plastic vacation? Have you ever had … Continue reading

You’re Not Special

Someone sent me the transcript from a commencement speech.  The title and beginning featured a slightly shocking pattern interrupt. In other words, they caught me by surprise. I found myself so intrigued I read further, and eventually realized that, unlike … Continue reading