Life Leadership and the Fight Against Illiteracy

Life Leadership and the Life on Life Initiative

Life Leadership is proud to support the Triangle Literacy Council through it’s Life on Life Initiative.  One aspect of this program involves a monthly corporate contribution of funds at the rate of $1 donated for each Life Leadership subscription.  These funds are provided to qualifying literacy centers in our various markets.

The Triangle Literacy Council is in Raleigh, North Carolina, near our headquarters.  Therefore it made sense to begin our fight against illiteracy right here in our own backyard.  Watch this video to get an understanding of just what an urgent problem illiteracy is, and what an excellent job the Triangle Literacy Council is doing to combat it.

Life Leadership also provides two paid hours per week for any of our employees who wish to donate their time tutoring others and teaching them to read. Several have already gone through the training process and are currently meeting with their assigned students on a regular basis.  This effort inspired several of Life Leadership’s members in the field in the Technical Triangle area, and they are undergoing the training process to become weekly tutors as well.

We are proud to be blessed to not only give treasure, but time and talent too, to a cause this critical to improving people’s lives, one at a time.

Laura Walters and the Triangle Literacy Council are doing an excellent job, and we look forward to eradicating illiteracy in our community together!

God bless!

Chris Brady

9 responses to “Life Leadership and the Fight Against Illiteracy

  1. Chris,

    We are so thankful that the leaders of our company have a big vision on how to impact every person whether in our business or not. This company is truly living out the great commission.

  2. Chris,
    We love what you are doing at the corporate level and how this community is making true serving cool again. The people in this community are living out the great commission unlike any other.

  3. I absolutely love the way our community is willing to serve, pay it forward, teach, learn, and help those in need. The snowball effect is alive and well.

  4. Chris, absolutely love what’s happening here! Proud to be a part of this program to fight illiteracy! Just as a financial literacy program can help a person avoid a foreclosure or bankruptcy, this literacy program can help a person avoid limiting factors in every area of life!! Kirk

  5. I am the founder of Get Education Done. We are an outreach program serving Livingston County, MI. We assist underemployed/unemployed non-highschool graduates with the opportunity to earn their G.E.D. They are eligible for up to $500 in scholarship money through community service of 5 hours. Currently working to raise $25,000 to offer 50 scholarships for 2016. Would Life Leadership have any grants available to assist?

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