Orrin Woodward Net Worth vs. Net Impact


Anyone who has spent any time around me at all will likely know that one of my favorite quotes (attributed to D.L. Moody) is:

Our greatest fear should not be that we will not succeed, but rather that we will succeed at something that doesn’t matter.”

It is easy to run for the wrong things in life.  We can fall prey to the world’s definition of success, going for glitter instead of gold.

So what really does matter in life? What is gold when it comes to achieving success?

I believe my friend and often co-author Orrin Woodward has expressed it well in a recent blog post (you can read it here).  His main point is that one can strive for Net Worth (in which money is stacked higher and higher) or Net Impact (in which people are served in the most important ways). I think we can all readily agree that striving after a success that serves people and changes lives is much more important than accumulating wealth.

Net Impact should trump Net Worth every time.

The particular cause Orrin uses to highlight this point is certainly worthy.  The evils of human trafficking, involving unspeakable injustices and crimes, should enrage us all.  I am thankful that people like Tim Ballard and organizations like his Operation Underground Railroad exist to fight those evils. That is why Terri and I are wholeheartedly supporting the Life on Life Initiative involving a partnering between All Grace Outreach and Operation Underground Railroad.  We are raising funds to help those who are in dire straights and cannot help themselves.

I’ll end with another famous quote (by Edmund Burke):

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Good men and women are not doing nothing, they are taking action! I am proud of the many people in Life who are working toward their Net Impact by raising funds and awareness for this important issue. Thank you all! May your Net Impact be huge!


Chris Brady

4 responses to “Orrin Woodward Net Worth vs. Net Impact

  1. Thank you Chris for your example and faithfulness to God! Thanks for all you do! Have an awesome day!
    -Dave Ober

  2. Chris,
    You, Terri, Orrin and Laurie have been changing lives and bringing truth to people for years, hence, your huge community. I know that huge community is on it’s way to 1 million, and on the way we’ll make a big dent in horrific evil like this like individuals never could. For such a time as this indeed. Thank you for your commitment to match the funds the office raises! Someone was telling me the other day how they miss working for a company that matched her retirement contributions, I’ll share gold with her so she can forget the glitter! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing Chris!

  4. Melissa Berezay

    Thank you for giving us a platform to maximize our net impact!!

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