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LIFE: A Whole New Category

People have heard about home based businesses and networking.  They’ve heard about personal development and self help. They’ve heard about life coaches and accountability partners. And they’ve certainly heard about online communities. But has anyone ever heard of all four combined into one entity?

In short, that’s what the LIFE business is all about.  Orrin Woodward and the rest of the founders of LIFE are onto something unique; something totally new; something never done before. It’s the explosive space between existing categories, in this case, four categories, where massive opportunity exists. This cataclysmic space, according to author Frans Johansson in his book The Medici Effect, is the most exciting place to be.

What does this mean for the individual new to the LIFE concept? Opportunity!

LIFE is a chance at meaningful endeavor, a way to increase your financial standing, to grow as a person, to have a greater impact on society, and to amplify your ability to make a difference. As I wrote yesterday, LIFE is not merely about chasing dreams, but much more importantly about living the life you’ve always thought possible.  LIFE is the vehicle to take you where you’ve always wanted to go. But just like all vehicles, it’s no good without a driver.

So sit down, strap in, shut up, and hang on! (sorry, couldn’t help it. It’s an old off-roader’s phrase). Seriously, though, for anyone seeking to live a more adventurous and successful life, the LIFE business can provide a seriously wild ride!

LIFE, where living is for everyone!

2 responses to “LIFE: A Whole New Category at

  1. The weekend was truly a amazing weekend!

  2. Feels great to be part of Something Right !!!

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