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There is nothing quite like financial pressure. It has the ability to impact nearly every moment of our days. Some people are so terrorized by their money problems they develop health challenges or see relationships strained or destroyed. It’s sad, but especially in an economy like this one, it’s not that uncommon.

Financial education and intelligence can help. One of the biggest shocks to most people is that “more money” is not always the answer. In fact, I have seen people who have terrible financial situations come into some money and simply make an even bigger mess than before.  More money didn’t help them at all, but instead became a megaphone to demonstrate how bad they were at handling money in the first place.

This is where the LIFE materials come in.  Sure, there is a business aspect to LIFE wherein people can own and operate their own business and make “more,” but this “more” won’t help unless better money management is also learned.  The highly popular “Maximize Your Finances” pack is the flagship of the products aimed at increasing financial literacy and understanding. It contains a book and four CDs that go straight to the heart of financial problems and how to eliminate them. Another helpful product, which takes a look at finances from a loftier perch, is the “Today’s Economy and Your Money” pack, featuring four CDs that cover everything from inflation to national deficits.  These materials are the result of years of experience by several business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and authors (Orrin Woodward, Claude Hamilton, Tim Marks, and George S. Clayson, to name a few). More important than the credentials of the speakers/writers are the results this information has produced in the lives of people. Just last week I was in conversation with a man who told me he and his wife had gotten completely out of debt by following the budget guidelines from the “Maximize Your Finances” pack. While no one can make any promises, it seems pretty obvious that better information, when properly applied, leads to better results.

I am not belittling the hardship of a job loss, injury, or other type of financial calamity. But we are all forced to face our circumstances as they are. We can’t do anything about the past, but we CAN do something about the future. Armed with better information, paired with discipline and grit, it is possible to win financially, and in many cases, it begins with the right information.

12 responses to “LIFE’s Financial Information

  1. Thanks Chris for leading the way with principle-based knowledge in your own life. Then being an example for the rest of us regarding what to do as well as what not to do. I appreciate your ‘giant shoulders’ that so many of us that follow you – stand upon!

  2. Chris,
    Many couples are getting their finances in order because of the information on the Financial Pack. This info is a much listen/read for everyone.
    Steve Leurquin

  3. Thanks for the information in all the packs, Chris. It is awesome to follow leaders like yourself, who do what they teach and live what they say.

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  5. It is amazing what knowledge can do. Growing up we see certain things that determine (many times) what we end up doing. Not only is there materials to explain how but there are materials showing us why plus leaders that prove to us that it can be done!

    Thanks Chris!

  6. It is interesting how many times we do what we see growing up. It is all about the here and now, wonder why the country is in the shape that it is in. Then comes along this community who not only says let’s do it differently and here is how to do it, the leaders show why it is important to do so. In the process these same leaders show us by being an example! No wonder why this community is growing leaps and bounds!

  7. This business not only shows us how to correct (in this case) our finance and why it is important to make adjustments, but also shows us through mentoring and the leaders are our example that it can be done.

    Great job Chris!

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  9. Jeffrey Lawrence

    Christ, I can’t tell you how much that finance pack has saved me!


  10. These materials are amazing. My wife and I have been implementing the principals laid out in the maximize your finances pack and are much more conscious of our spending habits. We have started we have more seed money every month and the future look so much brighter. Thank you for these amazing products.

  11. These principles saved our finances at the best time possible, just before job loss. Not only did we survive, but we gained so much knowledge that when the job was replaced we thrived like crazy!! Thanks Chris and LIFE!

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