The Mental Fitness Challenge

Living the Life You've Always Wanted

The Mental Fitness Challenge: We’ve all heard about physical fitness programs since time immemorial. Nearly everyone has a product or program designed to help people get and maintain their fitness. Some of these are quite excellent. However, our physical condition is subservient to our mental condition. In other words, in life, to get and stay physically fit, one must ultimately become mentally fit. This applies in all the categories in which we live out our lives, such as finances, relationships, and the like. If we are not thinking correctly in these areas, aka “mentally fit,” then we will not have any real sustainable fitness in those areas.

Enter the Mental Fitness Challenge. Designed around the 13 resolutions put forth in Orrin Woodward’s best selling book, RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, the Mental Fitness Program helps people live the life they’ve always wanted to live. This is accomplished the way adults learn and grow – not through expensive conferences in tropical locations, or danger simulations and artificial adventures, or even high-priced concert/seminars with public figures – but rather through small, incremental, daily steps implemented according to timeless principles, as explained in Orrin’s book.  After all, it’s the formation of new habits that brings lasting change, and this begins with exercising the mind and becoming mentally fit.

Just as a physical diet requires the elimination of bad foods and the increasing of the consumption of nutritious foods, so too does a mental fitness diet. With the Mental Fitness Challenge, participants are encouraged to begin bringing in small, daily doses of mentally nutritious information.  At the same time, participants are encouraged to eliminate much of the bad information, or “junk food for the mind” that is often so thoughtlessly allow in.

Additionally, when learning something new, it is helpful to set goals, track progress, and receive encouragement from others.  All this and more is structured into the process of the Mental Fitness Challenge. To begin, participants will be able to take a Self Assessment Test, in which they will establish a baseline for their life in each of the 13 resolutions. Also, if desired, 360 degree feedback can also be obtained through the same test, in which others can take the test on the participant’s behalf and have their opinion anonymously displayed.

There are many other features of the Mental Fitness Challenge, including audio, reading, and video training. More details can be found here.

The Mental Fitness Challenge: Challenge yourself to live the life you’ve always wanted!


Chris Brady

P.S. If you’ve already begun taking the Mental Fitness Challenge, give us your impressions here! We’d love to hear from you!

48 responses to “The Mental Fitness Challenge

  1. Chris – wow! Just started the program, the video’s are top notch and a great compliment to the reading! You guys did a great job putting this together. I know I this is LIFE-changing material and so will many others, well before the 90 days is up! I have sent out information on this to everyone in my email address book! Great job to you and Orrin!

    PS – the major leadership convention was incredible!

  2. Just started the Challenge. I love it, it’s so great. Everything is amazing. I love the site and the tests and how they all fit together.

    Thnx for everything in setting it up.

  3. We said Chris! Many people will be better forever because of the MFC

  4. I have never been more excited about life than I am right now! 🙂

  5. The MFC is already making a difference days after being released! The impact in someones life after 90 days of this information will be incredible. Thank you Chris for all of your hard work!

  6. Chris,
    I am so impressed! It’s sharp, funny, full of excellent information. I thought I was fired up yesterday!
    Simply AWESOME!

  7. Enjoyed the article, and I decided to check out the program. Now, I can’t wait to see the next piece, the next video, etc. It’s all laid out for anyone to challenge themselves and improve. This challenge delivers incredible value for anyone who is looking for real fitness and better results in their own lives, their own situation.

  8. Began the MFC this morning. The quality of the material is fantastic! I really like the way the info is presented in “chunks” that allow for the participant to think about the reading and video message at hand and really put some thought into improving their lives. I already can’t wait for tomorrow’s tasks.

  9. Took the online assessment test this afternoon both my wife and myself. I like the online assessment vs the paper one since online you have to complete it quickly. I really like the ease of use on the site as well. Can’t wait for the mobile app.

  10. Started yesterday. Incredible quality and quantity. In fact, I was a bit overwhelmed (kind of like the weekend of the launch).

  11. Dakota Holbrook

    I am a new trip tracker of the Band of Brothers. It’s nice to be on board. I just started the 90 day fitness challenge, and the reading truly humbled me. I am looking into my every action and it’s only day 3!

    I am forever indebted to you gentleman & ladies for putting this together. I’ll start by going power player. See you in Michigan Orrin:)

  12. As a person just starting to build their business, this is an awesome way to not only encourage LIFE changes but to build it into the system. Many thanks, you have already assisted in the creation of greatness within me, and I am so excited to share and watch the greatness in others.

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  14. Into the 2nd week of the Challenge. Great information. Love the videos looking forward to the whole 90 days.

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  16. Day 14, mental fitness challenge. Having already read the book, and listening to cd’s for awhile I wasn’t totally stoked, but wanted to jump right in and get going so that I could promote it to my team and customers alike. What I have found is nothing short of genius. The way that the cd’s and resolved are tied together is amazing. I’m getting more info and applying it than ever before. I’m already noticing a big change in my posture, my inner voices (Mr. Negative, and MR. Positive) and can’t wait to get to a new day of listening and reading. Knowing that Rascal and Launching a Leadership Revolution are next is extremely exciting. Having read both, with the anticipation of the new cds to go with them I can’t hardly wait. This will be an interesting 90 days to say the least. Taking the assessment with my wife and doing this together has been a blast, and increasing our relationship as well.

  17. Im just beginning week three of the MFC, and I’m now realizing how my lack of personal discipline has been shaping my life. I resolve to become more disciplined and to diligently pursue my purpose. Thanks Chris for helping so many people.

  18. Chris, Working through the Private Achivements in the first Module of the MFC, I am humbled to say ~ This is not as easy as I would have thought, but then again, you all hold the bar high! What I have appreciated most is the attention to this fundamental detail so often overlooked~ Our Private Achievements are foundational to our Public Achievements, and yet in our busy, busy society, the pull to focus on the outer performances (Public) gives us so much excuse to overlook our inner and most sacred selves. I have appreciated the time I have taken to sit, listen, read, pray, ponder, and just plain ol’ THINK about my purpose again.

  19. Joe Herman Jr

    The MFC is the real deal to improve many aspects of our lives. It’s based on information that has already helped so many people enhance their lives. The PC has yet again provided a tool to the field that pulls together so much relevant & useful info and packaged it to have even more impact. The MFC is destined to become a key stepping stone on our way to a million people!

  20. Nathan Harbottle

    Chris, I enjoyed taking the self-assessment at the beginning of my MFC journey. The 360 degree feedback was a very humbling experience. The knowledge I gained from that alone is worth the cost of the challenge, but then to have the material available in a 90-day program to help me change my results is a blessing. The founders of LIfE have created something special! Thank you!

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  22. robbyandemily

    We are so excited about this challenge. We’re on week 5 now, an even someone like me, that has already been reading and listening to the material put out by LIFE, is having huge break throughs! Thanks so much!!
    -Robby Palmer

  23. Chris, thank you so much for the MFC and all you do!! You are an inspiration to us all. The MFC is awesome and last night at the Porters ( in Dallas ) we had two tables of men we had so many and we had an incrediable time with the discussion. It was great. The video and the discussion afterwards brought up many great comments from many. It made me think about the good times when I stood my ground and a few times when the Lord humbled me. We have always loved TEAM and the LIFE biz and it just keeps getting better !

  24. I am so BLESSED to have the opportunity to challenge myself through Mental Fitness Challenge, P90x for the Brain. I love/hate this statement..”We don’t promise easy but we do promise WORTH it” I am learning to face my fears and the struggles I have and the ones I will face through life. The RESOLVED by Orrin Woodward has given my information and history I was wished I would of heard 20 years ago. Thanks Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and PC TEAM for LIFE. I can now Live my Life that I have always wanted. Lu Amy Sloan

  25. Wesley Newson

    Shots out to LIFE, TEAM, and the PC. I’m on day 15 so far (in module 1) of the MFC and loving it! It’s allowed my wife and I to have some great talks about the vision/purpose for our family and how we’re moving towards those! The videos are very insightful and to the point. This is perfect for study and discussion because it goes perfect with the corresponding chapters in the 13 Resolutions book. Looking forward to and working towards a different me in 90 days requires discipline but it’s an exciting process! Thanks for all that you do!

    Wesley Newson

  26. Chris, thank you, Orrin and the Policy Council for your vision. MFC is the road map so many of us need in life. It is a great reality check to take the self assessment test. I look foreward to getting the 360 feedback and seeing the truth of where I am. This is a great tool to make a difference in peoples lives. Thank you again Chris !

  27. What a great way to grow personally AND have fun too. Orrin and Chris do an amazing job at pointing us toward growth and make you laugh too. This is so exciting!!!!!

  28. The MFC is a jolt of leadership that gets people off to a very fast start on their leadership journey. And it’s for everyone! A Deacon in my church said, “Some people see life as a joy. But many see life as a burden. Those who see life as a joy, will love the Challenge. Those who see life as a burden, need the Challenge.” God bless! Steve

  29. Jenny Alterman

    WOW! Thanks to the LIFE Founders for leading the way. I am at day 27 and words don’t do justice to the lessons I have learned and the new attitude I have towards goals, dreams, marriage, parenting, business and LIFE! My mind has been forever stretched with the LIFE information as well as my world has gotten so much larger and abundant. The MFC has changed how I think and what I think about. Heck, I just like thinking now! With the MFC I also have the confidence to break away from the herd. Thanks for revealing to me what freedom is, what it will take to get it, and lighting the path to it!

  30. Very interesting. I’m finding the Challenge a good way to find those who are really “ready” -at this moment -to win in LIFE! I’ll go back and try those who don’t want to take the Challenge later and hope they are ready then. Great tool for all!

  31. Debora Symons

    MFC Rocks! It’s just awesome to learn my strengths & weaknesses, through the assessment test & carry it into the Challenge itself!

  32. Debora Symons

    Thank you Chris (Cuz) & to the rest of the PC for putting this together! It’s been an Amazing journey up to this point already & to say that it keeps getting better & better, WOW Factor!

    To listen to the cds & hear each of your personal growths has been Awesome! Thank you for continuing to Inspire & Leading the way to “One Million & Beyond!!”

  33. MFC is time better spent than figuring out how to blog.

  34. Leslie Gebhart

    How do you put into words how exciting it is to KNOW you’re headed toward the LIFE you have always wanted??? Not to mention to have the ability to bring that same opportunity to people around you? Day 33 and LOVE it!
    Thanks for leading the way ~ sure getting easier to connect the dots! 🙂

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  36. I’ve just started the mental fitness challenge, and it’s amazing. No where else have I found a place or a way to gauge where my strengths and weaknesses lie. On top of that, it provides the information to improve in all of those areas. I absolutely love it. Phenomenal.

  37. I love the challenge because it isn’t junk food for my brain. It is so refeshing to hear and see positive everywhere I go! I love being able to share that positive with others and see how much it makes them smile! I love how I am being pushed out of my shell and sharing with people what makes my life so wonderful! Even my not so supportive parents are in on the challenge with me! Thanks to Chris and Orrin and those who created MFC and LIFE!

  38. Mia Cooper Schreier

    Thank you Chris, PC members and Leading Ladies! The Mental Fitness Challenge has certainly drawn an acute focus and determination to succeed in this awesome journey welcoming others along this inspiring personal growth journey too! It is exciting to watch people grow from ‘um…well’ to ‘AH-HA!”. Thank you!

    • Danielle Defina

      Mia, you are right on! The “AH-HA!” moments is what my husband and I live for! How wonderful to hear through this information a marriage has been saved or a relationship with a wayward child has been restored! The wealth of information and the format laid out serve as a directional arrow in life’s compass directing us to our goals. All we have to do is follow it. God bless!

  39. William Brindley

    Really some of the best material ever produce by Team LIFE! Loving it!

  40. Brent williams

    Chris, Im on week 6 of the challenge and wow it has litterly expanded my thinking in areas I thought were inexpandable but how the material with the format of listening and reading planing and doing of building the way to think and learn is awsom i find my hunger to reed grows daily. thank you for all the hard work Brent Williams

  41. Danielle Defina

    I agree! What Chris and Orrin have put together is outstanding! They reach multiple learning styles through their program. Visual, logical and auditory learners are reached through the reading material, CDs and the online videos. Intrapersonal learning styles like to reflect on the material in a solitary fashion while the interpersonal and linguistic learners benefit greatly from the exceptional challenge group meetings! How awesome and considerate that you have truly put together something for everyone to learn in a way that best suits them! Now, we can all learn to lead ourselves and others to live the lives we truly desire! Gandhi says, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Through this program, we have a blueprint!

  42. The MFC is one of many great ideas that the life founders have come out with. It holds you accountable for learning and growing yourself into a better person, and also it allows family, and friends to track your progress. What will they come up with next!!

  43. Joyce Sanchez


  44. Jessica Hilmes

    The mfc is Awesome! We have been loving the challenge groups and having so much fun challenging ourselves with our friends!

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  47. Doing the pre challenge waiting for mine to come…almost done with resolved with have to read it again/1

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