Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC): Challenge Yourself!

What is the Mental Fitness Challenge?

I was in the middle of my run yesterday and fighting to stay at it. If you’ve worked out much at all, you know what I’m talking about. You hit that point where your heart is beating, your sweat is flowing, your lungs are working, your legs are throbbing, and you just want to quit. It’s as if a little voice in your head says, “Go ahead, wimp out, slow down, stop, no one will know. What difference does it make, anyway? Just a few less steps here or there aren’t going to make THAT big of a difference in your health!” And on it goes.
To me, physical exercise is one of the best analogies for living life well. To be fit physically requires discipline, mental toughness, commitment, and persistence – in short, all the things that are required for living an excellent life, as well. Being healthy requires the ability to challenge yourself. And so does being successful in any category in life. And really, it’s at that sticking point, when you want to quit, when that little voice tries to talk you into wimping out, that your mental toughness must kick in and rescue you. As Orrin Woodward likes to repeat the famous phrase, “When the going gets tough the tough get going!”

This is what the Mental Fitness Challenge is designed to do to your whole life. Not just in the area of physical fitness, to which it most certainly applies, but also to every aspect of your life. The principles of successful living are the same no matter which category we care to consider.

How good are you at challenging yourself?

Perhaps the Mental Fitness Challenge is just what you need to give yourself the staying power to once-and-for-all develop healthy, happy, successful principles for life.

As Orrin Woodward says, “We don’t promise easy, but we DO promise worth it!”

Enjoy! And don’t forget to Challenge yourself!!!


Chris Brady

331 responses to “Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC): Challenge Yourself!

  1. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a culmination of nearly 20 years of filtering out the good from the bad in the personal development field. This is pure self-help food provided in bite-size pieces for anyone desiring to improve his or her life! Great job Chris! thanks, Orrin

  2. george guzzardo

    Chris, Excellent description on how to develop fitness that involves a persons whole life (specially the mind). Thanks, George

  3. Chris,

    America needs a Mental Fitness Challenge!

    You and Orrin have given America and Canada a gift by producing this challenge to be the best we can be by;
    1. Challenging us
    2. Creating a system to monitor our progress
    3. Creating accountability partners to encourage us to finish strong
    4. An opportunity to encourage others to share the benefits

    Thanks so much for your wisdom and interest in giving others the opportunity to improve in so many areas of life.

    Greg Johnson

  4. this process is so important because most of us don’t have any idea of which areas of our life that need improvement. When we take the test we now know were we are at and what we need to improve on. The site and all the tools are fantastic.

  5. Whether you think about doing something that requires discipline and chicken out, or gut it up and do it, either way it is uncomfortable! The difference is if you decide to, as Art Williams says, ‘Just do it’, the uncomfortable feeling turns to elation, pride and satisfaction. If you don’t do the right thing that requires courage and discipline, the uncomfortable feeling spins into even more uncomfortable feelings! As Orrin Woodward says, ‘Its way more uncomfortable to think about facing your proverbial goliath than it is to go out and actually start attacking!’ MFC to a million! Thanks Chris, kb

  6. CB, unbelievable excitement over the MFC!! THANK YOU!!

  7. Chris, You Orrin and the PC have put together such an amazing product for all of North America and the eventually the world to “Live the life we’ve always wanted”. Eventhough we can’t understand the depth of it all we truly appreciate all the years of sacrafice, commitment, passion to learn and grow to make this product available to all of us.

    Everyday we feel blessed to be associated to such great men and women. thank you for allowing us to be part of something GREAT!!!


  8. I really like the part where Chris says no one will know, one work out stopped prematurely, I find the problems is multiplied with compound interest, it gets easier and easier to quit. I’m really blessed to have read the LLR book which refers to character, task and relationships. This is a matter of character to run the race, and to do this following Orrin and Chris is something that makes the mountain not seem so high. I thank you for the launch of the mfc!

  9. The MENTAL FITNESS CHALLENGE is the most amazing product that I have seen. Thanks to you and Orrin for all you do! This has already made a difference in my life!! God Bless

  10. I used to work for a large company that decided to use an on-line 360 degree feedback tool during the performance review period one year. This tool turned out to be laden with technical challenges, excessive cost to implement, and no training for interpreting the results of the data. With the Mental Fitness Challenge (, the on-line or manual assessment is simple to take, and the “Wheel of LIFE” graphical results are easy to understand! And it’s included for FREE with the MFC! That’s incredible.

    Thank you Chris, Orrin (, Claude ( and the other Founders of LIFE ( for putting this program together!

    • Thanks, Joe! Glad you are enjoying it! I also like your humorous schtick in the commercial! Well done!

      • Barbara Priest

        Chris Brady,
        I want to thank you and all those involved in the mental fitness challenge. Using the ideas of fitness and being in shape to our mental and life fitness is brilliant. It’s easy for anyone to apply the ideas and concepts. Not so easy to do, but that’s the point isn’t it! Anything in life worth having takes work. Thank you for helping me to re-energize myself.

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  12. Imagine if we took our mental fitness as serious as our physical fitness! Everyone can use a check up from the neck up and the Mental Fitness Challenge is like a boot camp for you brain! Thank you for all of the life changing information you provide.

    • I agree! There seems to be so much physical fitness stuff out there that it is a wonder so few have embraced the mental side of things. After all, they are ABOVE the physical side, and we will, Lord willing, retain our mental capacities long after we have lost much of our physical capacities.

      Thanks for participating!

      Chris Brady

  13. Chris,
    Great stuff! I pray everyone has the courage to challenge themselves to the Mental Fitness Challenge. As a former physical rehab specialist, my encouragement with patients on their physical strength can only do as much as their mental state would allow. I am not talking about mental impairment, but mental courage. No matter the physical impairment, if a patient had a “can-do” attitude, we could advance beyond almost all expectations. That is, the expectations of those around the individual. As Orrin Woodward states, “make the elephant strong and the ant will do anything”. So grab some friends and challenge each other to improve in the heart, mind and will! 90 days toward the best you!

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  15. Chris I really love the example you gave in the post of your run and the little voice trying to push you down. Thanks to you, Orrin Woodward and the rest of the PC we have an amazing tool to drown out our negative voice and listen to our positive voice to achieve our goals.

  16. Elaine Koleske

    The Mental Fitness Challenge will encourage me (and everyone) to become a better person. What do you want people to say at your funeral? Are you working towards your personal mission/vision? Are you focusing on the big rocks? The Mental Fitness Challenge will help me to do my personal best. It guides me through the process of conquering my goals. Thanks so much for providing tools that are making a difference in MANY lives!

  17. Thanks for this post! I am excited about the MFC and all the people who are stepping up to challenge themselves. I was reminded of the value of this and all that LIFE provides from a gal the other day who came up to a few of us at a house plan and said,”Do you know the real value of this and why it is so great? It’s because almost no one is out there teaching this to people and you are!” The MFC packages that information and streamlines how to get it into a life and produce quick results, which reinforces the value.

  18. The Mental Fitness Challenge has made me accountable to grow into the person I was meant to be. What a great product!

  19. Chris… Cassie and I cranked through the 1st module of the mental fitness challenge this weekend while driving through the UP. It is fantastic! Also, the new Edge CD Becoming a Professional is world class!! Im a little over 25, but I have to admit that I have already listened to it 4 times. Thanks for being a servant leader. kb

  20. Tina Abernathy

    First Chris, Thanks for delivery (as only you can) such a powerful talk in St. Louis and helping us keep score! As always, Terri was terrific, God can’t use us until we are done with ourselves. POWERFUL!

    The mental fitness challenge is “off the chain”. Just what we all need. I think so often people underestimate the power of information flowing on consistent and regular basis and then you add all that the Mental Fitness Challenge provides. Man, the only thing you can get is a changed LIFE for the better.

    Blessings to you and your and Chris, we appreciate all you do to make this world a better place,

    In Christ,

  21. I’m up for the Challenge!

  22. Who is going to be the next Policy Council member?

  23. Leslie Gebhart

    Chris and Terri,
    The Mental Fitness Challenge is going to give the people in our community a REAL American Dream! To have a chance to actually live the LIFE they always wanted. We can’t thank you, Orrin, and the policy council enough for paying the price all these years to bring this product to us, add to that the gift of letting us share the joy of changing lives right along with you!?! Amazing. 🙂 Can’t wait til more people have taken the challenge~ it will make the world a better place! One million is a good start!

  24. Amanda Wrathall

    Thanks Chris and Orrin for putting this together. What a difference you are making in SO many lives already!!!

  25. huberteamvictory

    The Mental Fitness Challenge is perfect for everybody! We all have to identify the blind spots that hold us back from the next level of success. Whether its daily habits, attitudes or a how a person has misunderstood certain laws of success, the MFC will illuminate the path forward. Thanks for all of your hard work behind the scenes. It’s going to be a great year for so many people!!

  26. I have never seen a program that is so simple,easy, fun, and most importantly effective! The 360 assesment is incredibly eye opening and helps you establish an acurate “before” picture. I love the daily accountability partnership as this is the best way to apply positive peer presure. The biggest part is the content. The CD’s, video’s, and books are truly transformational! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the cause of leading people to TRUTH!!

  27. Tracy Sashidharan

    The Mental Fitness Challenge has been awesome! Not only does it assist in seeing your personality blindspots, it guides you through improving your weaknesses in a fun and challenging way. I love it and recommend it to anyone who has room to grow … which should be all of us!

  28. The Mental Fitness Challenge has helped me be more consistent about listening to CDs. When I think I don’t have time or I’m tired, I think about my dream and my team.

    Thanks for all your hard work and commitment Chris!

  29. I must say, from someone who used to be a ‘workoutaholic’ I can definitely vouch for the fact that mental fitness is just as vital if not more vital than physical fitness (as we heard all weekend in Columbus). It’s easy to fall out of focus and routine in our physical fitness just as it is easy to lose focus on our mental fitness. And in both instances it starts to become pretty obvious even in just a short period of time. I love how the MFC holds us accountable to not only develop mentally but discipline us to make some changes physically as well in order to be excellent in all categories of LIFE!

    • Kristen: As you say, the MFC holds us accountable to our daily actions, and that seems to be the part many people are appreciating most as they take the Challenge. Thanks for participating!

  30. Chris Brady is my hero!

  31. anyone can quit..the ones who gut out their challenges and persevere are the leaders for our tomorrows. the MFC helps anyone to persevere! great, great info!

  32. erika considine

    Cant wait to dive in and work hard! Thanks guys!

  33. I am loving this product! I am especially loving the results that people are getting from it. With a simple assessment, the MFC program is able to provide the necessary tools to start living the life you have always wanted. It’s as simple as that!

  34. The mfc allows us to live the life we have always wanted.

  35. The MFC allows to live the life we have always wanted!

  36. The challenge is who’s flaming skid marks are larger to the grave!!

  37. Elizabeth Drumm

    We all focus so much on the exterior, the MFC really challenges us to focus on the interior, which in the long run is what counts. I mean, who really wants to be an empty shell?

  38. tony longlois

    Fantastic, I love growing personally.

  39. Three for Free on the MFC will win you a trip to where you wanna be!

  40. Joellyn McGeachy

    The MFC is a great product! I’m so fired up about doing the challenge and helping others to live the life they’ve always wanted as well!

  41. The MFC is great! We just can’t back off or take it easy. Run to the finish and don’t let the Freshman catch you!

  42. The MFC is an excellent way to actively move forward in several key areas of life and it something that everyone should be doing to bring about focused change and growth.

  43. The MENTAL FITNESS CHALLENGE is a lot like the 90 day exercise program “P90X”, but it’s for thinking or like a “bootcamp” for the brain! I have found that no matter where I go, there I am! My lack of “success thinking” has led to the bad decisions I have made in my life… I love the teaching that this program provides! I can now see a very bight future as I apply the success principles I am learning from this program! Thank you!

  44. Dream + Struggle = Victory they should teach this equation in school. this country needs more independant people instead of dependant people

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  46. Everything you said is so true. I know what the physical burn on my muscles feels like when working out. Now I can’t wait to feel the mental burn on my brain. Thanks for the challenge!!!

  47. I totally agree with what you said about feeling the burn when you work out. Now I can’t wait to feel the burn on my brain from the MFC and challenge other to join. God bless and thanks.

  48. What a way to push your self to the next level. Taking the MFC and having accountability partners are some most important steps in going from good to great!

    • Terry:

      Once again, it seems the accountability facet of the Mental Fitness Challenge is one of the key parts people are pointing to as helpful again and again. Keep cranking!

  49. THANK YOU Woodward’s & Brady’s for all that you have done & for creating this MFC! Our personal experience & the testimonies already shared are AMAZING! Keep on leading the way & changing lives! THANKS AGAIN!!!

  50. If ever there was a group of men that had a plan for the future of America it is Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward and the leaders they are developing. I have never seen a product like the Mental Fitness Challenge. It is truly life transforming. God Bless your work and your families.

  51. Jeff Konieczny

    The MFC is a great way to stay on track daily in the 13 Resolutions for life. I love the accountability factor and constant reminder to keep me in check. Focus, focus, focus! Thanks for creating the best program out there to change peoples lives!

    • Jeff:

      It’s the accountability factor people mention again and again. Sometimes we just need a little help in tracking toward our goals and self improvement. Thanks for participating, and remember: always Challenge Yourself!

      Chris Brady

  52. Jennifer Salter

    Amazing! This blog is a must read for anyone doing the MFC or thinking about doing it, or wanting to promote it to someone else to do it!!! Great stuff! Thank you all for creating another great way to go out and touch more lives!!

  53. The MFC is awesome so far! Taking the self-assessment was definitely eye opening. I appreciate all of the hard work you guys have put into making this a reality!

  54. CB… love the Mental Fitness Challenge! Making a difference at every turn. kb

  55. Chris, I love the way the challenge covers all 3 ways that we learn. By watching the videos, listening to the cd’s, and reading the books provided by the MFC, the information seems to have better “stickability”. It is making a huge difference in my life and who knows where the influence will end?

  56. CB – Thrilled and honored to have had the chance to meet you in person at Jim’s retirement party a few months ago. It was great to be able to say, “thanks”, in person, as well, for all you and the PC have done to bring Life to the world. So, I’ll say another hearty “thank you” now for making it that much better with the roll-out of the MFC!! it will certainly change the lives of anyone who has the courage to honestly look into themselves and then be willing to grow. As Orrin says, “We don’t promise easy, but we do promise worth it!”. Life is bringing hope and freedom to do many!! Thanks again!! againFired up!!”

  57. Jeremiah Fulmer


  58. Since physical exercise is 95% mental, it makes sense to take the Mental Fitness Challenge for every part of your Life. So “Why aren’t you doing it?”

    • Earl:

      That’s a great point! Most of physical fitness comes from the mental side anyway! So why don’t we attack that part, which is really the bigger part, head on? That’s what the MFC is all about!

  59. Mr. Brady,
    I completely understand where you are coming from with your story here. Fitness is the first F I attacked due to the influence of this amazing and encouraging community. Even after months of habitually running multiple times a week, it was still a constant mental battle. After I had seen considerable results and started thinking about what happened mentally, I realized that it does completely transfer into every other F. It’s a dream, commitment, and mental toughness to follow through for any area of one’s life. The mental fitness challenge helps generate a focus and intensifies specific intent. Thank you for your unceasing service, amazing leadership, hilarious stories, and sprezzatura.

  60. This is an eye opener to help all of us get better.

  61. Alison Longlois

    The MFC has been an eye-opening experience! Not only did I get to see my weak areas, but my husband and I realized we have some weaknesses in common. We then realized almost all of our biggest struggles thus far have been due to the fact we have those weaknesses in common. Talk about some incredible insight! I’m also thankful this challenge was created in a way that makes it more enjoyable to address our flat spots. Growing together with our family and friends is so much more rewarding than doing it alone!

  62. Nicole Browne

    MFC is amazing!!! Everyday excited about digging into the material and really truly working toward a purpose.

  63. I’ll make you and offer you can’t refuse….Take the Mental Fitness Challenge!!

  64. challenge, challenge, challenge… :]

  65. Taking it to the next level with MFC!!!

  66. Fired Up !!!!!! Live the LIFE you have always wanted !!!!!

  67. I believe this is exactly what people like me need to have in order to get over the hurddle of procrastination and self deception. Thank you for the challenge. I am looking forward to a renewed zeal in moving forward in my walk with LIFE.

  68. Danielle Defina

    Chris, as a former teacher, I want to compliment you and Orrin and the rest of the PC for creating such a wonderful program. You have created a manageable plan for daily living that is accessible to all. Through the use of varied media and approaches, the MFC reaches a variety of learning styles and therefore, more people. This knowledge will more readily be applied and create even more leaders! Well done!

    • Danielle:
      Thank you. That means a lot, especially coming from a teacher such as yourself. We have found in our research that people learn in various different ways. In fact, most people have a dominant learning style with all the other styles available but a little less effective. In the Mental Fitness Challenge we have tried to combine all the different modes of learning so that there is something for everyone, in other words, anybody can learn and grow and change from the Mental Fitness Challenge. It’s just a matter of participating! Enjoy taking the Challenge Yourself and thanks again for the kind words!

      Chris Brady

  69. I love challenging myself physically and pushing myself to the next level. That’s why I have fallen in love with the MFC. It’s so important for us to grow not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. And this program is helping all of us expand our minds and grow to those next levels.

  70. Carina Nistico

    Good Stuff!!! What a great way for life skills and success principles to be available to anyone who wants it, at an affordable price too!! Put together by literally the best leadership experts IN the world, who are willing to do the most FOR the world, you guys are doing an amazing job in carving a path for us all. Thank you for making such a difference!!!!

  71. Craig V. Morrissey

    Great points Chris. Being mentally fit will make being physically fit easier.

  72. This articles reminds me of cross country and how at the start of the third mile you just wanted to quit and your split times would refect it and you could always tell who broke though that mental barrier when there last split was faster then the first guess we need to do that every day measure set goals and run hard till we win and improve

  73. I am so excited for the MFC!!! my life is not the same. thank you for introducing the best thing that has happened to me in my life!!!

  74. Jeff Konieczny

    First night of Challenge groups was a huge success! It was awesome to hear people open up and share from the heart about the personal growth already experienced!

    • Curtis and Olivia Shaw

      I agree! Another AMAZING aspect of the MFC! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the group discussion and how connected I felt after hearing everyone’s input and sharing myself! Super excited about the next challenge group!
      Olivia 🙂

      • It’s amazing, really, the power of accountability and “community.” The MFC has audio, video, textual, and now communal learning. There is truly something for everyone and everything for everyone as all learning styles are honored and reinforced in the structure of the Challenge. Lead on guys!

        Chris Brady

  75. Just like working out, it feels good to hurt. The mental fitness challenge is like having truth that may hurt at times but feels great!

  76. Danny Kellenberger

    Betty and I have loved all the information that has come down from Team and LIFE and we are very excited that the MFC is going to gauge how good of students we have been. We are excited about applying all the nuggets we can from this challenge! Carpe Diem!

  77. Love it! It’s a Great Day for Scouting

  78. It’s so true Chris! We all need someone to help push us to go the extra mile. That’s why I’m excited about the community that is developing through these Tues challenge group meetings, as well as other opportunities to get together and support each other to do our best to improve. It feels like family:)

  79. Debora Symons

    I count it a true Blessing every day for what God has given us! I thank you & the rest of the PC, for creating & sharing with us a way to get better in our lives, not just in one area, but all 13! Just Amazes me. God Bless!

  80. The MFC is a tool that is definately needed to give staying power and go to the next level. I am excited about the Tues pm MFC Challenge groups and the environment that is being created for accountability. Everyone needs someone to help push him/her to go the 2nd
    mile to reach their goals and dreams! For this I am thankful!

  81. We’re only getting started and the MFC has led to many great discussions centered around what our Team’s God-given purpose is.

  82. Debora Symons

    The MFC Assessment test is great, points out our Strengths & weaknesses. Followed by the MFC itself! The only way to become the person God created us to be. So Exciting!

  83. Thank You Orrin,Chris and the PC for this great opportunity. I truly feel that the MFC will take us to another level and hit home all across North America. 1 million people leading there lives and homes will change the world. AND WE’RE TRULY JUST GETTING STARTED!!!!!
    Thanks– Robert Nava

  84. In my line of work, quitting or whimping out is not an option. Everyday is a challenge. I can not imagine going through life without a challenge. Since taking the MFC I realize there are areas in my life that are definitely lacking. By the Grace of God, Chris and Terri Brady, along with the other founders of LIFE, the Policy Council, and all the Leaders in LIFE, we are now blessed with the ability to move our physical fitness into the realm of our mentality. Thank God for the MFC and may God’s blessings continue to help us all. Fired Up!!!

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  86. I love the MFC. Finally, something that can guide you through personal growth and how to focus your efforts toward your purpose in Life. Take the challenge! I dare you – unless of course your are scared! God Bless

  87. Thank you Chris for your visit and the great live open last night. I especially appreciated the Go-Getters meeting we had with you afterwards and your wise counsel. You truly are a great leader. Our guest was very ;motivated by you.

  88. Matthew Loftis

    I Loved the MFC. The first real challenge group with Kirk and Nicole last night in TX was real good. We had a breakout session where it felt real close and personal and the results from MFC are definitely accurate!

  89. Kevin Fiebelkorn

    This is a great and exciting program to leverage over and over again to be the best I can for the rest of my LIFE. LIFE is a game changer and the MFC is the game changer’s game changer. I am excited to learn change and grow on a new level! Thanks

  90. Melanie Jackson

    Thanks Chris!!! You guys just keep making this easier and easier to do!!! Love the video!!

  91. Awesome!! Great stuff!!

  92. Steffanie Garner

    Our LIFE is looking better and brighter everyday thanks to the MFC and specific plan for personal growth. Thanks for all your efforts and for sharing them with us!

  93. uncanny insight with the use of the MFC, this is an amazing step taken toward going viral.. what would LIFE be without a Challenge?? haha see you at the top!

  94. Judy Entrekin

    MFC is the home run we’ve been waiting for. Listening, Watching and Reading makes the learning and growing process so much easier. My favorite part is the Challenge groups. Thanks for all your work on the MFC.

    • Judy:

      The Challenge Groups, though only a couple of weeks old, are really gaining traction as perhaps the most powerful aspect of the Challenge. We all need accountability and encouragement, and the Challenge Groups seem to be providing that in a cozy, warm atmosphere of community! I’m glad you are enjoying them! Rock on!

      Chris Brady

  95. Wow you are so right Chris. I love the personal growth, and the systems that have been put in place. I know that MFC will help so many to focus and achieve the life they have always wanted. Grab your Dreams and a Free Trip.

  96. tresaanderson

    You’re the best!

  97. The 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge is helping so many to look deep inside themselves to work on growing the areas of their lives they need to grow in. MFC is helping many people work on or find their true purpose in life. I have personally been enjoying the journey. Our first MFC group meeting was a great place to share and receive. Thank you to all the LIFE PC for all your thoughtful preparation in putting this opportunity together to help people reach for, “The life they’ve always wanted.” Judy Streu

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  99. When I read that post you remind me that the only thing more important than the game we just won is the one we’ve gotta win. The next step is the most important fight of your life. The MFC helps us to make sure that next step is in the right direction. Thanks Chris, this was awesome!

  100. Patrick Forbis

    Man Chris, I’ve been taking the Mental Fitness Challenge for a little over 2 weeks and I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved it thus far. Reading Resolved and then reinforcing it with the videos and the cd’s is so impactful. I’m so excited to keep growing and sharing it with my friends. A huge thank you to the entire PC team for putting together a world class product.

    • Thanks Patrick, I’m glad you are enjoying it! My favorite part is how the information comes at you in so many different mediums. There is no escaping a positive personal change for the person who truly participates!

      Chris Brady

  101. Chris the MFC is about becoming mentally & Spiritually Fit compared to CashFlow quadrant & Becoming Financially Fit except with MFC, you and Orrin through your Innovation have Developed a tool that will save the Family, reverse the divorce rate & provide the most profound Soul Searching Resolutions ever assembled for all of Mankind. GodBless

  102. So excited about helping others live the life they’ve always wanted and at the same time I will live the life I’ve always wanted!! LOVE IT!!

  103. Dustin Allred

    I’m loving what LIFE has done for us.

  104. That anology gives me hope then because in the category of physical fitness, I have developed life-long habits since adolescence. If, I go more than a couple of days without physical excercise, I get anxious, my elephant roars. Same with reading….I am voracious….always hungry to learn due to the habits I also developed from youth.

    As an eye doctor, I know that over 80% of what we learn is through our eyes, (reading, modeling of others, video) so audio learning isn’t the most effective in general or for me specifically BUT I have learned that it is a very efficient way of using my driving time and during other menial tasks to feed my elephant provided I listen to the CD several times. When my upline dropped a bag off of system CD’s when I was new, I had a dream so I hungrily jumped in, determined to soak up the info. It was a bit awkward at first but by the time I was finished, I had developed one more critical habit on the road to mental fitness. Now the MFC is very natural for me and I am eager to share it with others and spread the shift of mental freedom, unlocking the synapses of the white matter and aligning my elephant with my ant! Thanks Chris, Orrin and the Policy Counsel for this product that is leading the way from the information age to the TRANSFORMATION AGE!

  105. I think that we all run into those decisions in life, where we have to just push forward. I am so grateful that I am associated with such good people. That are teaching me how to better myself so that I can push forward with knowledge and confidence.

  106. Brittany Schlabach

    Physical fitness is definitely a good example of the kind of discipline it takes to be mentally fit. Only to be mentally fit is more important!!! I know that through this challenge my attitude has improved. I catch myself when a negative thought comes up and stop myself when I feel I am starting to complain! And this is just the beginning! Everyone needs to “challenge” himself with this program.

  107. Thank you so much. I am loving the Mental Fitness Challenge. I started my journey with LIFE almost six years ago. My life will never be the same again. I am loving the journey. I have seen my life transformed and my relationships healed. It truly is a daily journey and I am so grateful to have the tools that you and Orrin have created for me. No longer do I feel like a failure but I am filled with the hope that reading and learning brings.

  108. Challenge yourself……it’s GREAT!!

  109. Many of you may not know this but Chris is creative genius that made the MFC possible. To say he did a great job would be an understatement. The feedback that I have been receiving has been tremendous. Thank you Chris for your hard work.

  110. People don’t like pain and will avoid it because it’s not a good feeling. But it’s only thru the painful experience that people can increase their ability to persist in their endeavor. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a mental rather than a physical process that will be painful but the end result will be positive.

  111. Thank you Chris and all the Pc for the mental fitness challenge. It is exactly what I needed ( and many others) to break through the thought to quit. Small steps daily to living the life you have always wanted.

  112. All the products that I’ve come across in LIFE have been such a great blessing. I believe the the MFC will take that to the next level. I can’t wait to start on Monday.

  113. Chris,
    We had our first Mental Fitness Challenge group meeting this week.
    Wow! We had brand new people, new people and seasoned veterans.
    We all had something to say and we all had something new that we
    learned about ourselves and each other. What a power way of
    communicating thoughts and ideas. We are all looking forward to
    the next MFC meeting.

  114. Chris,
    Thanks to you and all the other LIFE Founders for putting together an awesome mental discipline package!!!! The battle between giving up when it gets tough and pushing through to victory has always been an issue for me but there have been more victories since I’ve been plugged into the LIFE material!!

    God Bless,

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  116. Tony Tefel Jr.

    It only took one of the MFC challenge group meetings for me to be sold on how effective this program is going to be! I’m so excited about continuing to learn about myself and how to help others through this process. =D

  117. Excellent article brother! I’m on week three (attitude) of the mental fitness challenge and I’m absolutely amazed how you can turn something everyone thinks is a guessing game into something scientific and concrete! I always thought I had a pretty good attitude, but you set up a system in which I can actually mark and measure my attitude and figure out how to improve it! Weeks 4-13 look just as promising and challenging!

  118. Reblogged this on clouseclan and commented:
    Excellent article from one of my closest friends!

  119. Thanks for all you do! You are appreciated more than you know!!

  120. John Corriveau

    Im ready to give it a try!!!

  121. Linda Henderson

    We just had our first MFC challenge meeting, the heart felt testimonies were awesome and its only been16 days i cant wait to see the improvments in 90 days! Chris and Orrin you both are truly appreciated and a blessing to us all.

  122. The MFC is an absolute must for anybody aspiring to reach new levels of their personal and/or professional. life Welcome to the challenge!

  123. Rusty Hampton

    Rascal On!

  124. Curtis and Olivia Shaw

    Awesome article. I love the saying ” from the neck down were worth minimum wage, and from the neck up is priceless”. How many of us go through life never picking up a book, or challenging our thoughts unless our job requires it. Here is an awesome, fun way to challenge one another and bring out the best in people! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

  125. Roland Vegiard

    Let’s do it!

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  127. Live the life you’ve always wanted!!

  128. Grow every day….be the best me that I can possibly be…..God has placed all of us on this planet for a specific purpose. The MFC will help us discover that purpose and then run!!!!!!

  129. Yes!!! The only way to get better is to challenge yourself!!!! The MFC is such a great tool to start the process of falling in love with learning!
    Our purpose is waiting for us to discover it so we can go live the life we were created to live!!!!
    Kirk and Nicole Porter

  130. The Mental Fitness Challenge is one the best things out there!!!!! If your 10 times more likely to get what you want out of life…. Why wouldn’t you do it?!!!!

  131. Shannon Miller

    The MFC is beyond words!! It has created a momentum in my life that is like a freight train!! I thank God for the knowledge that he has bestowed upon yall!! AND THAT YOU SHARE IT!!!

  132. Curtis and Olivia Shaw

    I am loving the format of the Mental Fitness Challenge! Not only do I get concentrated daily doses of information on the life-changing resolutions — but the accountability aspect to yourself and others encourages one to toughen it out! It’s obvious something this great could only be created through the years of in the trenches experiences Orrin and Chris, along with the other great men and women who have followed suit, have learned from! THANK YOU Chris and Orrin — and everyone else whose diligence & persistence has packaged the life-changing info into the MFC!
    Olivia :o)

  133. Chris, What an amazing program you and the pc have created! The Mental Fitness Challenge is a check up from the neck up! The ripple effect will be like a tsunami, but with happy endings. Finally a program that everyone can afford, to help change their results in life, in every area.

  134. Ben and Carlene Oliver

    Love how the MFC just gives little doses everyday to keep on encouraging to be the best you can be.

  135. My friend and I used to daydream about a way to create a new type of school that would teach people the things that they would be able to actively apply into their life. There is no question that the MFC is definitely it!

    • Lets see… 4 years of college – approx. $80,000. Mental Fitness Challenge – $220. I may not be smrt but this sounds like a better deal to me! And oh yeah… This is information you can actually apply to your life and create success in any area you wish to pursue. I’m in!

  136. Curtis and Olivia Shaw

    24 to 36 months I can see the MFC being a product in which people all over the world are doing and will have no idea that it was generated and created through compensated communities. It will be so viral it will come back to each of us through friend recommendation and all we will do is smile;)

    • This is how we will reach ONE MILLION! One million people changing their lives for the better, based on true christian principles, that’s what we need!

  137. This blog is top notch! Thanks Chris for teaching values and principles which are so lacking in our country today.

  138. Hi Chris!
    I received an email notification from one of my accountability partners with the Mental Fitness Challenge of TASKS COMPLETED! I am seeing my own need for this accountability, AND my emerging competitive spirit I may have not been aware of! Hahaa, this program ROCKS!

  139. It’s fun! Just try it! You will not be disappointed after seeing the results that changed thinking can do for you!

  140. Joe Herman Jr.

    Do more, get better! The MFC is just another way to sharpen your leadership sword to become the person you were meant to be. Special thanks to you, Chris, for leading the way in developing the MFC!

  141. Chris, I am amazed at the Mental Fitness Challenge and everything that you and Orrin and the PC have put into it! It’s awesome that we can help literally anyone that is looking to better their life! Thank you Chris for all you do!

  142. Chris is the #11 leadership guru in the world…this blog is worth taking the time to read. We need to be aware of what sucessful men and women are thinking when it comes to leading communities of people. What are you doing to sharpen your leadership skills? Take a risk and make a change today on how you lead others in your circle of influence.

  143. May I just say ~ the Challenge Groups are an incredible way to make the total Community connection with the MFC! The insights, shared perspectives from experiences I would have never had, and the absolute honor to get to know others in the same journey of personal growth is PRICELESS! This is the cherry on top!

  144. The MFC is an awsome program that you and PC members have put together! I’m really enjoying it!

  145. This is the best product in the market on leadership and personal development and at the most affordable price! Thanks

  146. Not only is this blog awesome!! These testimonies are amazing also!!!!

  147. Joe Herman Jr.

    The more I learn about the MFC, the better I understand the amazing vision of our leaders. Improving our country begins with improving ourselves & sharing that improvement with others to help them understand the opportunities of the LIFE business. Our goal of 1 million people, inspired by truthful, God-based information, will be reached!

  148. Chris Brady for president!!!

    • Amen brother! It’s time that someone who wants to make real change and who actually has the courage to do it take office. He’s got my vote!

  149. Reblogged this on TeamFox and commented:
    Wow, what a great blog

  150. Jeff Konieczny

    These first 90 days are already flying by. I love the weekly breakdown and how it allows you to really focus on an area. It’s like the Slight Edge principle being applied piece by piece knowing that at the end of 90 days the whole puzzle will be completed for that goal!

  151. Thinking leads to actions which lead to results. If you are not happy with your results, then your thinking needs to change which changes your actions and then in turn you get different results. That’s what this MFC is all about – changing your thinking in a positive & productive direction. Thank you Chris!

  152. Dear Challenge Commenters:

    These are great comments you all have made regarding the Mental Fitness Challenge. One thing I would like to know is which Resolution has, so far, impacted you the most?

    Thanks for participating!

    Chris Brady

    • Chris its hard to pick one that has impacted me the most, but the top 2 will definitely be purpose and character, probably more so with the character. I never had any idea what this was, it was never taught in my home growing up. So needless to say I was extremely clueless. Tim Marks cd in the MFC goes along perfect with this chapter. Seems its the little things I needed to work on the most when it came to my character development. I can probably go on and on about each one of the resolutions but once again thank you PC for putting this together for us. I’m looking forward to seeing the many changes that come to our personal lives, families, communities and country because of the resolutions.

    • Purpose! It is so foundational and revealing to everything else. If we don’t know our “why” then the what really doesn’t mean much. I can’t even describe the experience we had with Purpose in our Challenge Group. It was a sacred experience. There was a palpable feeling in that experience that really assisted others to realize, clarify and confirm their purpose. Everyone in that circle could say that they cared for and felt care from each and everyone else in that circle. When, a group of people, contributing their own talents and gifts and refining their weaknesses, come together in a supportive community, the larger purpose of the Freedom Shift is coming to fruition.

  153. Wow! Lots of amazing comments on here! While it hasn’t been addressed yet in the challenge groups the resolution that has impacted me the most as far as needing to grow in is ‘conflict resolution.’

    Being primarily phlegmatic I do everything in my power to avoid conflict. And when it does arise, I never know how to resolve it. As the community gets bigger so too do the issues. As Orrin says in Resolved, “Without the ability to resolve conflict when issues are small, the issues turn into raging forest fires, damaging many innocent bystanders along the way.”

    I know that if I want to have a massive community I have to face this Goliath of mine head on…as we should with all the resolutions! I am thankful for the mentorship with George and Jill as I know they have been down all the roads I am on right now and they are able to listen to the issue and guide me down the correct path in order to confront and resolve it.

  154. Chris, The Mental Fitness Challenge is helping me in many areas of my life. Thank you and the Policy Council for this incredible gift!

    I work out with a trainer and somedays I don’t want to do it, but because I have people depending on me to show up, I do it. The MFC is the same way. Somedays my attitude isn’t right and I don’t want to listen to the CDs or read. I do it anyway because of the accountability. Thanks again.

  155. Marcia Robinson

    It does seem funny that we need a challenge to grow in the areas we all want to be better at anyway! The Mental Fitness Challenge is unique in that the self-assessment and 360 degree feedback give you a baseline for personal growth. No more self-deception and a targeted approach to living the life you always wanted. Goal setting (and attacking) and key learning in bite size nuggets. Add in the accountability partners and biweekly challenge groups (love them!!!) and you have a systematic way to maintain consistency!! Don’t procrastinate the life you’ve always wanted!

  156. Striving for excellence. Mental Fitness Challenge is a great tool to grow yourself. And by your example others will want to join.

  157. I am forever greatful for the materials TEAM and LIFE have provided. The MFC is an amazing addition of world class information. Using the MFC will propell me forward with a step by step program to keep me on track. Thank you for all your hard work on creating such a life changing program!

  158. Chris, thank you for your creativity on this project!! Wow what a blessing to be learning from you and Orrin!!! MFC Rocks and is setting the bar high for personal growth!!!
    Kirk and Nicole

  159. Joe and Staci Marchbanks

    In our 5th week already and am amazed at the level of awareness I now have with the different resolutions just by working through the daily tracking sheets. To me those have been the biggest key in really applying the information because they keep your progress in front of you every night. Thanks MFC.

  160. Chris, Last night was our group’s first experience with a Challenge Group Event! What an amazing IMPACT it had! So many opened up and shared about their purpose, and what better way than an open discussion that allowed them the space to share how they feel, what they’re most passionate about, and the DISCOVERY that THIS JUST MAY BE IT! Way to go on creating this CULTURE SHIFT. I really feel that the first Resolution, Purpose, has opened my eyes that what we are doing, serving and bringing others to the MFC and LIFE, is clearly my PURPOSE. Mental Fitness Challenge is truly the answer.
    Thanks for rocking this planet! bec

  161. Chris, we had our second Challenge Group last night with Kirk & Nicole Porter in Dallas. It was awesome, I have always loved TEAM, loved the LIFE biz and this is what I was made for. God has used me very powerfully in the past and I was honored. He is grooming me now and I cant wait to be used !! Last night subject was near to my heart and reminded me of many times in the past to be proud of and a couple to be humbled by. !! GREAT JOB MFC !!

  162. Karyn and Steven

    We are excitly participating in the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge. It is live changing, from inside our heads to the inside of our wallets. come join this effort to change the world one enlightened mind after another.

  163. As a marathon runner I love to challenge myself especially hills, they take the excuses away.
    I love running because it helps me to think about what I just read or a team cd that I listen to. In April I went out to run my hill course and I had not done this hill for 6 months, so going into it , my negative voice was already saying to me, you can’t do it and my first cry was Lord help me. The spirit of God spoke to my heart and said to me , if you don’t run that hill , you will never know the potential I have given you.
    That’s what keeps me doing LIFE and I love the mental fitness challenge test.
    It’s keeps me growing to be all that God has me to be.

  164. I love how the MFC lets/helps us do little bits, in small increments of time, over time to retrain our thinking. We’re so thankful for the MFC!! (and all the other great information and association!)

  165. Jacob Padgett

    Wow! I don’t know what else to say. This has to be the best project on earth! And anyone can participate… amazing!

  166. Chris,the MFC is one of the best self-improvement programs ever! It is amazing how much impact this Challenge is having on my life and the life of others.

  167. Patrick Bostater

    Chris and the rest of the PC, Because of the mental fitness challenge I am finally getting my life back how it was suppose to be, I love the fact that I am close to living the life I have always wanted!!!

  168. Chris, I just want to say thanks to you and the rest of the PC for making the MFC possible. I am starting to get everything back together so i can live the life I have always wanted.

  169. Chris Robinson

    What a great blessing it is to be CHALLENGED
    to a live a LIFE of excellence.

  170. Started working out a bit lately and knew I had to get myself around people who were into what I need help in. SO i found some personal trainers and started associating with like minded people. I learned all this in LIFE. Some of my new association has joined LIFE, We now will get to see who will apply the principles across all areas of their LIFE. Thanks for all you and creating an incredible system to give us The Life We always Wanted!

  171. I recently began working out a bit and knew from what I’ve been taught in the LIFE business, I had to associate with people who had results in the areas I want to improve in. I found a few personal trainers and Joined a Gym. Some of these great guys have enven Joined The Life Business. So now they have access to a new association also and the verdect is out on which ones will apply the principles they stand for in fitness to all other areas of their LIFE. Chris, thanks for all you do!

  172. The resolution that has impacted me the most, so far, is purpose. It hit me at the first challenge group. One of the ladies was talking about how many women feel like their purpose in life is raising children. That is the case for me, but now I have a new perspective. The woman brought up a seemingly obvious point that I had never thought of, what happens after your children are grown and have moved on to the next phases in their lives? The discussion at the challenge group helped me to realize that while raising children is part of my purpose, God willing, I need to focus and find my greater purpose that will surpass the time when my children have grown up and moved on.

  173. Alan&StephanieClements

    Chris,The MFC is an awesome tool! The self assessment alone is incredible! After being married for 12 years, my wife and I are finding strengths and weaknesses that we have definitely overlooked. With this informations we can grow in our weak spots and harness our strengths to enable us to live the life we’ve always wanted! The first resolution of finding your purpose has hit home with me because I have been very “busy” making a living that I have not paid attention to what my God given purpose was. I am now resolved to find out exactly what that purpose is and it is truly exciting! The MFC is going to explode! Thanks for all you, Orrin and the founders of the LIFE business do for us and our families!

  174. Our greatest resource by far is our mind. We’ve heard it said “As a man thinks so is he” or “You become what you think about”. The power of thought is not completely understood nor it’s limits fully comprehended. What is clearly discernible is that it can and must be developed if in fact we desire to rise out of the ashes of the fallen nature we so completely share. The MFC material has provided a means whereby what God has done in our spirits can have it’s fullest expression in the flesh(e.g. the process of sanctification). Better understood as the renewing of the mind. The highest good we can achieve by improving our minds is to then re-read the Word of God and experience the manifold riches buried there for those who first structure/order their minds to receive them. Thank you Orrin, Chris & the PC for clearing the path for the good of others and to the glory of God!

  175. Beautiful Chris. I love the analogy for pushing forward you used. It reminds me of when I’m working, and the sun is beating down on my head. My mind starts saying “come on. Go back to the jeep, no one but you will know.”
    But thats the thing, I WILL KNOW!!

    Even when writing my story I hit snags and hang-up’s, but I can’t let that stop me. Where would anyone be if they gave up completely. It’s one of the things I hear on all the CDs. “Don’t quit.” Lana Hamilton quoting The Great One. “Keep stroking!” Claud Hamilton. “Anybody can do this!” Bill Lewis. “JUST DO IT!” Orrin Woodward quoting Art Williams. And many others that it would take up so much time to type them all, but they are out there.
    If I would’ve given up I would be no better my own critics, and that I WON’T let happen.
    Stay awesome.

  176. In life, the journey is the destination. #MFC is the GPS navigation for us to live the life we’ve wanted & desire to help others discover. This series has been beyond tremendous & knowing it addresses every barrier makes it even more valuable. It embraces & encompasses the Slight Edge mentality.
    Thanks so much for the examples you & Terri continue to live. Surely one million leaders is too small!!
    P.S. Chris…..I see you are getting a head start on the 2012 NC Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl! They won’t be trading you this year right? LOL!

  177. Chris, You guys have no idea how much difference you have made in the lives of tens of thousands of people. Not only the ones who have “seen the light”, but the lives that those people influence too!
    Thank you,
    I also want to say that my personal challenge has made such a big difference in my life… I used to say to myself, “as soon as I have finished my chores and housekeeping busyness, THEN I’ll do the business of the day…” Well, As you can imagine, most days I NEVER got to the “business of the day”, because essentially, I realized I was putting it off out of fear.
    NOW my personal challenge is to do the business of the day FIRST, THEN I get to do my chores and housekeeping busyness!
    Still getting the hang of it, but the days I “eat the frog”, wow, what a difference to everything and a relief to my soul.

  178. Pete Nicolini

    A great article that focuses much deserved attention on an awesome assessment. With the MFC the best is yet to come!

  179. This is fired up, Chris! Productive Loop!

  180. Matt McMichael

    The MFC has open my eyes in the areas of my life I need to improve.  Thank you for creating this challenge, so I may become the best person I can.

  181. Wesley Newson

    So thankful for this opportunity!!! My wife and I are on our way to “living the life we’ve always wanted!” Blessings!

  182. I am hooked!! I LOVE having something POSITIVE to dig into after a long, stressful day at work! The weaker areas for me were not the resolutions that I thought would be weak! The goal tracking sheet helps me keep my goal in mind each and every day! Looking forward to sharing with so many people and helping others live the LIFE they’ve always wanted! A HUGE thank you to our PC leaders!

  183. Loyal Gingerich

    MFC is awesome as I’m learning my strong and weak area’s, working on my weak area’s instead of ignoring them. It’s so POWERFUL because I’m also gaining confidence I’m while improving on my weak area’s.

  184. I love the accountability factor of a group of friends, coworkers, family or whoever, working together to “sharpen each others swords!”. Definitely a game changer!!

  185. Alan Clements

    The MFC is awesome! The self assessment test is amazing by itself! Answer some questions honestly, and the results will open your eyes to what you may or may not already know! The first resolution has been an eye opener for me because I have been “busy” making a living and not looking for my God given purpose! Thanks Chris for sharing your talent with us!

  186. Melissa Castaneda

    Doing the MFC with partners is a great way to start some insightful conversations. I am getting a better understanding of not just myself but them also. Thank you for this valuable tool.

  187. Amy Koerkenmeier

    What an awesome reminder to push through the obstacles and be a winner! Thank you for being an awesome example and for all you did to make the MFC a wonderful tool to beat mediocrity!

  188. My life has begun to change for the better through the Mental Fitness Challenge materials. I’m learning who I really am and who I can become. They guys that put this program together ate making a big difference in my family. I was searching for something and it found me. Thank you

  189. My life has begun to change for the better. The Mental fitness challenge materials have made a huge difference in my family’s life. I’m learning who I am and who I can be. My life is forever changed.

  190. I love how we are changing people’s lives with this amazing program! Thank you Chris and Orrin!! What you are doing with LIFE and the MFC is AWESOME!!! : )

    • Can I just say that I LOVE being a source of encouragement and positive energy for people?!?!?! These are the 2 strongest, and definitely among the best qualities / abilities / characteristics that my parents gave me, each in his and her own, unique way, and I often can’t help these qualities from just oozing out of me! What’s really interesting is that I DISTINCTLY remember as my Dad was dying from cancer (my Mom had passed away when I was in high school), I commented sadly to a good friend that there could never be a way that all of the wonderful things my parents represented would ever be known – they both died too young. Though I have a large extended family, I felt a powerful longing – maybe even responsibility – to make known to the world, somehow by myself, as an only -child, how great my parents were. But in those moments I was convinced that that was simply some romantic fairy tale that “obviously” could never be – every cell in my body ACHED at those thoughts….I knew my parents better than anyone else, so, therefore it was completely up to me to carry on their goodness, their story, to the world. Yeah….. good luck. I felt like a fair amount of that goodness had been dented and scratched up as over the years I said “yes” to the coarseness and the busy-ness of the all- important career “rat race.” A few years later, this past August, in walked Joe and Danielle Defina into our lives to tell us about this crazy, interesting company called “Life”!!! Wow! Was God listening to all those thoughts going through my head as I came to terms with my Dad’s passing….!?!?! I have so much I want to offer this community, this Team, but I have serious work to do to become a leader. The good thing is – all the PC, in coming out with the MFC, have made it that much easier! Thanks so very much to Chris and Orrin and the entire PC! Keep up the great work, keep brainstorming new ideas – we need and want anything you guys can conjure up! Sadly – almost as a prerequisite to living in this society – people have become so very cyncial, almost to a point of being proud of it – proud of how “sharp” they are, proud that no one’s gonna “get” them – that we need every single smooth, gentle, honest, “REAL”, “technique” you guys can come up with to just “get” people “in the door” of our “Team”. Then, of course, we can shower them with love, support, and some fun, undoing their cynicism.

  191. Chris’s analogy is great. Most days I feel like I am on a roller coaster going up and down. I know the mental fitness challenge is a what I need to get my life on track. Thank you Orrin and Chris

  192. Jonny and Angela Nolan

    I believe we are born with a hunger for challenge. Just look at our society today, whether we enjoy challenging ourselves physically, mentally or both, we have a drive within us. We have now been provided a way to challenge our thinking and grow ourselves to be a better person. A person who in the end will live the life they always wanted. What an awesome opportunity we have. Thank you Chris and Orrin and the rest of the PC who have given us this opportunity! MFC rocks!!!

  193. We may not want to admit it, but we all have blind spots and areas we can improve our thinking. The MFC gives us a way to pinpoint those areas then a disciplined way to improve!

  194. Chris, you and Orrin are LIFE Savers in so many ways! In my past, rising to new and better levels was the furthermost thing from my mind, yet alone attempting to overcome obstacles and challenges to get there. As a leader with many years of personal experience both in the corporate world and as a pastor and teaching professor I was the product of many “personal improvement” courses and was quite comfortable just “being who I was” or had become. I felt that in general I was “doing okay”… that is until my rude awakening…
    I thought I was doing pretty good in most areas of my life, but knew there were definitely some areas where I had made repeated mistakes that could do with some adjustment. It was specifically for those areas that I was motivated to give the MFC a shot. Well, to my utmost surprise, I discovered through MFC’s brilliant systematically designed Self Assessment Test, that I had overrated myself in virtually every area if my personal and leadership ability, AND my character. It was time to go to work on myself (again) but this time I would not have to flounder around on my own in the dark trying to figure out how to get better at life.
    With MFC, not only have you provided me with the information I need to correct the flat spots, I also receive continued support and accountability through Listening, Reading, Watching and Associating. I felt that owed it to my wife and best friend I could ever have Janice, to my children and grandchildren, to my friends, to invest in myself becoming the best that I could be in every area of life. I realized I could become someone who is loved and admired by my family and friends and that I could leave a legacy of influence that would in a small way help the world to be a better place. I am truly thankful to my friends Kirk and Nicole Porter for introducing Janice and me to this incredible group of world class, caring individuals, and for their support and encouragement on this journey to freedom.

  195. huberteamvictory

    The Resolution that has impressed AND intrigued me the most is #4-Vision. I still marvel at how our sub-conscious mind works to lead us towards success or failure. The Resolved book has caused me to dive into a few other books like Ant and the Elephant and The Magic of Thinking Big to help reinforce the discipline of programming the Elephant. The MFC and it’s program of reminders and emails is brilliant. Thanks for all you do my friend!

  196. Harry & Wanda Brewer

    Although we have been married for many years, The Mental Fitness Challenge has helped us improve our marriage. ” It’s never too late to become the person you were meant to be.”

  197. We have discovered its never too late to become the person you were meant to be. Thank you PC for creating a tool that can change our culture for the better.

  198. THIS IS AMAZING! A program that focuses on helping the individual person move forward in their life, every day. I am grateful for Chris and Orrin sharing this material for me have. It helps me work through the distractions that come my way and focus on my priorities.

  199. Hello Chris, this to me is like the P90X program but for the disciplines of life and for getting that better life. My progress has been slower than I have wanted it to be since I retired and see that this will get my life and goals growing again. My wife and I are doing this program together and I plan on this allowing her to be able to retire also just from the tremendous mind expansion and great daily habits change we will both go through. Thank you for the great job and effort you have both put into the LIFE MFC program to make it such a first class program!

  200. Hey Chris-We all know every January millions commit to get in shape at the gym. And by February, they have lost the motivation. Getting in shape mentally is no less important but I have found much easier. I suffered from mental “dunlop disease” (my belly dun lopped over my belt) and was tired of being negative and bad attitudes. Taking on mental excercise took courage and commitment, but my mind, my life and my family are better off for it. What I started putting in was changing what was coming out. Take the challenge. See what can change for the better.

  201. Chris and Orrin-Wow, we think we have it all together, but it’s funny how we deceive ourselves. The bi-weekly challenge groups are just what I needed, as a single-it sure beats talking to yourself. The discussions are lively and very productive. This definitely has inspired me. Thank You!

  202. Chris and Orrin,

    Carol and I are honored to be participants in the mental fitness challenge. This is definitely a work of art and it takes discipline and commitment to stay actively engaged. We are enjoying the Challenge groups that we have every two weeks during the open. To actively engage in dialogue with our teammates on the resolutions we are learning is very effective. Thanks for everything you do. Carol and I are in this for the long, long, haul.

    Turhan and Carol Berne

  203. jeanne and geoff heintzinger

    We are so excited about this program! The MFC is revolutionizing lives! It’s giving the hope back to all who participate that you CAN live the life you’ve always wanted!

  204. Chris and Orrin,
    I am blown away by the MFC! What a product! There is nothing like it and honesty, it really makes changing easy if i can say that. the accountability alone forces the issue and my accountability partners are holding me to my requests of them helping me change! God is changing me and my wonderful wife’s life and what’s even more amazing, without any intentions of it, my children are changing. My 11 year old son has a real anger issue. I have tried showing him passages in the Bible to help him and nothing is working. He has volcano size blow ups. Sometimes even throwing things and it doesn’t matter what we do! He is always sorry after it’s over and often is in tears, the emotions get the best of him and he can’t control it! the snap of your finger, he will trigger with a bad reaction. I’m his baseball coach and have not been able to teach him at all for the past 3 years as he gets furious with me no matter what I say or how i say it! I have to let the other coaches coach him. I was listening to the “Ant and the Elephant” and the “Attitude” CD’s when i started the MFC. I didn’t realize my son was listening in the other room. I started seeing changes in his attitude and the questions he was asking, i knew he was searching and that he was actually listening when I was. i didn’t say anything and Soon, when i went to listen to those CD’s I was finding them missing only to find them in his CD player in his bedroom. They are his favorite CD’s and now to the best of his abilities, he is telling all his friends about it! He loves the “LIFE, and Edge series and enjoys most of the MFC CD’s. I’m now able to teach him and give him instructions during a game. When he does not so good in a game. he use to get mad, now he holds it and has a great attitude the whole game! For that alone…I’m FIRED UP!!!!!
    For myself. the MFC is a painful process as I have realized the area’s that I thought I was good at….in reality, i need to really improve. It’s also painful to see my weak area’s! the material and daily tasks are awesome and easy to do…the application is harder as it’s hit me in the nose, mouth and pretty much every area of my life! I would rather not be reminded of the kind of person I really am, but i know that it’s needed and I can see each day as i go through the MFC, that i am changing. My family has stated several times……I like my new dad! My prayer is that by the end of this 90 day journey, not only will I be a better husband, father, and friend, but there will be such a difference in my life that everyone will want it!!!!! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to this business and for the material you guys are putting out! And also for the example you are living to help the rest of us know we can do it too!
    God Bless,
    Dan and Sherri

  205. Joel and Michele Peterson

    Chris and Orrin, The MFC is the perfect extension to Orrin’s book and Michele and I are excited to be part of the challenge. Having phlegmatic in my personality, discipline and challenge are generally not part of my vocabulary. 🙂 But this is one challenge that I have been looking for and that I need. We’re looking forward to getting the word out about this program in the Richmond VA area.

    God bless. Joel and Michele Peterson

  206. The MFC is what I need to to make my life what it should be. Not only my phisical fitness, but also my mental fitness. Thanks!!

  207. Matt Anderton

    One thing I am learning from the MFC is how little I really know about leadership. Thank you for the challenge!

  208. I had already read the Resolved book through once, and thought it was great… but now that we’re going through each resolution in the MFC, I’m finding it life changing! I cannot commend the LIFE founders enough on their great vision in creating this challenge.
    This is just what my life needed, and I’m excited to see how it affects the lives of those in my sphere of influence.

    David J. Garza

  209. Keith Stefanec

    I always felt that there was something better out there. I knew there was more to life than just floating down life’s stream like everyone else. One day I was introduced to this business by a friend and then MFC came along. Wow! It definitely puts a new perspective on how we are doing in life and it surely shows the areas of where need to improve. Thank you Chris and Orrin for putting such an amazing tool together that will help us to excel personally. Thank you for being so committed to helping others.

  210. I love how the Mental Fitness Challenge keeps us focused and helps us work on the areas in which we want to improve! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  211. In the Tuesday evening challenge discussion group meeting on “character,” it was great to see how a “team” working together with a common vision can lead to a greater courage to do the right thing. One of the comments made that evening was: “I’m so thankful that, when I face difficult decisions about doing the ‘right thing,’ it’s great to know that I have people like you here tonight who care and who ‘have my back’ when the going gets tough.” One of the great outcomes of the Mental Fitness Challenge will be to give people courage in their lives knowing they are not alone and that they have trusting support.

    Thanks, Chris, for yours and the Policy Council’s commitment and effort in making a huge difference in people’s lives with the Mental Fitness Challenge and its supporting material.

    Wes Hartsook

  212. I like how the MFC focuses on daily accomplishment. As in athletics, we are training ourselves to expect success. The next time that you are trying to get thru a hard workout and you just want to quit, your mind remembers the last time you “pushed thru the pain” and experienced success. You remind yourself that you’ve done it before, so you can do it again. You’ve linked success to a previous success. This can be applied to both physical fitness and mental fitness. The MFC guides us along this path of small but significant daily successes.

  213. Matthew Kurtzhals

    Thank You Chris and the PC for the MFC! It will guide you daily to reach your Goals and Dreams. You will learn information that you thought you already knew, like Chris says” you dont know, what you dont know.” Take the challenge! You will be glad you did!

  214. Jason and cherie Kuhn

    We love the MFC!!! It keeps us on track daily . If you want to know how to successed in life… take the challenge!!

  215. Mike and Lora Haines

    You are offering Light in the midst of darkness, Hope to the hopeless and Dreams to those who have forgotten how to dream! We thank you for following your heart, for having the courage and strength to follow the vision. May God Bless.

  216. The physical fitness analogy is great, and as we get into this amazing program, what comes to mind is, just as exercise for the body can be geared toward the areas where we need the most improvement, the MFC is also doing that! Wow! This should be required high school or college curriculum!

  217. Aislinn Stewart

    The Mental Fitness Challenge is just what I needed to take me to the next level. Inspired by this challenge and the leading ladies my whole family has gotten involved by taking up a 21 day “No Complaining” challenge. My 6-year-old nephew has attacked the challenge, raising the bar to challenge himself to not only avoid complaining but to listen better to Mom, Dad, and Auntie (Me). Amazing how a commitment to better oneself inspires those around us to strive to better themselves too. Thank you so much, Chris & Orrin!

  218. The MFC has given me the daily baby steps I have needed to begin to put the puzzle pieces of my life together. It is so exciting to see and feel real progress toward achieving the life I have always wanted to live. I am eternally grateful for all your hard work and sacrifice to bring this to the masses. What a blessing!!!!!

  219. Just one week into the MFC and my life is changing. It feels like we are coming out of the wilderness, emerging from the fog, or waking from a long sleep-walk. This is proving to be the spark I was in need of, and am STOKED to have detected my Purpose! Actually, it’s more like finally having the courage BELIEVE that what I’ve always known I was called to do is really what I am called to do and to have the COURAGE to go after it. My wife of 26 years is standing alongside me saying “I always knew baby, this is your path…” And away we go!

  220. Chris,
    You asked what part of the Mental Fitness Challenge has impacted us most. For me, it is the Purpose segment and the Challenge Group Meetings. I knew I was born for a purpose, but never crystalized it until the MFC entered my life. And the Challenge Group Meetings stretch me and enlarge my perceptions of things.
    What an awesome product!! Thank you so much to you and the PC for bringing it to us!!!

  221. ryan whelpley

    I started challenging myself with the MFC. It is great!!!

  222. Excellent! We are truly blown away with the quality of materials being produced in LIFE.

    When I started the MFC I thought, “Well I am already reading and listening to CDs on a daily bases anyway,” but I had no idea that I would be challenged like I have been. Everything in my life from character to attitude has been poked with a stick and told to get it’s lazy butt up! And that’s just in the first 30 days!

    Thanks Chris, Orrin, and the rest of the P.C.!!! You are truly making a difference in the lives of those on the journey with you!

    God Bless,
    Jason Jasper

  223. As Og Mandino said in The Greatest Salesman in the World, “the only difference in those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success.”

    Thank you for creating the key. Without a doubt, the key to great habits is the MFC!

  224. Phillip Fielder

    The MFC is very much like the heat treating process of tempering for metal; it gives the “STUDENT” a whole host of tools and methods to apply, to strengthen their mind against the negative information sources in the world.

  225. Chris,
    Great explanation of the MFC. The structure of the MFC has helped me maintain focus on reading and listening. Thanks!!

  226. It is so wonderful to get leadership information from “real” proven leaders. I love the Chris Brady CD’s where he hints about those other programs to build your leadership to do …um what. In so many places leadership is a buzz word thrown in to make it sound good. Here it’s not unlike running a marathon where people encourage you a long the way and the cheers and cups of water being handed to you are the books and cd’s and meetings. They really do want to see us at the top.

  227. One of the great things about the Mental Fitness Challenge are the Challenge Groups. Just as having others to challenge me physically–such as I’ve experienced by having a group of guys to play racquetball with who improve over time and challenge me not only to get exercise on a regular basis (and in a fun way), but also challenge me to get better as their skills improve–having a group to think through and discuss what we’re learning through the MFC is a great way to stretch ourselves mentally.

  228. As an inconsistent athlete I can truly relate to Chris’s challenge to just “take one more step”. But with the discipline I develop with the MFC, all the important “one more steps” I need to take in life will be easier, doable and as Orrin says, “Worth it!”

  229. About the same time as this MFC I joined an Evangilism group where we share our faith on the street. It helps also at work to strive for excellence as you said about John Wooden being my best irrespective of anyone else. So much information so little time. 15 plans. Who would not want to be better and have more life?
    Dave Nelson

  230. Georgia Baker

    Super post ! The MFC is getting a lot of positive responses . People are enjoying the challenge groups as well . It’s real change .
    Thanks Chris !

  231. I ran a 5K race this morning and it’s always fun to talk with and listen to the runner’s comments before and after the race. Some are there to compete and others just to have fun. Some are worried about their performance and others just want the social interaction. That’s how life is and what I have found about the Mental Fitness Challenge is that it opens us up to listening more carefully to others which also provides the opportunity to connect with them about the personal development that can come form the Challenge. This is what happened for me at the race today. I met an enthusiastic runner prior to the race and the conversation afterward just flowed into an agreement to meet and discuss how this person could benefit from an experience like the “Challenge.” There are so many ways that we – and others – can benefit from this terrific growth experience. Let’s all go out and make a difference!

  232. Irene Kahrhoff

    I thank you for the superior work you’ve done creating the Mental fitness Challenge, I especially enjoy the Challenge group discussions. It’s a great measure of how much work I have to do on myself. I love this community…..

  233. Stephen Slawter

    I have been challenging myself since the release of the MFC. The accountability aspect of the program is excellent. I much appreciate the time and effort that was given to put this together.

  234. I LOVE the Mental Fitness Challenge! I am finding out that where it is easy to quit with physical exercise where I know what I am supposed to do, I may not even know what is hurting me by not bein mentally fit! The Mental Fitness Challenge reveals where I am specifically needing to focus AND gives me the tools and habits to strengthen those areas!

  235. I LOVE the Mental Fitness Challenge!! I know what to do to stay physically fit, and like Chris Brady said in this article, it’s still easy to want to quit when it gets tough! The Mental Fitness challenge has shown me that with mental fitness I had areas I didn’t even know I needed to focus on strengthening! I love that it also equips me with the tools and habits to change my thinking to change my life! Thank you!!

  236. Chris, We are loving the Challenge! The purpose resolution has definatley been the most impactful for me, something that I have always struggled with. What a great tool to really learn about ourselves. A lady I was sharing this with likend the MFC and the subscriptions to a diet: first you have to take off the weight ( MFC) then you have to maintain it ( subscriptions)
    Thanks, Steve

  237. Marilyn Taffe

    What a great product…and it helps make us great as well! Our PC, lead by Orrin and Chris, are collectively geniuses! Keep up the good work, please. We all look appreciate what you have done and look forward to what may come in the future. Thanks for putting together a life-changing program that is both do-able and maintain-able.

  238. Paul and Barbara Ford

    Love the MFC and challenge groups, enjoy improving ourselves and our thinking. We really enjoy reading, listening and learning.
    Thank You,
    Paul and Barbara Ford

  239. Ron Redlinger

    The resolution that has currently producing the biggest impact in my life right now is the to resolve to develop systems thinking. Is see the wisdom in the systems team has developed and this resolution has also supported what I do daily in my job. It is interesting how much is dependent on a person rather than a system. My excitment to impact the company I work for in a positive way towards a right understanding of systems thinking and its application has been renewed. Thank you!

  240. Jerry Entrekin

    The MFC is the best thing I’ve been involved in for keeping me focused on where I need to work on myself in the areas I need to work! Really enjoying the challenge groups also.

  241. Thank you for the tools to help me achieve the life I dream of and a way to help others. The MFC along with mentoring is pointing out thinking that I need to change which will move me from “yoyo” attitude and determination to stability and productivity. Time for change 🙂

  242. Chris, thanks for all the amazing work you put into the mental fitness challenge! Thanks to your cd’s I began to contemplate my life. Not just in one moment but daily! I am going to continue to make a difference in thousands of lives, and pass on what you have to me, and many others!! And again, wanted to shout to the whole world what an amazing man your are! Thanks for setting an awesome example for all the children who need it desperately, including me. Jim

  243. I love this, I can’t wait to do ” extraordinary things with this ordinary life.”.
    It will help me to be better in all areas of my life.

  244. I can’t wait to do ” extraordinary things with this ordinary life”

  245. David and Mazie Girvan

    Thanks for putting together a program that helps us to measure our assets and liabilities.This cutting edge material and a challenge of this caliber will have a profound impact on the culture

  246. The Mental Fitness Challenge fits into and is so much a part of our lives and everything we do (and don’t do) that are necessary for living the life we always wanted to live. The principle of the slight edge is personified in the MFC, easy to do if you do it and easy not to do if you choose so. Great structure for a challenge to improve and become who and what we want to become.

  247. Thank you Chris! I really enjoy this challenge and how I have grown already and I have just started!

  248. Thanks for sharing Chris, We love the MFC. It is what we all need to improve our lives. What a great way to measure our results, and keep on track.

  249. Aisha Gillette

    Thank you for providing this amazing tool that will allow us to achieve the life we have always wanted! We love The Mental Fitness Challenge! One of my favorite resolutions is “Ant and the Elephant”. There is so much power is visualization and positive self-talk. I see One Million!

  250. Love the MFC! Being involved with a physical fitness program has been the hardest thing I have challenged myself with in my life. But, it has made me a much more disciplined person! Yes, it is so easy to quit and make excuses, but the negative feelings that come with those decisions are enough to keep me going!! LOVE the program! LOVE LIFE!!

  251. Mary Belle Rowe

    I am almost 69 years old and have been in sales since I was 16 years old. Oh, what I could have been if I had had this back then. Not only is the MFC inspirinig and motivating it is educational,,,so full of history. Before this “The Camel in the Tent” was my favorite. Now I have added “THE ANT & THE ELEPHANT” .The tapes are always in my car…So much better than listening to the evening news. WHAT A GREAT GIFT YOU HAVE GIVEN TO THE WORLD.!!!!

  252. Chris, thank you for “making a difference” by helping many change “their labels”. I haven’t started the MFC yet, but do intend to soon. You are so right when you say we work out our bodies, but leave out the most important part, our brain.

  253. Chris… I tell you what, I don’t know where Cassie and I would be without the LIFE/MFC materials? We were in the middle of or quickly heading towards numerous train wrecks in our lives: Bankruptcy, divorce, alcoholism, strained relationships everywhere, working 60-70 hours a week, no time or patience for our children, no relationship with our creator….crash, bang, boom around every turn in the tracks. Thank God that we were lead with grace into leadership and the right information to help us get our thinking and our lives moving in the right direction. The next generations deserve a chance, and I know that the MFC, LIFE, and the PC will do everything in their power to make this a reality! Take a chance…..take the challenge!

  254. This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

  255. I’m amazed at the grace we have been given to be able to provide our friends, family, and fans with a giant toolkit like the Mental Fitness Challenge, let alone all the other phenomenal LIFE-changing info we have loaded up in our own online armory, ready to take on the battles of life – and WIN! Thank you to the founders for recognizing the opportunity and capitalizing on it, even when things were all but easy.

    • And regarding which Resolution has had the greatest impact so far, I have to say it’s Resolution 4: Vision – getting the ant and the elephant working together is phenomenal! Transformative to say the least…and really fun as well!

  256. “Perhaps the Mental Fitness Challenge is just what you need to give yourself the staying power to once-and-for-all develop healthy, happy, successful principles for life.” This is exactly what the MFC is doing in my life, truly a blessing!

  257. I just want to share what this information has done for me and my family. I was quickly heading down a path of destruction. Unfortunately I had no idea that the life I was leading was a direct result of the decisions that I had made. Being introduced to this information taught me that I am in charge of where my life is going. Since I have started reading and listening to CD’s and associating with positive people on a regular basis everything has changed. I was quickly on the road to divorce and now my wife and I are happier than we have been in a very long time. I made a commitment to her and no matter what we encounter we WILL find a way to work it out. This information has shown me that as the man and leader of my house, it is MY responsibility to take the reigns and make the decisions necessary to resolve any situations that we encounter. It may not be my fault, but IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY!!!! Also, my relationships with my four children have become so much better than I could have ever imagined them being. For example my 6 year old son told me “Daddy I like you better now” after being involved in this information for only two weeks. What an impact this has had on my life. Thank you so much for all you guys have done for me and my family. thank you.

  258. You know, the further I delve into the MFC the easier I find it to replace my negative self-talk with positive self-talk. I know that where I am in life is a culmination of the information I have put in my brain and the people I associate with. Now that I am programming my brain with the right information, I know that my current state is temporary and the sky is the limit. I cannot wait to teach my kids how to make their “elephant” work for them and watch them grow into the leaders of tomorrow! Chris, thank you for blazing the trail!

  259. John L. Carline

    Few take the time or have the tools to engage in introspection regarding the effect their behavior has on others. At last an instrument that is easy for all to understand and is presented in a non threatening manner. Results are clearly explained and the book provides the guidance necessary to adjust ones behavior to achieve desired changes. A necessary feedback process is also provided so that change is monitored. The Book and the Challenge are a must not only those in leadership positions and aspiring leaders but for all who aspire to live the life they always wanted.

  260. For everyone who is enjoying the Mental Fitness Challenge so much, I want to announce that in July, at LIFE’s Summer Leadership Convention, a supplemental product called the “Challenge Booster” pack will be introduced. This wisdom-packed kit contains 14 CDs from the top trainers at the LIFE company, and is designed to give even more reinforcement and information for those who are following the instructions of the MFC and consistently listening to their two CDs a day. This gives more variety to the listening program and is sure to enhance the results and excitement everybody is getting from the program. Look for it in July!

    Challenge yourself!

    Chris Brady

  261. The Mental Fitness Challenge is truly a challenge. It is making me think about so many things that I can do to improve on. I was not the quickest horse out of the gate on getting started, but I am determined to get this finished and be able to do my part in becoming the person I need to be. Thank you for the information, the belief in people, and the patience to see us all thru to the life we always wanted. I can’t imagine life without LIFE.

  262. Chris, we’ve added our 10 week old into the fitness challenge.

    As we do our exercise routine out at home we play the CDs and our 10 week old son lays next to us in his bouncy seat.

    We feel that it sets a great example/habit in our son’s life to exercise his mind, spirit, and body; and that it’s even possible to combine areas of growth within the same activity to get the very most out of life.

  263. Valerie Iacovangelo

    WOW! Resolution #4 has alerted my Elephant. He has a long ways to go… Almost every day I look at my Dream Board and add to it…I was stuck on this before…Much growth needed(i.e. Goals, Actions) and so wanted. I thank you and Orrin so much! TEAM/L.I.F.E. is life changing.

    God’s best!
    Val Iacovangelo, TEAM RASCAL

  264. My physical fitness challenge is that I actually enjoy jogging. 1 mile is my max-so far. We have a long enough driveway that I could go down and back enough times to go 1 mile, OR, I could choose to jog 1/2 mile down our road and back for a total of 1 mile. Funny how it’s easy to quit in the driveway before i’ve done 1 mile. If i jog down the road then i’m forced to come back and not quit. For my mental fitness, my challenge is to find an area that does not allow me to quit.
    Thanks for the challenge!

  265. Ryan & Sarah Fronick

    Thank you for masterminding the MFC; it truly is the systematic way to live a better life! We are excited to see the generational ripple effect of individuals who are choosing to pursue excellence. Thanks to you and Terri and all the PC for the difference you are making! God Bless

  266. Chris,
    Thank you so much for the MFC: Challenge Yourself. It will be a great tool to email prospects in a follow-up after our first meeting. I love all the amazing improvements the policy council continue to make in LIFE, and so that the life changing information I get to tell people about continues to be so duplicatable.
    I like how the MFC causes me to think everyday, holding myself accountable to finish what I started. I also like the accountability partners. My daughter text me almost immediatly when she receives a text that I completed a task, always saying “Yay Mommy!”
    You asked which Resolution has impacted us the most. For me I have really been focusing on Resolution 8: Financial Management, by working with my family and being on the same page financially so I can focus better on the other twelve Resolutions and be the best I can be in all the 8F’s. Then moving to inspire others to be their best.
    I would like to thank the policy council for all the past mental challenges they have faced and overcome to make the LIFE business the best, and most fun business for all who have stepped up and accepted the challenge.
    Marsha Ward

  267. Chris,
    MFC is great. Thanks for bringing it to us
    Sue and Doug Cornelius

  268. Hearing lots of great talk about the MFC and challenge groups are awesome for deeper thinking to sink in.

  269. Chris,
    Thank you for sharing! Phisical fitness really is a great analogy for improving our mental fitness. I am on week 5 of the MFC and I have found that becoming mentally fit is much harder than getting fit physically because there are so many different areas to work on in so many arenas of life. Thank you Orrin, Chris, and the rest of the PC for bringing on the challenge!

  270. Wow…I too love the comparison between our physical fitness and mental fitness. It amazes me how all my life everyone has always been concerned with their physical fitness. However, I don’t recall ever hearing anyone placing an emphasis towards their mental fitness…no wonder our country is in the turmoil we find it…Its about time people started focusing on this life changing avenue. I’m grateful for the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge because I have already realized the impact will last a life time, and the ripple effect will be immeasurable. Thanks Policy Counsel for packaging this incredible information, especially to the Woodward’s and Brady’s for their masterminds and Leadership expertise. We appreciate you wrapping the TEAM and LIFE opportunity around these principles of truth and success.
    Adam Alley

  271. Norm and Deana Hayner

    We love the initial self-assessment test, and the 7 Day Pre-Challenge! Each has been so well received and is a great tool for conversation and to allow one to “plow the field” for greater seeds of truth to come. As a kid growing up on a farm in Upstate NY every spring we would load stones onto a wagon that had been brought to the surface from a combination of winter frost, the ground warming and spring plowing. Whether it is the “Lord’s green acre” or the human mind and heart, you can’t plant where there’s hardness and darkness… the rocks in our life have to be dealt with if there is to be growth and harvest! Thank you for providing us with a vehicle to stir up and confront the brutal facts AND solutions to help empower us to move from good to great and ultimately, the life we’ve always wanted.
    Norm and Deana Hayner
    Team Rascal

  272. The Challenge is tough but it’s so worth it. You learn about the blind spots you never wanted to face. You have to fix the things that are holding you back tho.
    Kyle Combes
    Team Spartacus

  273. Kyle:
    You are absolutely correct! The change process begins with a desire to improve. All of the greatest information in the world won’t mean a hill of beans if it’s not applied with enthusiasm.

    Keep rocking, my friend!

    Chris Brady

    • Hi Chris, Yes ILove Apple computers. If you live on a farm you are physically challenged all the time but mentally not so much. Your MFC gives me a choice to quit being a slacker doing things that waste time and produce nothing, to change the bad habits I’ve developed over the years and replace them with new ones. It’s as hard as quoting cigarettes.
      Thank You,
      Dave Nelson

    • Melanie Jackson

      Although I am still learning, I have thoroughly enjoyed the MFC process. I loved the Resolved book! Great job, Orrin!!! I have struggled with attitude and believing in myself and parts if that book really hit home. I am enjoying the small challenge groups, as I think it really helps the cohesiveness of the Team. Go, Chris and other PC members for coming up with this concept and material, as it is desperately needed in the world today. My plan is to keep learning and growing and moving forward!!! Thank you!!

  274. The MFC is kind of the equivalent of the Top 50 of the LIFE information; it gives the shock to the system that people need to wake up and realize that they once had dreams and goals, and the actions they are making on a daily basis are likely not moving them in that direction. This not only helps them come to that realization, but then guides them along the path in order to get back on the right track. Just the product we need, at the time we need it.

    Steve – TEAM Rascal

  275. Chris, The Mental Fitness Challenge is a major blessing to my life! I have heard it said that ideas have consequences either for the good or for the bad. The ancient book tells us that our transformation is on the other side of applying truth correctly to our lives. (Romans 12:1-2) Thank you and the founders for sifting the thru many great books and pieces of information that has led in the culmination of the MFC. You have left a great map for us navigate towards the detection, definition, and hammering out of our unique gifts and destinies. I am so glad to be a part of the greatest Team leaving a major legacy for people throughout the world starting with me. You guys rock!!!

    Adam & Kristi Brusa

  276. Patrick Rufener

    In my role as an educator and an athletic coach, it has been my desire to equip others with the tools for success. The MFC is teaching me the habits of successful thinking so I can pass that on to others. As a leader, the information in the MFC gives me the counsel of the best success thinking out there. The result of this support translates into a feeling of confidence in my leadership. I can tackle any obstacle that comes my way. I am sharing this information with everyone I meet so they can enjoy the same “turbo charged” feeling that I feel as a result of taking the Mental Fitness Challenge. Thanks for all of your effort and dedication in developing this invaluable tool!

    Patrick, Team Carpe Diem

  277. Nicole Crabiel

    I have been able to take what I have learned through the LIFE materials and apply that to my physical fitness goals. I used so many of the stories and examples on various CDs to counter that “little” voice in my head, which I contend gets very loud some days! Through that re-direction, I was able to not only hit my fitness goal, but maintain that level of achievement. I have taken this same concept, with the help of the Mental Fitness Challenge and started to apply this to my attitude, purpose, character and so on. My accountability partners have done an awesome job of checking in to make sure I am tracking my goals and timeline. Thanks Chris and all LIFE Founders for this incredible tool!

  278. Bob Kilpatrick

    The Challenge Booster pack sounds awesome! Can’t wait for July to get it!

  279. The MFC is one of many great ideas that the life founders have come out with. It holds you accountable for learning and growing yourself into a better person, and also it allows family, and friends to track your progress. It also has different learning styles in the challenge to help everyone learn. What will they come up with next!!

  280. Mary Bieser Mossberger

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. MFC is so essential to getting me on track to look at myself in the mirror and seeing the areas for improvement with the roadmap. THANKS TO ALL THE AWESOME LIFE FOUNDERS!

  281. Shannon Miller

    The MFC has been a true blessing to me. The process has made me look within myself and find ME!! Thank you Orrin and Chris!!!

  282. Bruce and Shirley Williams

    Taking the MFC assessment test has been a real eye opener as to how we see ourselves compared to how others see us. Thank you for this tool to show us where we need to learn and grow.

  283. The MFC is the single best tool for developing positive habits and thinking in everything we do. Stretch yourself and take the Challenge!

  284. Craig V. Morrissey

    The MFC has really made me look at myself in a different way. I have many areas to work ib.
    Thanks for the challenge,
    Craig V. Morrissey
    Carpet Diem

  285. It has been said that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Anyone who sticks with this for 90 days will have a positive mental pattern established that will flow out of you no matter what situation arises.

  286. Valerie Hosfeld

    Hi Chris! The MFC is truly a powerful system, which stretches and works out a person’s mind, to bring strength and flexibility for excellence in key areas of life. When we apply the information, it changes our thought process, and causes us to focus on what’s important for mental fitness. I am so amazed how the MFC has caused me to think daily, no moment by moment, about the domino effect of choices I will make, before I make them. I am learning to think differently, which brings about different results! Loving it!

  287. Chris,
    Let me first thank you and the other PC for the stand you take daily for Christ, this country, and for truth. The encouragement received through all the material helps keep the negative of this world from accomplishing it’s goal. The MFC is another tool that will have great impact in the lives of those who will simply use and utilize it.

  288. Katy Buterbaugh

    Love the MFC! Thank you for helping me become a better person for my family!

  289. Daniel Flores

    We love the MFC! It’s been a great journey so far as both my wife and I get to find out more about ourselves and about the areas in which we need to continue focusing for growth. Thank you LIFE!!

  290. Emily Nissing

    I know exactly what you mean when you are talking about the working out and giving up or stopping when it gets tough. I always tried to justify or “rational-LIES” stopping, if I just ran to that post or that line, I could walk for a little bit. Thanks to the MFC, I am able to stick to a goal and actually achieve what I set out to do. It is an awesome tool that helps me keep going, even when I want to stop or quit. I will be forever grateful to the LIFE Policy Council for the path they paved so that I could live a better life!!

  291. Leila Anderson

    Thank you to the Servant Leaders of LIFE. I am finally excited about the fact that there is now a way to make a difference in my life and overcome obstacles through a PDCA program. The mental fitness challenge lays it all out in a few steps to be done daily. I truly feel that this will make a significant change for the better in our country through changing lives, one at a time. God bless you all.

  292. I am learning so much about myself while doing the Mental Fitness Challenge. Sometimes we don’t like to look at our weaknesses but discovering my blind spots has taken me to a whole different level of self
    improvement. The accountability factor has been a key factor for keeping me motivated and moving forward. I have failed so many times in the past because I didn’t involve someone to help keep me accountable. It is so easy to quite when no one is watching.
    I’m getting Mentally Fit!!

  293. sue Bickowski

    As always you are so inspiring. I need all the encouragement I can Get.Thank ypu and God bless you and yours

  294. Hi Chris! I joined Life last week. I am so excited to be surrounded by so many positive people, who want to do better and want so much more out of life! I look forward to taking the Mental Fitness Challenge in the near future. I thank God for your vision and leadership. I’m on the path and I can already see that the best is yet to come! This another tool to “help me live life to the fullest”, and that’s where I’m headed.
    Thanks a bunch!

  295. This is the most important work out that anyone could have. This is awesome!

  296. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a catalytic tool for anyone looking to turbo charge their transformation and become an agent of change. I’m constantly blown away by the amount of time and dedication Chris, Orrin and the rest of the team have devoted to helping people achieve positive change in their lives. Chris and Orrin are true leaders with incredible vision…

  297. Leilani Burnham

    MFC is a great way to challenge yourself.

  298. Linsey Konieczny

    The MFC is absolutely amazing!! The benefits are truly immeasurable. What else is out there that can help and encourage me to actively work on my self-discipline & can help me to be a better mom at the same time (& so much more!!)! Incredible! (BTW, now that our little man has arrived, you’re still his favorite!) Thanks for all you do, chris!

  299. Putting checklist in a consistent safe spot AND having accountability partne are two critical PDCA’s thus far in the MFC.

  300. We are taking the challenge!

  301. Chris,
    We just finished holding our Challenge Group in which we discussed Resolution #4: Vision – Aligning your subconscious with your conscious mind…and it was AWESOME!!! Great stuff…anyway…a guest of ours had many very interesting viewpoints as to why her purpose in life has not been fulfilled — because she hasn’t yet aligned these two together! Now, after our discussion, I believe, she has a little nugget of better knowledge to help guide her in the RIGHT direction. She will definitely be returning next time and is very excited and interested in what we’re doing with the LIFE Business. It’s moments like these which make me believe you and our Founding Fathers of LIFE are doing something that is truly needed in our society. Thanks so much guys!

  302. Pingback: From Products to Providence: LIFE is Changing how People Approach Business « Kristen Seidl – Living an Intentional Life

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