“A Month of Italy” book set to debut in July

Rediscover the Art of Vacation

Have you ever felt overworked, overstressed, maxed out, and out of focus?

Have you ever needed a break from it all, and by that, I mean something more than a frenzied weekend or busy plastic vacation?

Have you ever had enough of your cell phone, emails, social networks, texts, and the like?

Have you ever felt like you were out of balance and needed some serious restoration?

Have you ever considered the fact that you could take a career break – a sabbatical – to allow you to clear your head and restore your focus?

Have you ever dreamed of traveling through the back roads of Italy and seeing the famous Tuscan countryside?

Have you ever wanted to sample Italy’s cuisine, sunsets, culture, art, architecture, and history?

Are you entertained by humorous narrative and adventure stories?

For anyone who can answer “yes” to even one of these questions, I am happy to announce that my latest book, A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation, is set to debut this July. For just a little taste, here is the dust jacket inscription:

What can possibly be said about Italy that hasn’t been already? Primarily, that youcan enjoy it too! Refreshingly relate-able in a genre previously populated by wealthy expats and Hollywood stars, this book chronicles an ordinary family taking an extraordinary trip, and most importantly, paves the way for you to take one of your own! With hilarious wit and fast-paced narrative, Brady thrills with honest commentary on what a “trip of a lifetime” actually feels like, and most endearingly, he succeeds in convincing you that not only should you take a similar one, but that you will!  Within a few pages you’ll be visualizing panoramic Tuscan vistas and breaking open the piggy bank, laughing as you turn the pages and dreaming of your own escape.  This story is one of going slow in order to go fast; it’s about rediscovering and brining back into favor a lost art, namely, the art of vacation, and it is, or rather should be, a story about you.

Here are some of the early reviews:

“I was intrigued from the first sentence clear through the book! It teaches so many life and leadership lessons—about family, relationships, learning, improving, and becoming better. I’ll read it again and again, and I’ll read it on the plane on every vacation I ever go on.” – Oliver DeMille, NY Times best selling author of A Thomas Jefferson Education, Freedom Shift, and 1913

“A beautiful story and pivotal idea for a book!” – Richard Bliss Brookeauthor of Mach II, The Art of Vision and Self Motivation and The Four Year Career

“With humor, Brady guides you through heart-warming history, incredible beauty, the most gracious people, and of course, the world’s most delicious food and wine! After reading his entertaining work, you will be charting your own course to Italy.”  –Sharon LechterCo-author of Outwitting the Devil, Three Feet From Gold and Rich Dad Poor Dad

 “Extremely engaging and delightful – a well told story!” – Chris Gross, CEO Gabriel Media Group, Inc., cofounder of Networking Times.

“This is a book every traveler should read and bring along in order to experience the best of Italy.” – Dr. Gaetano (Guy) Sottile, President and Founder, Italy for Christ, Inc.

“Witty, funny, and at points downright hilarious, but mixed with profound truths shared in a way that makes one pause and ponder.” – Orrin Woodward: Winner of the 2011 IAB Top Leadership Award

“A spell-binding lesson in learning how to live again, with real purpose. You can’t stop turning the pages . . . .” – Art Jonak, founder MastermindEvent.com

“I have never read a book that teaches so much while being this fun at the same time.” – Tim Marks, best-selling author of “Voyage of a Viking”

“This is the best work Chris Brady has written to date. If this is a vacation handbook, it has redefined the vacation experience.” – Venkat Varada, Silicon Valley Executive

“Vacationing truly is a lost art, and Brady poignantly and beautifully illustrates why it is so vital for driven leaders. A timeless treatise on ‘sharpening the saw,’ A Month of Italy is a book I will sip and savor, ponder and reflect on time and time again. Not only are Chris’s insights powerful and refreshing, but his vivid and witty writing is simply a pleasure to read. Reading this book is a charming vacation itself, and it will inspire you to vacation deliberately, effectively, and joyfully.” – Stephen Palmer, New York Times best-selling author of “Uncommon Sense: A Common Citizen’s Guide to Rebuilding America”

“In our hectic lives we are rarely 100% present in any situation. Chris Brady shows that with proper play time, our work time is so much more effective. He has freed my spirit!” – Jason Ashley, country singer/songwriter (Texas Songwriter of the Year 2008)

“Italy is unique. Moreover, it is a country where the traveler can en- joy the most various experiences. Chris Brady’s book has the ability, astonishing even for an Italian, to convey to the reader that variety, that richness of feelings, sights, perfumes, tastes . . . and people.” – Senator Lucio Malan, Senior Secretary of the Presidency of the Italian Senate

In early July, look for it in bookstores and online stores everywhere, and of course,here. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Chris Brady

18 responses to ““A Month of Italy” book set to debut in July

  1. Louise& alan Mckeen

    wow….perfect timing….been feeling like a much needed vacation should happen.can’t wait to read it in my hammock & dream about our trip! You guys cont to bring us the best of the best! I thank God for putting me on this path!

  2. Already trying to imagine the Chris Brady humor the Characters you chose to include and your adventure. Looking forward to taking part in your vacation.

  3. Just reading your warm-up blogs headed to the debut of this new book had already begun to ease my mind. Today I was faced with write a few, we’ll say interesting, goliaths. I couldn’t just up and go on an Italian vacation, but I could go for a walk. I popped in my headphones, and slipped on my walking shoes. I walked out of my house in dire need of some restoration. The scenery of a park, crisp summer air, and a mental garden in the care of a professional landscaper, LIFE CD’s, was just enough of a vacation from reality to refocus me on my purpose. I love the quote, “It’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame.” Vacation, whether small or big, allows you a step outside, and a view of your life’s art. Thanks Chris.

  4. Chris,
    I can’t wait to get this one as from what I know of you , you are very inspiring as well as funny so coming from you it has to be good. Thanks for the heads up and thank you for inspiring thousands of people.

  5. Chris,

    This book sounds amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for casting the vision.

  6. Ok, enough with the teasing. I need the book!

  7. Vicki Fullmer

    I’m ready for a vacation, and haven’t even read your book. Until I really visit Italy, my invisioning the beauty of Italy is saficing for now. Can’t wait to read your book.
    Vicki Fullmer

  8. I am so excited to get this book Chris! We were driving back from Michigan last night (visiting from your old house – Orrin’s new one) and we had a Chris Brady CD night… don’t know how it happened but we just kept putting your audios in the player!. You are a great teacher in multiple forms and this book will just be another great tool to get our elephant’s charging!

  9. Kristen:
    Thanks for your warm comments! I hope listening to that many of my CDs didn’t adversely affect anyone’s sanity!

    Hope also that you enjoyed your time with the Woodwards. Rock on, little sister!

    Chris Brady

    • HAHA Chris, if anything it just made us more insanely excited about what we have our hands on 😉 P.S. Love the indoor soccer field but was a little disappointed there wasn’t a basketball hoop somewhere 🙂 You done good with that property Chris! It’s great you were able to keep it in the ‘family.’ Thanks for all you do!!

      • Kristen, Couldn’t agree more about the indoor soccer field/lack of basketball court, and of course the insane excitement!

        Chris, I am excited to get your book. The topics you mention and have covered, even just in this blog are areas where I need to grow.


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  11. Curtis and Olivia Shaw

    Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter what I will be reading when that debuts, I will drop it and pick your new book up for sure! I am extremely excited to read this awesome new book. After reading The Voyage of a Viking, I could not wait for the next PC book to roll out and here it is. Thanks for your hard work and effort Chris,
    Curtis and Olivia

  12. Can’t wait to read it and design our own artful vacation!

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  14. The positive reviews don’t astonish me a single bit. If it’s 1/2 as good as your other books, it is fantastic! I am waiting with great anticipation for our copy to arrive!!

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