Life Business Approaches First Birthday

If it were a human, it would still be wearing diapers and maybe not even walking yet. If it were a dog, it might still be chewing the furniture.  But LIFE is a business and wasn’t forced to go through the awkward infant phases of existence. Instead, it’s first year is shaping up to be a very adult, mature one.

Here is what I mean:

1. The LIFE business launched on November 1, 2011 on an interesting premise: produce world-class information products that change peoples’ lives, and make those products available to anyone as a significant home-based business venture.

2. With it comes a compensation plan that returns in excess of 70% (with all incentives included) to those in the field who market the products (an industry high), and rewards performance, allows anyone to “pass” anyone else in accomplishment, and is excruciatingly fair. It can no longer be said that “life is unfair,” because “LIFE is fair!”

3. Also instituted right at the launch of the LIFE business was the 3 for Free customer program, allowing not only LIFE members, but also LIFE’s customers themselves to receive their product subscriptions for free once they acquired three equal or higher subscribing customers of their own!

 4. One Time Cash Awards (OTCA’s) were then rolled out for the start of the 2012 calendar year, giving thousands of additional dollars to performers throughout a wide range of business sizes.

5. Next, in April of 2012, Paid Incentive Trips were announced. Again, the shockingly low business level requirements to earn these trips is another industry first. Destinations include Disney World in Orlando Florida, Arenal Costa Rica, the Oasis of the Seas Bahamas Cruise, Sandals Resort in Negril, Jamaica, Maui Hawaii, Ocho Rios Jamaica, a Celebrity Cruise, and a Princess Cruise to Alaska!

6. Then, the LIFE business rolled out its flagship product, the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC). Designed with complete life transformation in mind, the MFC encompasses many different media including books, audio, video, self-assessment testing, 360 degree feedback, accountability partners, goal setting, progress tracking, and more. The Mental Fitness Challenge is already receiving rave reviews!

7. Next came lower prices! The barrier to entry for starting a business out of one’s home was driven even lower by the founders of the LIFE business. One can now begin his or her own home based information marketing business for just $49.99!

All of this excitement has caused record growth in the LIFE business and is shaping up to be a first year to remember! As November 1, 2012 approaches, there may be only one little candle on the LIFE business’s birthday cake, but it represents a flame that can light the fires of many dreams as people have the courage to dream. May yours burn brightly!

13 responses to “Life Business Approaches First Birthday

  1. Chris,
    I just pray the world sees LIFE for what it really is: bring back morals and christianity back into this world because without the LORD in our heart we have nothing. Stand up world and get rid of the blinders and look around, we need change and thats what LIFE is all about.

  2. Reblogged this on bcvashus and commented:
    There just isn’t anything better!

  3. I am so excited to see what the next year brings!!! There will be nothing like it ever!

  4. LIFE has literally been my Life Saver! Although we only made a little more money (which was no ones fault but our own.) I have gotten something money can’t buy! I officially am off all of my medication. (Clarification: This story does not mean get off your meds now.)

    I was diagnosed as Bi-Polar about 8 months ago. And a few months prior to that I saw Steve Lerquin speak in Milkwalkee, Wisconsin. At the time I was on an Anti-depressant, bipolar medication, and 2 anxiety medications. It was his retirement announcement talk and he also announced that he had been off his anti-depressants for a few years I believe it was. My fiancé turned and looked at me and said, “in a year, that is going to be you.” I never believed it. I was in and out of hospitals for overdoses a year before and struggled with self image and self injury. But my fiancé would be correct. That very next year Steve Lerquin came back and spoke in that same venue and it had been the next time I actually saw him spoke (due to us being in Illinois and we did webcasts) and I had been off my medication already for about 2 weeks. It is now 5 months later and I am still going strong. I really can’t thank anyone more than I can thank Chris, Orrin, the entire policy council and of course, Steve, for giving me hope. Reading the materials listening to CDs and especially the community aspect is what helped me become the person I am today. Thank You LIFE!

    -Arianna Dubovik

    • Heather Williams

      So awesome Arianna! ❤

    • Arianna, Thank you for sharing your story! May you continue to grow strong through LIFE. Bless you!

    • Thank you Arianna. I recently joined LIFE after being invited by a good friend of mine. He knew my entire situation and could see how LIFE would benefit me and my children. I am a single mother of two amazing, young children which on it own has its challenges however I too am Bi Polar and have been out of the “working” field for 10 years. I am already experiencing LIFE’s benefits but having read your comments here, I have that much more belief in myself. Thank you again Arianna! And, Thank you LIFE!
      ~Christine Brown

  5. Heather Williams

    There isn’t a better opportunity out there! So excited for our family’s future!

  6. In a simple explanation, we have all heard of P90X. The P90X kit is an intense program of nutritional education partnered with intense workouts to stimulate every muscle group in your body. The goal for the user is to be able to adapt their lifestyle around the workouts that are being used and incorporate muscle confusion so that results are seen beyond just what the program provides. Then a person will usually get a gym membership in order to stay disciplined so that they can continue to focus on the right habits and continue getting results. In a sense, the mental fitness challenge is exactly this but for your mind. A program user will follow the intense program to identify blind spots in thinking and work to improve those areas throughout the 90 days by using the 3 kits that are provided. Once the 90 day program is complete, results will be recognized. It is then encouraged that the person continue on with their personal development by subscribing to a LIFE subscription on a monthly basis in order to continue seeing results.

  7. To sum it up: Woo Hoo!!!! Thank you Chris, and the rest of the Policy Council.

  8. What an amazing 1 Year Birthday Celebration!!!

  9. Chris thank you for all of your incredible hard work to make LIFE what it is today! At only 1 year old I can not wait to watch this company grow up! Oh the lives that will be blessed!

  10. The Life business has impacted my life in a major way. I have made improvements in the last year in my faith, family and finances that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Thank you for sharing your information, it was very beneficial.

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