The Chance of a LIFE Time

The LIFE business was founded to fulfill the dream of providing an exciting, aggressively compensated, fair, and fun program for people who are 1) ambitious, 2) teachable, 3) looking for something more in life, and 4) honest. Launched by founders (Orrin Woodward, Tim Marks, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins) who all came from “the field” of compensated communities, it was therefore structured in such a way as to maximize contribution to those in the field. In other words, the LIFE business is of the people, for the people, and by the people. It provides a realistic, legitimate shot for people to better themselves personally, financially, relationally, and a whole bunch of other “nally’s.”

Success, however, is not easy. Anyone who says anything to the contrary has either not succeeded themselves, is delusional, or not to be trusted (or, perhaps, is just plain stupid)! Nothing good comes without a fight. I sometimes don’t like this truth, but it is true, nonetheless.

The LIFE business is no different.  As much as we’ve tried to make it easy by providing a pattern (the Five Step Pattern), a program (the Power Player Program), world class products (Maximize Your Finances, Mental Fitness Challenge, Freedom Packs, etc.), and perks (paid trips for lower level members, One Time Cash Awards, recognition, and a compensation plan that returns almost 70% of gross revenue point value those in the field), it is still subject to the laws of success. These laws dictate that the right things must be done with the right attitude for the right amount of time.

To help people learn these truths in a productive way, we provide perhaps the most important aspect of our business: the Life Training System.  This is necessary because the laws of success MUST be learned and respected in order for success to be achieved.

Years ago, when I was just starting out in this profession, I struggled with the laws of success. Eventually, I learned them so well I was able to make a living in a situation that was far from optimum. During that journey, I always dreamed of participating in a business exactly like the LIFE business we have today.  It has products I can be proud of, prices below the rest of the market, a pay plan second to none, a 30-day money-back guarantee, paid trips for newer participants in the business, world class training, an excellent website environment and back-end office for tracking my business, and some of the greatest people I’ve ever been privileged to meet. In fact, things are so good I think people lose perspective on just how good they have it.

In a world wracked with economic troubles, LIFE offers a way for the individual to swim against those currents and prosper financially. In an age where people are more electronically connected than ever, but at the same time more disconnected from others, LIFE provides a format for meaningful partnerships and connection. In an atmosphere of uncertainty, LIFE offers a program that is solid, exciting, and achievable.

Is LIFE perfect? Absolutely not. But I do believe it’s the best there is, and we are working nonstop to continue to make it even better. Our dream is that when the next person like us comes along – someone who is ambitious, looking for something more in life, teachable, and honest – that person will find a ready-made situation that only requires him or her to apply the laws of success to it in order to live the LIFE they’ve always wanted!

Is it working? Yes! In so many ways! But don’t take it from me. Click on this link to read and watch testimonials of people from all walks of LIFE who are experiencing success.

And yes, I did get a haircut since that video!


Chris Brady

33 responses to “The Chance of a LIFE Time

  1. Thanks Chris for all that you do in making sure LIFE stays the BEST company for everyone. The difference LIFE is making and will continue to make will change the world.

  2. Chris, awesome post. Its just like what you and Orrin always say, the three keys to success, determine what you want, what does it cost, pay it. Thanks for leading from the front. Look forward to seeing you at the major..

    James and Claire

  3. Jeanne Fritch

    Great explanation of the opportunity, Chris!

  4. Thanks for the reminder Chris. LIFE is not perfect, but that is because I’m not perfect. The main ingredient of LIFE is people. I’m a people. What LIFE does is give people the best chance of achieving success through equipping them to transform themselves into a person who will do the right things to succeed. The best part of LIFE is it gives us a place we can then do these right things and achieve all the success we’re willing to earn. Thank you and all the PC for the vision, hard work & ongoing dedication. Expect great things; Attempt great things!

  5. Roland Vegiard

    What I love about LIFE is it helps a person become what they always wanted to be, but never thought they could, because of self doubt. They may have convinced themselves of the lies they tell themselves (I can’t, I’ll never be good enough, this isn’t for me). LIFE helps a person quiet the external chaos in order to confront the internal chaos and make deep refreshing adjustments from within. This is a great, well written blog, Chris!

  6. Chris,

    You hit it on the head with this one! When you lay out what we have our hands on it still blows my mind. I have been involved with LIFE for a short period of time and I have already made so many positive changes in my life in addition to some money. This business took a negative, arrogant critic and turned him into a true believer. The first I saw you speak in person I could tell where your heart truly rested. It was your passion for people that helped me to realize the mission of bringing eternal truths to the masses was real and possible. Thanks and God Bless!

  7. I am amazed at the innovation and consistent improvements. What a powerful program, even without the opportunity. A guy like me, who has always worked with his hands, doesn’t have a chance like this anywhere else. I am so blessed to have been introduced to this.

  8. Chris,
    One the things I appreciate about LIFE’s founders and yourself, is you speak TRUTH! In our microwave society, many people want something for nothing. A lot of folks try to take advantage of this by promising “overnight success” with minimal effort. When people discovered that they have been lied too, it muddies the water for honorable opportunities such as LIFE. As you have reemphasize today, this LIFE opportunity has never been promised to be “easy”. It has always been promised to be “worth it”. It’s in the journey that we discover our true self and everyone’s timeline looks different for this process. Clearly, through years of sacrifice and hard work, the PC has mapped out a road map that will allow anyone to succeed. Whether that “success” happens or not is left up to us as individuals. Thanks again for your courage to stand for TRUTH and I look forward to the years ahead. God bless, Chris

  9. I am constantly amazed at the pace of innovation of LIFE. Every Leadership convention amazes me at the advances you’ve made (and I’m told in a few weeks I’ll be blown away again).

    BTW, I like the new haircut.

  10. Awesome Chris! It almost shocks me to see people who quit or complain that this isn’t working when you lay out so clearly how good we have it. And that just comes back to the mental toughness that you and Tim talk about. I remember so clearly the talk on obstacles and the productive loop you did a while back and how really the negativity begins when fear and inaction meet. We do have the chance of a LIFE time with this business and I will continue to look for ambitious, looking, teachable and honest people who are willing to do what it takes to live the life they’ve always wanted. Thanks Chris!

  11. Yet again, another straight forward article, populated with references, based on fact, perfectly suited for the new person, or perhaps someone that has worn a few jerseys over the years. Just as Chris states, the rules of success are pretty simple, “consistently applied over time, will generate a given result”. Thanks again to all of the PC for your consistency, and for the example you provide. PLEASE continue to expand the gap.

  12. Chris, you have the ability to take how I and so many others feel about this opportunity, and put it into words that just make sense. We all know that this is what is needed this day in age and is so simple. Simple but not easy. This is where the laws of success come into play as it is not something for nothing and will not happen overnight, but it can and will happen by plugging into the training system and learning business success principles. We have the complete package for those who are ambitious, looking, teachable and honest. Thank you Orrin and Chris!

  13. Tyler Schlosser

    Great article!!! Wesly Smith said it perfect! Truth is sweet to the ears!!

  14. LIFE is so amazing! I am so grateful to be a part of this revolution. In the media war, their is finally a major player providing truth in direct opposition to the morally degrading propaganda that has been brain washing the world for nearly the last 100 years. Thank you and the rest of the PC for your leadership and courage!

  15. The perfect combination: the LIFE Business and the Team training system. This is an unparalleled opportunity for the ambitious person! The future is so bright!

  16. It takes mental toughness and perseverance to succeed in any other field, why not here? Thanks for the reminder–Great post!

  17. It takes mental toughness and perseverance to succeed in any field–why not here? Thanks for the reminder–Great Post!

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  20. Chris,
    Someone asked me the other day what we do with our business. I said, “We put people together with information they want and need, and get generously compensated for it. How cool is that?” Talk about a great contacting line that just popped into my head on the spot!
    Swimming against the negative tide in the world takes work, toughness and perseverence, as well as a good strong kick! Thanks for helping us with that kick part . . .

  21. Chris, This is a fantastic summary of the most amazing opportunity. I sat down with a person who was interested in hearing more about LIFE and showed them this video… and wow… it turned out to be a great tool (and duplicatable)… love it!

    • Dave: That’s a great idea! I am glad prospective new participants are getting some value out of the video. I really do think it covers some great introductory material to get people up to speed with the concept. Good luck in your endeavors!

      Chris Brady

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    This is a post by Chris Brady that very accurately summarizes the business system that has helped Rachel and I become Debt-Free. If you would like more info, you can go to:

  23. Thank you for sharing.. I’ve learned a lot of things from you Mr. Brady. God bless you more! 🙂

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  27. Kristina Meinel

    Great article mr. Brady. It almost sounds too good to be true. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself with this awesome group of people and wonder “Really!! How did I fall into something as awesome as this?!?” thanks for working so hard to create an ideal business.

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  29. Love it! Thanks for the post.

  30. Wendi Witkowski Team Liberators

    Thank you Life founders for a business model that works! After 15 years + its exciting to finally be in an opportunity that works when you work it!

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