The LIFE Business – A Good Year!

My friend and often co-author Orrin Woodward recently posted a nice summary of the first year of the Life Business on his blog. It has been a very busy year, but one full of victories and breakthroughs. We launched our dream company with a dedication to the business owners in the field. Our vision is to accomplish something that has never been done in this profession, and our first year in business shows overwhelmingly that we are on our way.

A hearty thank you to all the founders of the Life Business and all the first year’s participants. May 2013 be an even better demonstration of your faithfulness and hard work, and may you make a difference in the lives of many!

Here are a few of the highlights from Orrin Woodward‘s blog:

1. The LIFE business surpassed 100% increase in subscriptions of the LIFE and LLR Series in under one year of business.
2. The LIFE business launched the Mental Fitness Challenge and sold thousands of 90-day challenges throughout North America.
3. The LIFE business paid out over $1,800,000 in end-of-year bonuses and free trips its first year.
4. The LIFE business paid out over 70% bonuses on its product volume points in its first year in business.
5. Rob Hallstrand, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TEAM and a LIFE founder, coordinated operations for both companies, and combined sales blew past $50,000,000 (with LIFE leading the charge) from the Flint, Michigan based office. Chris Brady and I have had many great years since forming our first leadership training company in 1999, but nothing feels as good as having the best sales and profits ever this past fiscal year.
6. Team training produced its best operating margins ever (of which 100% of profits flow back to field trainers), as Mr. Hallstrand continued his dramatic turnaround of Team operations. In fact, employee cost-per-profit-dollar has decreased over six times in his three years as COO, leading to increased bonuses for field trainers and office staff—a truly stunning performance.
7. Customers composed nearly 20% of total LIFE business subscriptions in its first year. Considering new members have six months to learn how to develop customers, this number will only grow as members complete training. What other community building business hits 20% customer subscriptions in its first year?
8. The LIFE business launched the Edge Series for youth and has added thousands of satisfied families in LIFE’s first year.


Chris Brady


33 responses to “The LIFE Business – A Good Year!

  1. What a great first year! I am curious to know comparisons of other companies first years?

    • So incredibly proud to be a part of LIFE! Thank you Orrin and Chris for providing us a way to live the life we’ve always wanted!

  2. Saweeeet!! Way to go Brady and Woodward creating a masterpiece!!!

  3. Cool cake!!! Was that at the Major?

  4. Chris,
    Awesome….And its just the first year..

  5. Thank You Chris
    Thank You Orrin
    Thank You all in the Life and Team Community
    Most of all thank you Chris…Kenyon Col 3:23

    • Kenyon:
      That is one of my favorite verses!
      Chris Brady

      • Hey Chris, I’m new in LIFE and lovin’ how much I’ve already learned from you all! thx so much for being a Rascal and BEing real as you do everything heartily as unto the LORD!!!You have already inspired me so much–and made me laugh too!!!

  6. was definitely an awesome first year and look forward to 2013

  7. Awesome first year, just think of all the lives that have been impacted in a positive way!

  8. Chris,
    Great post!
    Matt 5:16
    God Bless

  9. Thank you LIFE founders!

  10. What an impressive start. What I love about LIFE its how the Policy Council keeps the business fresh and cutting edge. Just as in our own lives, we grow and learning compounds. The PC knows this well and continually reinvents and advances the LIFE businesses forward. Just when you think it can’t get any more awesome, it does!

  11. Thank you Chris for you and all the Policy Council for creating such an awesome opportunity with LIFE and Team. It just keeps getting better and better each year!

  12. LIFE is great! Thank you so much to all the PC for all of their hard work.

  13. The best part is, this is only the beginning…. Businesses have 3 options to win; increase product costs, decrease spending, or grow. Life has proven our interest isn’t high costs. Rob Hallstrand has take. Both TEAM and LIFE have grown immensely and paid out more than ever before. Obviously, it’s working well. All that’s left is to explode, and ohhhh will ever have explosive growth 🙂

  14. Chris,

    First of all thank you. The Life Business is a life changer for those that want to apply the information. Those that want to make a difference in their own life and in there community. I am not suprised at the numbers. Its awesome don’t get me wrong. When you have leadership, personal development and a process in which people can educate themselves on a ongoing bases at a low investment cost with a return. Both knowledge and financially. For example a friend of mine had a good small business and the economy took him through the ringer. His words are this You can do business today you just cant expect to be profitable out of a “traditional business”. He had that business for 30 yrs. I asked him this was it the bride that never loved you back. He said the bad yrs didn’t out way the good. I shared the business with him, he got mad through me out, two days later calls me up and said I’m sorry, I was upset no one ever taught me this in

  15. So incredibly proud to be a part of LIFE! Thank you Orrin and Chris for providing us a way to live the life we’ve always wanted!

  16. Katherine Goodwin

    Wow! What an amazing accomplishment! And its only the first year! Thank you Chris and Orrin for your brilliant leadership. The future looks bright!

  17. Man that’s fired up. Im glad to be apart of this movement.

  18. When all was unknown to the new be’s and Life launched in November 2011, taking that leap of faith and intrusting in those with integrity and fruit on the tree, brought hope and instilled possibilities, I can say I am truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing Company! What’s even more amazing is in actuality, We Are the Company ! LIFE has changed the greedy, selfish ways of Corporate America and created a Win Win situation for all members to succeed! The most valuable part of LIFE, is the fact It not only gives an unlimited financial opportunity, as you move in Life it actually builds One towards their highest potential with character, truth, integrity and a value of purpose to help each other find a better way! Truth always prevails, and I thank all Founders of LIFE for making a difference to the lives of many thousands. We are on our way to a million! Thank You for stepping Up for this Country and leading a way to a better LIFE!

    • well said, Angela! I agree wholeheartedly and look fwd to meeting you too in this great company! Keep going and choosing life…4LIFE!!!

  19. Teresa Van Lake

    I thank GOD for the leadership that is not only going to be responsible for changing the direction of my life, but the direction of others that my life has touched and will touch in the future! I love the RIPPLE EFFECT! I am proud to be a part of the LIFE business!! Thank you and the founders of the LIFE business for making the opportunity available for EVERYONE to help make this world a better place to live in!

  20. Servent Leadership at its Best. Thank You Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady for your Awesome Example of Servent Leadership.

  21. With this kind of first year numbers and success, it is evident that what LIFE has to offer is what people are looking for. I can’t wait to see how the information progresses with the needs of individuals, families, organizations, communities, and even countries. The impact will truly change society for the better. Thanks for all the hard work and passion poured into creating a program focused on everyone achieving more in their lives.

  22. Chris I don’t think I appeared as a person that was wildly off course in my life but the truth is I was mildly off course in all areas of my life….. The biggest and best challenge I’ve ever had is to embrace this information and to apply it and help others do the same. Thank you so much!

  23. and just think it has just begun fired up

  24. In God we trust and all others must have data. Thank goodness we are doing and have both! Looking forward to a great second year.

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  28. Jason D Wilson


    This company has done so many things right. I am so proud to be a part of such an impactful cause driven life changing company!! Just last week my wife mentioned how great our marriage now is. I attribute this largely impart to the relationship and family information we have been plugging into through LIFE. It also helps that because of LIFE financial information we are in a good financial position as well. Oh, and this is not just our story but many others in our community have similar stories!!!! I love the feeling of positively impacting the lives of others and making it a profession!!! Oh….. and LIFE is just getting started!!!! We have not even gone “main stream YET!!” I feel like those involved right now have an inside stock tip just waiting to explode!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you LIFE founders for your hard work, determination, persistence, grace and ability to consistently do what is right. God be with you and may God continue to Bless each of you!!

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