LIFE Leadership is in the Information Business

LIFE Leadership Makes a Difference

People approach me all the time with “great” ideas about products we at the LIFE Leadership company “ought” to carry in our portfolio. These ideas range from the good to the downright wacky. However, none of them need be analyzed on their own merits because none of them fit the key criteria for being offered by LIFE Leadership.


Because they are not information products.

You see, as Orrin Woodward says, LIFE Leadership is about information, plain and simple. We lead people to truth through a large community of people dedicating to selling life-changing information. This information has saved marriages, improved familial relationships, brought hope, fixed finances, and a host of other meaningful accomplishments in the lives of people.

This is the first most important reason we at the LIFE Leadership company are in the information only business: to make a difference.  None of us is interested in hawking products, foisting commodities into the marketplace, etc.  We are simply not interested in leveraging our personal reputations for products that aren’t primary in improving lives in a deeply meaningful and lasting way. Period.


LIFE Leadership Can’t Be Commoditized

Almost any product quickly becomes commoditized. What do I mean by this? Simply that any widget, physical product, conventional item, will soon be copied by the competition and improved to the point where what was once at the head of the class is quickly sent to the mid-pack. However, when producing and representing such products to the marketplace, those who well them are forced to push them even though they have slipped from their leadership position and may no longer be the best. Instead, what was once a leader becomes a mere commodity.

This doesn’t happen with the information LIFE Leadership provides and sells.  This is because our content creators cannot be commoditized. There will never be another Orrin Woodward, and we have the only one. Further, not only is his teaching style (and all the other content-creators in our bullpen) unique, it is also improving. As Orrin (and our other leaders) continue to grow, learn, and improve, their teaching gets better and better, remaining the whole time, however, as unique and special as ever. In essence, it can’t be commoditized. So while LIFE Leadership is committed to developing information products that truly change lives in positive and lasting ways, it also by default does so in a way that can’t be commoditized. This means that all the LIFE Members out there who sell our information products never have to worry about representing something that has become commoditized and has fallen from its position of uniqueness in the marketplace.

LIFE Leadership Leads in value while maximizing a pay plan

Finally, the third key reason LIFE Leadership is firmly ensconced in the life changing information product category, is because information products have an enormous margin between the selling price and the cost of manufacture.  In essence, information can be “produced” into a format such as CD, DVD, video stream, live web broadcast, download, or whatever, in a very economical fashion, with very little “cost of goods sold.”  This means that we can both offer our products for a very low price in the marketplace (which we strive mightily to do and are very proud of our low pricing strategy), AND put a nice margin of money into the pay plan to reward the LIFE Members in the field who are selling our products (which includes ourselves, by the way).  In this way, LIFE Leadership currently pays out a little over 70% of gross PV (point value) revenue back into the field – meaning we run the cost of production, administration, customer service, legal representation, overhead, etc. all under 30%.  This payout plan is an industry leader and is extremely attractive to people looking to make some money in a business of their own.  Also, at any level of involvement as a LIFE Member, the sale of any product produces an immediate 25% sales margin that goes directly to the person who did the selling as profit.

For these three reasons, LIFE Leadership is proud to being in the information business.   And I hope this particular information has been helpful!!


Chris Brady


12 responses to “LIFE Leadership is in the Information Business

  1. I love the LIFE information. It has completely changed the way I live and has inspired me to commit the rest of my life to learning and growing. This company has helped lead my sister and I both to Christ and because of the community my sister is now married and expecting her first child. I will always be a part of LIFE and sharing truth with others.

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  3. Fighting the good fight in the land of Jersey. Infiltrating groups of folk unhappy with the current trend towards tyranny. I’ve made great contacts with friendly humanists who support the 2nd Amendment & had polite arguments with wimpy pastors unwilling to take a stand for religious liberties (they hide behind the Gospel & wimper ;- D ). But still we roll on…in search of bold souls willing to take a little verbal shrapnel to uphold a set of ideals AND lead a few of the yet unconverted to know Christ.

  4. Another great post Chris! Anyone representing LIFE Leadership’s core product line and/or business opportunity would be wise to read and reread this article on a weekly basis to keep these facts close to the front line. Thanks for the concise summary . . . Excellent!

  5. The LIFE products and company has truly been life changing to my wife and I. I actually started with the AGO series and have been working on developing my faith but we quickly dove into the marraige material and finances which have been improving daily. Even the inlaws have mentioned something! You are 100% right, the LIFE material can’t be commoditized. I think the biggest reason for me personally is because its not just any “information”. Through the LIFE subscription and seminars you truly get to know the speakers and “producers” of he information which makes it a lot easier to learn from. We get so excited for the subscriptions to come in and for the first time in my life I am excited to learn what’s next!

    Thank for the great posts and all the work you and the rest of the PC does on a continual basis to keep making it better!

  6. Thanks for sharing this great summary. Will be sharing it with future prospects:) Again, we are thankful for LIFE info in that it has opened our eyes and helped us on so many levels! And your right- it keeps getting better and better! God bless!

  7. Excellent article. Having been in the Life Leadership business a short time myself, I can already agree, wholeheartedly the life changing ability of our information. My personal life and the lives of those I touch are greatly improved over the changes this information has brought to my family and I.
    Thanks to all who have and who will contribute to this life changing and life saving information.
    Bob Wydock

  8. Great article, Chris! There is no doubt that the information from the LIFE Leadership company is life-changing. We’ve seen it in our lives, and in so many other through the years. I love that people who join Life Leadership can benefit from the founders’ focus on the three areas you highlighted. I hope everyone appreciates that this focus has come from seeing so many other companies NOT focus on these properly. Thanks for all you’ve done and do to make LIFE Leadership possible.

  9. This is a great article to share with any person attempting to recruit for the “flavor of the month” business. Thanks Life Leadership founders for being true innovators!

  10. Thanks Chris! I appreciate the integrity you and the other LIFE leaders have exhibited in the formation of LIFE, and I love how LIFE is sticking to helping PEOPLE, not chasing a quick buck. God Bless

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