Orrin Woodward Sets New Guinness Record

Life Leadership and Orrin Woodward

I don’t know if you’re like me, but as a kid growing up I was mesmerized with The Guinness Book of World Records. The whole concept of setting a “World Record” was fascinating, and so were those women with the really long nails or that guy who was eleven foot tall. I remember laughing at all the obscure records and categories, and wondered who would be crazy enough to do most of those things.

GuinnessThen a friend of mine (who shall, for the time being, remain anonymous. Let’s just call him some guy (spelled Sum Gui)) suggested that for a promotional idea for the release of Orrin Woodward‘s new book, And Justice for All: The Quest for Concord, that he (Orrin, not Sum Gui) should break the record for the number of books signed in one sitting. As soon as he made the recommendation, all my childhood memories of looking through friends’ Guinness books came flooding back to me. My initial reaction was, “Is that stuff real?” But then, having lived a few years here and there, I realized that, of course, it was real, and quickly deduced that there must be a real company somewhere that kept track of these things and made sure they were “official.”

Realizing that Sum Gui had come up with a really good idea, we quickly found out that the previous record was held by a guy (different guy from Sum Gui) named Sammy Lee from China, who signed 4,649 books in January of 2013. We also learned that, yes, in fact, Guinness had a process for all this, and you could get the services of their “adjudicator” to bless the proceedings and declare them official (assuming that you did, in fact, set a new record).

All it would take was thousands of people, a book to sign, and a signer willing to subject himself to the grueling marathon of signing book after book for hours on end.

Orrin Woodward would be perfect!

All we’d have to do is make sure he felt sufficiently challenged, and then, as everyone who knows him knows, there would be no way he would quit until victorious. So we promptly told him about our idea, that it would be a fun way to launch his new book, and that we were quite sure he could never do it (this works in basketball, too, if you ever happen to play against him. Just trash talk him a bit and you’re toast). So voila! We had ourselves an “Official Guinness Record Attempt!”

And would you believe it? Orrin broke the record without taking even one of his allotted five minute breaks, and he did it in less than half the time of the previous record holder! But that wasn’t the end. Orrin continued on until he had not only broken the record, but shattered it! The final official count was 6,786 books!

Congratulations Orrin Woodward, Obstacles Press, and Life Leadership! What a great, fun victory! And thanks to everyone who participated and now has a coffee table book like no other!

Now, if I could only think of some kind of record to break . . . maybe I’ll start growing my nails . . . .


Chris Brady


8 responses to “Orrin Woodward Sets New Guinness Record

  1. Reblogged this on Kramerican Life & Leadership and commented:
    What an amazing honor to be a part of this! I will cherish the book, it’s teaching, and the memory of this experience for years to come!! 🙂
    God Bless,

  2. What an amazing weekend to share in setting this Guiness Book World Record! The power of a dream is alive and well. Just more proof that there is magic in thinking BIG! Congratulations Orrin and Life Leadership!!!

  3. Thx for the post Chris!!! It was a honor to be apart of history in Columbus Ohio!!!

  4. Reblogged this on The Free Commots and commented:
    The story behind the record tells a lot about the leadership involved.

  5. Hey Chris, What an amazing weekend it was. It was incredible to see the humbleness Orrin carries with him everywhere he goes, and after signing several thousand book; he looked as if it was a walk in the park and could continue on for many thousand more. So glad to be part of history, can’t wait to do it again when we double our numbers. Congratulations Orrin on such an impactful accomplishment. Chris you were as funny as always, thank you for that, looking forward to meeting you both in the near future.

  6. Suzanne Maxwell

    Awesome Orrin. We knew you could do it. Congratulations.

  7. Thanks for the backstory, Chris!
    Our son was always obsessed with World Records as a kid. Now his parents are at least a little “awesome” for participating, and being able to have the books to show for it. Getting our 28 year old to say that was worth every second in line!! (Even though we missed George & Jill. ;-( )

  8. Chris, Im excited to see what records are going to be broken in 2015 with Orrin Woodward and LIFE Leadership!!

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