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Transformational Truth Over Time – It’s Your LIFE

Life is precious. Life is short. Life is a gift. Life is what you make of it. Life is a journey. Life’s a Beach. There seems to be no end to the number of cliches and one-liners involving this precious concept called life.

And now there’s one more: LIFE: Leadership is for everyone.

LIFE Business

LIFE book by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady

In our best selling book, Launching a Leadership Revolution, co-author Orrin Woodward and I made the point that leadership is not something reserved for the gifted few. It is not an endowment at birth. Leadership, in fact, is something all of us will be called upon to exhibit at some point, and most likely many points, in our lives. The only question is: will we be ready?

The Launching a Leadership Revolution book was our attempt to encourage everyone to prepare and equip themselves for both the pivotal big moments and also the nearly mundane small moments during which our leadership abilities will be needed. How we respond in those situations, how we lead, will have lasting ramifications on our lives.

If indeed we successfully made the point, then the next question becomes: how does one equip him or her self for leadership?

In answer to that question we have developed the suite of LIFE materials. Offered across three product lines (the LLR Series for specific and professional leadership considerations, the LIFE Series for more general and perhaps even relational issues, and the AGO Series for spiritual applications), the LIFE materials are designed to equip one in the way busy adults need to be equipped – namely, a little at a time.

Instead of attending some outrageously expensive conference, or buying loads of high-priced materials, or walking away with a big binder under your arm that you’ll never open again, at LIFE we deliver a monthly dose of foundational truth for leadership and living a better life.  The key is “a little at a time.” Very few people have the resources of either time or money to invest in big conferences anyway.  And even for those who do, such large doses have only minimal staying power.  But in our own lives the predominate factor in our success has been an ongoing program of monthly training installments designed to be consumed in small doses over time.  Anything so consumed gradually becomes a habit and the information inculcated as one’s own.  That’s the power of the LIFE subscriptions.  Not only are they packed full of life transforming information, but they come on a regular basis like oxygen to the blood.

So check out the LIFE subscriptions and pick one (or two, or three) that best align with your personal development needs.  Subscribe. Read. Listen. And watch the free follow-up videos to which only subscribers have access.  Apply these ongoing doses of truth to your life and see if you aren’t amazed at the difference.

Remember, it’s your life – but it’s not yours to waste! Make the most of it by filling it with transformational truth, today.