The LIFE Business and Success Thinking

LIFE Business Success Thinking and Leadership

LIFE is bigger than we are!

We live in an age where people want guarantees and security. They want to be taken care of and handed something for nothing. And let’s face it, in dicey economic times, who wouldn’t yearn for a little bit of good old stability?

But success doesn’t come through comfort, nor security through others. Personal development and massive effort over time is the formula of achievement. It has rightly been said that our only security is our own ability to perform.

Enter the LIFE business. The materials and truths provided by the founders of LIFE (Orrin Woodward, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Dan Hawkins, Rob Hallstrand, and yours truly) go right to the heart of the matter; equipping customers with the foundational truths of success, and offering a chance at business ownership through which a level playing field is provided for anyone willing to earn his or her success.

It begins with thinking. It never ceases to amaze me how confident people are in their own thinking. They seem to assign all their difficulties and woes to outside forces, allowing them the illusion that their own thinking wasn’t responsible for any of it.  This is extremely convenient, because it therefore demands no introspection, personal growth or self-improvement on their part. Instead, outside circumstances, the government, the system, the economy, or any other number of scapegoats can be blamed. In this way, the poor victim is safe in his delusional cocoon from the strenuous efforts of self-improvement and change. But even Einstein weighed in on this topic, famously stating, “We can’t solve problems by using the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” And there it is from one of the smartest guys ever: we created them. Did you catch that?

It is critical to give ourselves the blame for our problems because that is the only way we can expect to be part of the solution.  And here again this is a difficult conclusion to draw, because it puts the responsibility directly upon us for the change necessary for betterment.  It is not up to any outside forces, government programs, corporations, rich relatives, or anywhere else the hallucination of an easy fix may be spotted. It is up to us.

Be careful. I am not saying people are not in need of a helping hand from time to time. I am  not suggesting that ALL problems in our lives are of our own creation. Rather, I am talking through the thinking process necessary to produce long term, lasting success in our lives. As long as we allow outside forces and others to take the blame for our circumstances, we immediately eliminate the only person capable of truly giving us the achievement and security we crave – namely, ourselves. The successful people I know take personal responsibility for their results, and work on their thinking and thereby their performance to change their reality until it matches their dreams or vision for how things could and should be.

This is radically different from how most people operate, unfortunately. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Anyone can be taught the principles of success and how to take personal responsibility for their lives. This is what the LIFE business is all about – it not only provides the information and answers to successful thinking, but a compensation plan that can provide immediate economic progress to those properly applying the principles taught. For some, simply becoming a customer of these materials will be enough to impart success thinking, which can then be applied to any endeavor. For others, however, both the information and the opportunity will be desired. Either way, LIFE is there to deliver the goods.

Welcome to the LIFE  you’ve always wanted – it’s directly on the other side of proper success thinking.

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  1. Catherine Crichlow

    The Freedom Shift is coming, Chris, and it’s men like you and Orrin, and businesses like LIFE that are going to tip the scales. The world needs more principle-based leadership, and thank God we have access to it here.

  2. Chris,

    A great book states “As a man thinketh, so is he” I so appreciate the truths of the Bible and the principles that many of the LIFE materials bring to thousands and soon to be millions across the world. You are so right, we live in a world that gives everyone a quick pseudo fix to all of our problems. But what the recipient receives is a band aid only to be ripped off later to find a gaping whole. Yet, had they truly addressed the problem the ripping off would have likely uncovered a small wound on it’s way to healing.

    Our people, our nation and our world desperately need leadership and what better place to get it than LIFE!!

    Tina A

  3. I liked this article. Chris Brady and the life information has changed the way I think, therefore allowing different results to occur in my life. My family life has changed for the better because of the life information.

  4. You mean “if its to be its up to me” Love this Chris thank you soo much for sharing. I am so grateful for the the LIFE business and the culture that has been built by you guys. We are responsible for our outcome … if you make excuses refer to chapter 2 in “The Magic of Thinking Big” :).(That note was a self-reminder by the way). What would happen if We ALL understood this and applied this to everyday life? I would … but i dont have the …..

  5. Thank you for commitment into LIFE. Truely the tools I need to help me understand how I fit in the realm inside my head.

  6. Best choice I’ve ever made, I couldn’t be more happy with everything I’ve done in the last year. Awesome people, awesome environment and awesome teams helping people help people!

  7. I love the LIFE business!! Thanks, Chris, for all that you contribute to the success of so many people!! LIFE is good!!

  8. I love the passion and humour you use to deliver information that I’m using to transform my life with LIFE.

  9. Chris,
    Thanks for being on the front edge of business & truth. “People don’t know what they don’t know”. I am glad you & the Life founders are constantly working on the “know”.
    God bless,
    Aron Radosa

  10. It is absolutely true what you say Chris. Thinking is everything and life materials help people learn from some of the best minds in personnel development. Thanks for leading the charge in this area.

  11. Chris, Thank You for the article. It concerns me about the amount of entitlement that has come to have a strong hold on our country. I see no other way to educate the masses than to start in my own home, then my neighborhood, then my city, then my state, then my country – it must start with me sharing information from LIFE information and getting truths into the hands of others.
    Thank YOU for providing truth!

  12. Great article Chris
    I was one of those confident in my own thinking, then I was exposed to a mentor, Bill Lewis, who actually had correct information that got me to think. Keep providing correct information to our community and bless our countries.

  13. Thanks as always for your wisdom. I always make sure to say to all “if its to be its up to me” that has got me a long way in life, I just never was able to put words to it before I joined LIFE. Thanks again.

  14. Awesome! Great food for thought!

  15. Great insight, Chris Brady. That you!

  16. Chris,
    Rita and I are so thankful for the information we have learned over the years. It to us has made all the difference. Our american education system is in adequate in almost every area. Our media these days is downright irresponsible. They can’t even make cartoons anymore without sexual connotations. Everything is PG and PG-13. They have an agenda and so do we. Thanks to LIFE there is a true north and the income if you so chose to peruse it.

    God bless

  17. Powerful! Your post makes me review my thinking and ask if it correct. You provide wonderful guidance on successful thinking. Thanks.

  18. Hello Chris. We appreciate the awesome insight on one’s thinking, specifically how association and information influences results. Sarah and I are blessed to have awesome people like Mark and Rita Haas in our LIFE! His recent CD focuses on one’s thinking and is a powerful testimony of someone who has taken personal accountability. We appreciate the opportunity of LIFE. Many blessings to your family this Thanksgiving!

  19. Chris when i read these articles i gain a deeper and deeper understanding of what you share! I have also noticed you are diligent in explaining and expressing more and more clarity, as a student in principals of leadership I find that very exciting. It shows your continued growth and gives people like myself an example of what a self-less personally growing and moving on leader looks like in this world where people are not sure where to look.

  20. Thanks Chris for the great prospective in truth.”It has rightly been said that our only security is our own ability to perform.” Its obvious to most that perform means work. Some people find reassurance in this statement some are frightened by it, so goes the realm of the business owner, hardworking. The reason for insecurity lies in peoples entitlement thoughts that have been so eloquently placed in the subconscious. I believe what the life business does is brings out your true potential, but that takes work and performing, and frankly and unfortunately there are many out there unwilling to do so, with the thinking they currently posess. In comes LIFE.

  21. Chris,
    This is a great Thanksgiving message. We are quick to give thanks for our blessings but blame for our misfortunes. You blog is a great gift to those who will take responsibility and seek better thinking for their lives.

  22. Thanks for the insight and inspiration, Chris!
    – Eric Checketts

  23. Thanks for all you do, I can’t imagine what my life would be like with out LIFE!

  24. Thanks Chris. God gave you a gift to make topics fun and understandable and inspirational. Keep them coming.

  25. I hate when you steal all of my excuses & justifications. I was wishing for less problems & you told me to wish for more skills. I wanted things to get easier & you said I should just get better.
    Thanks for the check up from the neck up!

  26. Chris,
    We are so happy to be part of this program. Our children deserve TRUTH!!!
    God Bless
    Brian n Sherry

  27. Alissa VanSlembrouck

    Great article! Success really does come from the thinking we have. Thank God for the courageous leaders in LIFE; Providing truthful information for people to utilize and get their biggest successes! Dream big!!

  28. Chris, Thanks for all you give to us through LIFE’s inspirational teaching. My families’ live have all changed for the better.

  29. As Einstein said “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”. Therefore, it’s great to have sources to improve our thinking and therefore improve our results. Thank you Orrin, Chris, Tim, Bill, George, Claude, and Dan for being the pioneers of a change in culture.

  30. The world needs this kinda information. Thank you LIFE for your hard work and dedication to the greatest cause of all…. Freedom

  31. Amen brother! We have to change our thinking in order to change our results. Unfortunately folks are more likely to change the channel than to change themselves. Keep leading the way – you’re on the right track to get the rest of us…back on the right track.

  32. Great post Chris! Being involved with the LIFE business has really changed my thinking for the better. Thank you for sharing this information and allowing for individuals such as myself, to understand that the only thing holding me back from accomplishing my dreams was my thought process.

  33. You guys actually want to fix the root of the problems in society by fixing the way we get educated. This information has changed my life more than any educational institute has. Thank you Policy Counsel and Happy Thanksgiving Chris

  34. “Everything you love, was ONCE UNKNOWN”
    John Maxwell
    Don’t ever be afraid to change the way you think or try something new!

  35. This is a kick in the face to the reality of ourselves. Thank you for this insight!


    Thanks Chris,Orin,PC and our awesome Round Table Chris Mattis
    For leading the way too our bright new future.

  37. Thanks for the insight Chris! You never cease to amaze us with words of encouragement but with spill of tough love on the side. I don’t know about anybody else but I’m definitely soaking all of these things in!

  38. Great post Chris! The size of your thinking really determines the size of your results.

  39. Chris,
    This is absolutely, 100% right on! The scapegoating plague has run rampant in our world. I recall being mostly like this. Sometime after my salvation I realized that I wasn’t a victim anymore. I would say taking ownership of ones actions is merely what is required of us; otherwise there would be no growth and no fine diamonds made from the rough. I believe that it is in this process of refinement that brings God glory. And that is the most reasonable service we can give Him. Now, we are no where near perfect and never will be, but we thank God for giving us this valuable tool-LIFE- for helping us grow and to help others to grow. On a side note, I’m proud to say that my 14yr old recommended to his High School “Reaching Your Academic Potential” teacher, the LIFE and EDGE materials for leadership development in youth, since it has impacted him so much already. I have to say also, that he already knew all the material taught in class and more so, because of these subscriptions:). Thank you Chris, all the PC and your family’s for all that you do to make a positive impact in our country and our world! God Bless!

  40. Jeff and lita wolf

    Finally the buisness that everyone needs!!!
    Proud to be evolved with the founders and Chris and Danae Mattis exploding the west coast with this buisness !!! On our way to a million people find the life they have always wanted !!!!

  41. Great article, Chris! The LIFE business is exploding because of great leaders like yourself and the PC!

  42. I love that the LIFE business isn’t afraid to say that success will take a massive effort and a focus on self development. I love that LIFE holds the bar high. The last thing our culture needs is another group that awards mediocrity and bows to popular opinion and culture. LIFE is here to change the world, not become like the world. Thanks for helping put together such an amazing opportunity!

    • Clint:

      You’re exactly right. Success is hard in any endeavor. The question isn’t how one can find easy success (which doesn’t exist) but rather how one can find meaningful success. Also, it is wildly helpful to have a path to follow and guides along the journey of that path, both of which the LIFE business seeks to provide.

      Thanks for participating! May you gain all the success you are prepared to earn!


      Chris Brady

  43. Great article Chris!

  44. Diann Schultz - VIP Phalanx

    Chris, you said, “The successful people I know take personal responsibility for their results, and work on their thinking..” We heard Cody Newton address this very issue last night at an open. I think it is wonderful to be associated with people who challenge us to accept responsibility for our results and PDCA!

  45. Thank you for another wonderful message. Your words are very inspiring to so many. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Very much agreed! I used to have a sign on my kids’ walls that said, “You are responsible for the choices you make.” and I always told them that all of us have to take responsibility for what we do.
    I LOVE LIFE and I have 3 children, 32, 26 & 12 and they are all very different. My son, of course – since he is my sponsor – loves this business and brought us into it, and my 12 year old could probably show the plan and can’t wait for the Edge cd to come in the mail every month. We have learned so much since we became involved in the Team system and LIFE learning and it has changed our lives in ways that money could never buy. We have had success in this business, but in no way have reached our goals yet, but I know we will, because I believe in us and I believe in our mentors and the policy council of Team & LIFE.
    Thank you all so much for creating this opportunity to fill millions of peoples lives with more than money, but that too!

  47. We can’t fix what we don’t face
    Easier said than done
    Thank You Mr Brady for help facing my Goliath’s

  48. Great article! Thank you so much, Chris, for working with the other founders to create such a wonderful opportunity for all of us!

  49. I love the fact that we have a business that can not only change our reality and results but others’ too! And just think, if you and the rest of the policy council were right about the concept and the timing, you might even be able to sweeten the deal ~ OH, that’s right, you already have! A few times!
    🙂 Nice LIFE!

  50. It’s hard to believe that if it wasn’t for the Life business I don’t think I would’ve never learned the truths that I have learned being involved with Life. Thank You! Really has changed my thinking which in turn has changed my results!

  51. My family love life business CDs it really changed our thinking for better and those information has changed my life more than any educational institute has.
    Thank you “LIFE” !!!!

    • Amy:
      I believe that listening to CDs is one of the best educational programs available. I know that over the years I have gained more from this type of medium than almost anything else I’ve experienced. With LIFE, we put a lot of effort into our audio programs, and truly hope people are listening to them again and again, convinced that when people do, they will see a life change.

      Have fun listening and learning in LIFE!

      Chris Brady

  52. I love being challenged by the positive association in LIFE. I look forward to bring others along for the journey. See you at the TOP!

  53. Chris, awesome article and I cannot express in words the impact your servant leadership has had on myself and others around me. You and the LIFE founders have really hit it on the head with this company and the tidal wave is huge!! Thanks again and God bless 🙂

  54. The world is a mess…so let’s band together in 100% commitment to start thinking differently! As a life coach, I feel like I’ve been advocating for something like LIFE for years. Now I’ve found it, and LIFE is truly changing the world one person at a time.
    Thanks to the entire Team at LIFE!

  55. I appreciate what the LIFE information is doing in our country the impact this information has on people is astounding! Just before the election a mid-aged co-worker of mine listened to the Freedom pack from the LIFE business and voted for the first time in an election ever! When people get truth and hope back in their life its amazing how proactive they will become!

  56. Being part of the Life Business has change my life in so many wonderful ways. Thank you Chris and Orrin for your dedication to a new world.


  57. This is the best business idea that I have seen in my lifetime.

  58. Thanks for keeping the DREAM in front of us. A windshield is bigger than a rearview mirror on purpose…what’s head is more important than what’s behind…it not where we start in LIFE, but where we finish…

  59. Thanks Chris for this post. Life has helped and changed the direction of my family from being just mediocre to a family striving for greatness. This country needs a breath of fresh air and that’s what Life can provide. Thanks to the PC for all they do and thanks to everyone at the Life office for doing such a great job in everything they provide for us in the field.

  60. Love the LIFE business. Thank you Chris for all your hard work and helping lead the way for anyone to follow.

  61. It really is a good feeling when you realize that if you take the responsibility for your problems , you can fix them. Thank you for another great blog. You are so great at writing!

  62. The LIFE material has had such and impact on my life.

  63. It’s freeing when we understand that we are the ones responsible for our results. I love that LIFE teaches these principles!

  64. Fantastic…simply fantastic!

  65. Great post Chris. The LIFE material is World Class.

  66. Great post Chris,
    As we say on the Team “thinking is the hardest thing for people to do,that’s why few people do it”. Being in LIFE business is a light for me and others to come. Its pretty AWESOME to now be plugged into the right media and have a self-directed education. I was once arrogant in my ignorance and have had a rude awakening looking at the problem in the mirror all along. Thanks for all you do,leading from the front.

    Rascal-Nation Unite,
    Robert Nava

    • Robert:

      Learning is truly one of life’s most enjoyable activities. When you apply it to something relevant, meaningful, and specific, it is even more fun! That’s what we’ve got the chance to do here! Rock on, my friend!
      Chris Brady

  67. Chris, you are very special and well respected to this Team and you are a very important key player in our country’s “Freedom Shift.” Please keep yourself healthy, wealthy, and wise. Oh, and please please please don’t ever forget to wear your protective gear and helmet when you are on your crazy excursions, okay? “We need your brains!” God Bless and may you and Terri and the kids have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day today.

  68. Chris! This is fantastic!

  69. Awesome article!

  70. Great information – our country is in so much need of this kind of information – thanks for all the great life changing information!

  71. That is great thanks for all you have done

  72. I never heard until LIFE that your thinking=results, it makes sense but we’re not taught that. So thankful for a business that prides itself on excellence in ALL areas not just finances! This business has changed my life and I love sharing it with others!

    • Greatness, is found when you position your self correctly,this what Orrin and founders done-Lynn-Patrice Dubose

    • Leslie:

      Thinking DOES equal results! Take personal responsibility for your results, and eventually you’ll realize it’s your thinking that controls those results; NOT outside forces, NOT circumstances, NOT luck. It’s how you think and what you do with what you’ve been given. May you continue to enjoy learning and applying what we are all experiencing together!
      Rock on!
      Chris Brady

  73. LIFE has been and will continue to be an amazing company. I have see great gains in my life personally and look forward to great changes and successes because of the LIFE business. THANK YOU

  74. The information from the LIFE business has prepared me better for the working world than most of my formal education. It’s nice getting paid to get better information in life!

    • Duncan:
      You’ve hit upon the biggest aspect of what we do: get paid to share life-changing information with others! It’s fun, rewarding, and profitable.
      Chris Brady

  75. Thanks Chris, great article. It was sort of a wierd feeling during and after this past election day, that I realized it wasn’t really going to matter who was the new president. That the difference was going to be made from the bottom up, from the American people getting their thinking right, and acting on core values and principles to do what is right and good. I loved Oliver DeMille’s 1913, and looking forward to the next book from him and Orrin. We have a big challenge for sure, starting with our own minds! Thanks for everything(but I still think the Ducati would have been cool)!

  76. Great article!!! It is so true that correct information gets you thinking on so many different levels. The LIFE information will get you to look inside yourself for sure and some will keep looking, but some will think that they have it all together and leave. I choose LIFE for life.

  77. Chris is a great leader. I look forward to the journey with LIFE.
    Keep us thinking and learning. Thank you.

  78. I am constantly amazed at the information I learn from the LIFE materials! Both the personal development and the leadership training it provides. The pay plan is definitely sweet, but more importantly, this information reintroduces moral values into society.

    We have the liberty in America to choose the media source we learn from, and what we program our minds with, and keep in mind what goes in will come out. With this constant flow of positive and uplifting educational material, we can and will make an impact in Americas future and generations to come.

  79. LIFE has changed everything for me. The power of positive, educational information is priceless. Thank you for all you do.

  80. I am honored to be a small part in LIFE on our journey to a million people. Thank you Chris and the rest of the LIFE founders for all that you do!

  81. Thinking is something I am learning to do more frequently and deeply, the longer I am encouraged to do so. I feel I am getting better at it, too! Thank you.

  82. Give a Man a fish and feed Him for a day , Teach a Man how to fish and feed Him for a life time. L.I.F.E is the best information to do just that in every area of a persons life here on earth and in the here after. Thanks for all you do Chris.

  83. The LIFE industry has given us a way to face the high speed changes in life with confidence. The 8F’s are Faith,Family,Finance,Following,Friends,Freedom,Fitness&Fun. As we are today drowning in information we are living in a desert of wisdom. Life/Team system has given the LIFE Business Compensation Plan Communities to better our self and share with others

  84. Phil & Marlys Miller

    I love how u guys teach to hold the bar high on ourselves. No sugar-coating here! I love it!

  85. “Personal development and massive effort over time is the formula of achievement. It has rightly been said that our only security is our own ability to perform.” This sums the business up pretty well!

  86. After Thanksgiving dinner and listening to all the 95% talk I can’t wait for Tuesday! Because of you Chris and the leaders in LIFE I can look forward to success not only financially but in the rest of the 8f’s. Those other areas are the most important in the end because you can’t take it with you but you can leave a legacy. Onward and upward to one million! God bless

  87. So excited to be a part of the Life business! Really getting quality information on a monthly basis and have met so many fantastic people. here’s to many more years to come and many lives changed for the better!

  88. Wesley Bartkowiak

    Fired Up!

  89. After being self employed for 28 years, the LIFE business has given me the opportunity to grow past my current financial limitations with a low investment and an upside return that way surpasses anything I could have done in my current business. I Love It!

  90. Right on Chris! Great article! I’m so grateful to be involved with this association in a time where it’s hard to get away from all of the negative. LIFE is a beacon of light! Let’s spread it everywhere!!

  91. Thanks so much Chris for all the things you do!!!

  92. Thank you for this opportunity.

  93. Chris and Terry,
    We are so looking forward to what 2013 has in store for LIFE and our lives and those that God will bring into our path.
    You are todays HERO my friend
    Brian n Sherry

  94. Thank you, Orrin and all of the PC for who you are and what you are doing. God continue to bless you and bless us through you.

  95. The LIFE business is so much more than a great compensated community. It is a community of peers who support and encourage us as we all benefit from the wisdom contained in the educational system of the CDs, books, seminars and leadership conventions.

  96. Chris Brady should be the head of Obama’s new Dept of Business. He would shake things up the way they need to be shaken up.
    This business and the people involved are extraordinary. The founders have proven themselves over and over again as experts.
    In life I have a choice of being ordinary and being extraordinary. I choose to be extraordinary. This business – this community is causing me to become extraordinary and it allows me to help others become extraordinary. This world class training helps you become a laser guided missile towards extraordinary time and financial FREEDOM! My ministry – the Gulf Coast Cross Project which is the building of the largest cross in the western hemisphere is coming to fruition faster due to the leadership info I am gaining from this business community. God Bless the Life Business!!

  97. Great post Chris. Thanks for leading the way.

  98. Fantastically said!!! The world needs more people willing to take responsibility and come alive and fight for their future!!!

  99. Chris, great article, I am so glad I became involved in this great LIFE business. The books I’ve read just prove that my thinking was stinking… My results have really changed since I became involved and I look forward to a future that I thought was not possible. I love my Country and I want to do all I can to restore it. Thanks Chris and also to all the rest of the Founders for allowing me to be a part of this Great Community!!
    Steve Meixner

  100. Chris, I just finished listening to your Italy book on CD and thought I’d tell you how much fun it was to drive and laugh and cry and laugh and laugh. I have been to Italy a few times and to some of the places you describe. It makes me want to go back again and experience what I missed that you didn’t!

    I also am thinking that I want to be one of the first 1000 leaders as the Team goes to 1,000,000 and make sure I get my spot on LIFE island.

    Louanne Allison, GMI Class of ’82

    • Louanne:

      Thanks for your kind words about the Italy book. I really appreciate it and am glad you liked it! It’s also cool you went to GMI. I KNOW you can do this business!


      Chris Brady

  101. I started with LIFE about seven months ago, basically as a customer. I needed help in so many areas of my life. I really didn’t know where to begin and frankly, I was in panic-mode. I started reading RESOLVED on an airplane during a trip to visit my grandchildren. I immediately started hi-lighting and underlining passages in the book! I started learning while at 30,000+ feet in the air! I started applying the principles, albeit in baby-steps. Slowly I’ve made positive changes that have given me new hope that my circumstances do NOT define my life and they can be changed. I know how easy it is to be caught up in the victim-mentality, the whole “poor me” syndrome. Deep inside, I knew the problems I was facing were ones of my own making. I had been a victim of stupidity. You don’t know what you don’t know. It was time to take responsibility, start learning and begin changing. God lead me to LIFE and placed the path before my feet. I’m staying on it, one step at a time!

  102. Great post Chris! It is so easy to buy our own excuses versus taking responsibility. Some people will buy an excuse for less than stellar results in life for 10, 20, even 30 years. I met a nice guy at our family thanksgiving who blamed his poor financial and living situation on the government and the VA. When I asked what he meant, he said he was hurt while in the Army 32 years ago. When I asked how he was hurt, he said he injured his shoulder while playing football on base here in the states. (he was in the service during peace-time, never saw action) He has brooded over, dramatized, and repeated this story of how, ‘he was wronged’, how, ‘they wont give him his money’, etc…for 32 years. Him selling himself on this excuse has robbed this man of the greatest years of his life. As Ive heard you and Orrin say countless times, ‘refuse to buy your own excuses’!!! God bless, kb

    • What’s amazing, Kirk, is how many of us could tell similar stories. I’m afraid that we all would fall into the trap of victim mentality if we hadn’t been exposed to champion thinking. All winners have this in common: they take full responsibility for their results in life, even though all sorts of external factors occur to all of them. It’s not what happens, it’s how you respond!

      Thanks for sharing.

      Chris Brady

  103. Thank you Chris for a chance for a unknown who blamed the world for his faults and yet now understands the power of change and perspective. The power of change with better thinking due to better information and truth with the Leadership of how to and guide our self others to the truth. Perspective of how to be better as a husband leader of family and Finances through Life’s books,Cd’s & association as well as the other 8F’s
    Greg C

  104. Thank you Chris for a chance for a unknown who blamed the world for his faults and yet now understands the power of change and perspective. The power of change with better thinking due to better information and truth with the Leadership of how to and guide our self others to the truth. Perspective of how to be better as a husband leader of family and Finances through Life’s books,Cd’s & association as well as the other 8F’s
    Greg C

  105. 50,000,000 in sales!!! 1.8 million of free trips and bonuses!!! now that is the proof is in the pudding ,so world enjoy your desert
    Thank You
    Greg Conant

  106. 50,000,000 in sales!!! 1.8 million of free trips and bonuses!!! now that is the proof is in the pudding ,so world enjoy your dessert

  107. Awesome post Chris!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Neal & Mal

  108. Chris and the LIFE Team, I want to thank you for all the great things you have offered for me and my family to plug into and make a difference in our own lives and others as well. This information will not only provide a great business with passive income but it will provide a better life and significant improvement at any career to boost the value that we offer to any company. This is a profitable journey no matter how one applies it. I pray that all see this the way we have. God bless.

  109. Is LIFE everyone? ABSOLUTELY! That is if you want to be a better YOU. The information from LIFE has helped me in all aspects of my life. It all starts with attitude and doing what’s right everyday. Start your LIFE subscription today and see what it can do for you. Thank you Chris and the rest of the PC for making LIFE a reality for us all.

  110. Is LIFE for everyone? ABSOLUTELY! That is if you want to be a better YOU. The information from LIFE has helped me in all aspects of my life. It all starts with attitude and doing what’s right everyday. Start your LIFE subscription today and see what it can do for you. Thank you Chris and the rest of the PC for making LIFE a reality for us all.

  111. Chris
    Thanks for the article. The LIFE business is so cool. I love it. I am pumped about the 1st year results and excited to see what we achieve in year 2.

    • Steve:

      Year two will be even bigger than year one! Most companies don’t post a first season like we did, and that gives us a very strong position to hit the second year with even more surprises and broken records! We’re glad to have you in the fight with us and wish you all the success you’re prepared to earn!

      God bless!

      Chris Brady

  112. I have felt healthier in all areas of my life since growing personal responsibility for the results in all areas of my life! Thank you for the much improved perspective, and for all that LIFE has accomplished in my life and the lives of so many!

  113. Nicholas Nighbor

    Thanks for the post Chris. It truly does start with our thinking. Info to action to results.

  114. Thanx for the opportunity Chris. I’m so fired up about my chance in Life.

  115. This Country is flooded with the “ME” culture. And it’s articles like this and materials that come from the LIFE business that allow us to remove the layers of our past and this oppressive culture and to renew ourselves and build a lasting future for generations to come. Thank You Chris for all your devotion and hard work for the freedom of our country.

    • Dan:

      You’ve got it right! In a world of “Me first” it’s hard sometimes to fly against the grain, but that’s exactly what RASCALS do, by definition. Stepping out from the crowd isn’t always easy, but it’s surprising how often it is necessary just to stay true to one’s convictions and absolute principles.

      Here’s to all who have the courage to be an authentic character, different for the sake of making a difference!

      Rock on!

      Chris Brady

  116. Great article. People need the information the LIFE business has to offer. So glad to be able to apply the success principles into our lives, and have a business plan wrapped around this is a great concept.

  117. The LIFE business is incredible! I’m SO glad I decided to get in!

  118. I really like the quote from Einstein. So true! We need to take responsibility for our own situation and do something about it, for the betterment of ourselves and our society.

  119. Kevin Archambault

    Mr. Brady,

    What a great article about thinking that forces the reader to, well, think. What is even more inspiring is to read all of the comments from the fellow “thinkers”. I look forward to discovering the champion within and helping others to do the same using the power of thinking.

    God Bless!

  120. Thank you Chris for what you and the other co-founders of LIFE have created for our country. The LIFE Business and the information it provides is priceless. Lives are changing with getting the “truth” into people’s hands. Need hope, join LIFE!

  121. Fantastic post! Thanks Chris!

  122. I have been in the LIFE Business for several months now and the information and leadership of Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward show what it is to lead by example…to show others to BELIEVE in themselves and guide us every step of the way. I have learnde success principles I have been able to impliment in my family, work, and relationship life. I am no longer satisfied to live a “normal” life….I know now, a life full of happiness, work, and victory is at the tip of my fingers. I thank Chris Brady for leading the way at teaching me to be a “rascal” and walk the path I was intended to lead, not follow the path that others think I should lead. It is by becoming true to yourself and working to fulfill your personal set of values and desires that provides success and helps change so many lives along the way!
    I have come from being close to suicide, to being full of love and life I can’t wait to share with others…yes, there will be trials along the way…that is what the accociation of LIFE gives you….encouragement, love and support to keep marching on and NEVER giving up! My children and myself owe you tha biggest THANK YOU, for providing information to make me want to stick around this world and make a difference in a positive way….from the material and support, there is NO OTHER WAY I EVER WANT TO LIVE AGAIN! God Bless you!!!

    • Sherrie:

      We are so glad to have you with us and are delighted the information has been a blessing. The idea of LIFE is to enable people to share their special, God-given gifts with the world, thereby making it a better place for all of us. It sounds like you have a lot to share with others and we look forward to your success as you help many others along the way!

      God bless you and continue to be a RASCAL!!!

      Chris Brady

  123. Brian & Jessica Suddeth

    Being a part of LIFE is an amazing blessing that I’m so thankful to God for. This is not merely a business that one takes on to prosper financially, but LIFE becomes part of you! Because LIFE works by duplicating a system, we follow in the foot steps of amazing leaders and become part of a community of people that are striving to be the best they can be! Money becomes a by product of the system, and the compensation is great & better than anything– but the life changes that one will see is priceless! We get paid to find what our purpose is and become the best version of ourselves that God created us to be! Self development is necessary for success in all areas of life, but I didn’t realize this until I started looking within!

  124. Chris thank you for saying what others are afraid to say. Only we control our destiny. Thank you for being a leader for truth.

  125. Thank you so much for saying what everyone else is thinking. You are truly a leader for truth.

  126. Ronald & Mary Truitt

    Awesome truly awesome.

  127. Chris – I can’t begin to say how important the LIFE business is to me personally. The fact that the country is so lost, so divided, so confused right now shows how important the truths of LIFE really are now. I saw Holger and Lindsey Spiewak speak last week and their passion to help people and make a difference in this country was awesome. Then we were blessed to hear from Brian Powers. The same passion about people and country! Count me in to help take this group to a place where we WILL make a difference not only in people’s lives, but for the good of this great country! Together Everyone Achieves More!

  128. RASCAL ALERT…..Time to find the ones who only know how to live by a SURVIVOR Mentality and through out TEAM System/LIFE resources, help teach them how to live by the SUCCESS Mentality. There are so many people out there that are willing to “break the cycle”, whether it be unemployment/welfare; continuted divorce cycle in family; verbal/mental/physical abuse, etc…..but they just dont know how! It’s our turn RASCALS…lets help them break the only cycle they know by interceding with prayer and leading them to the LIFE They Have Always Wanted….but have no idea how they will ever get…. 🙂 Thanks to all of our outstanding leaders for developing a way to bring American back ONE FAMILY AT A TIME!
    Roy and Brenda Hatcher

  129. Everyone needs a wonderful turn around in their life and this buisness is giving me that turn around.

  130. Walt & Nancy Broadbent

    Thanks for another great article Chris. It really is about how we think, and we’ve never found anything as powerful as LIFE to change thoughts, attitudes and habits. We’re a work in progress – one book, one CD, one coaching session at a time. We love LIFE.

  131. Bre&Kevin Hafner

    Many THANKS go out to all the wonderful couples that are fearlessly leading us to freedom through thinking for our selves. Great first year of LIFE! Can not wait to see what the future holds.

  132. A chance to help others out, pursue my purpose and passion, and have fun – what other business has this?

  133. David Fetherston

    Chris, you’ve nailed it again. Our thinking limits our success when we think we cannot achieve or don’t deserve something better. Zig Ziglar put it well when he said “…God created you and gave you talent for you to use and not to bury.” Many of us don’t realize that we’ve been blessed with talent or genius and plod along in life. We need help in discovering that in ourselves and others.
    The LIFE material and top five books have already increased my confidence and personal skills. I am really looking forward to seeing what next year has in store.

  134. “The successful people I know take personal responsibility for their results, and work on their thinking and thereby their performance to change their reality until it matches their dreams or vision for how things could and should be.”
    Poweeeerrr-full statement!

  135. growing up I never thought rules applied to me especially when they were imposed for no reason other than political gain. LIFE is the first place that right is right no matter the cost has ever been upheld in my life and I LOVE THIS ORGANIZATION and its leaders!!!!!! God Bless.

  136. Kristi J Cortezano

    I agree with the rest of you, NEED HOPE? JOIN LIFE!!!!! seriously if anyone is involved but not acting their purpose out daily get on point and do what God has called you to do. If anyone is not yet involved, join and be convinced along the way. NO excuses.

  137. I am Proud to be a part of an community that makes me think about things I never before would have and also makes me ask questions that I never would have ask. Thanks to the founders of Life.

  138. I love being part of a community with the vision and an education system to accomplish great things in each of our lives.

  139. A self-directed education will get you a lot further in life than subjects forced on you in traditional school. Wish everyone had the desire to feed their minds as much as their stomachs!

  140. I learn so much with every CD, every book, and every conference. Thank you LIFE!

  141. I am learning from every CD, every book, and every conference. Thank you TEAM and the LIFE business.

  142. Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward are two of my favorite authors and speakers. The LIFE business is such an inspiration. Where else can you grow personally and professionally with a great team of leaders to mentor you. LIFE and TEAM have made such a positive difference in my life and of the lives of those around me. Joining the LIFE business has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

    Thank you to the Life founders who have given so much of themselves to do something truly amazing!!

  143. Chris Brady has a lot of great information. If people will just take that information and apply it to your lives then you will see a improvement in it.

  144. Thanks Chris Brady, you and the P.C. have made the Life/Team business so much fun, you always have a way of making things funny!
    Wayne D. Bonsall D.W.T. O.M.P.

  145. Great article. I appreciate the insight. Keep the blogs coming, it is making a difference in so many lives!

  146. Great article. Most people really don’t think and that is what makes giving them information like this so difficult.

  147. True information from the right source, always leads to the right results in life. Before I fell into the life-changing information that is offered by the LIFE business my life was jacked up. The CDs, the books and association that I’ve plugged into over the years with the LIFE business has been life-changing. Thank you to Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady and the founders of the life company. You have help me change my thinking and my results for a life.
    God Bless, CR

  148. It is easy to complain about how things are and to blame others for the state of our society. It is refreshing to be around and to learn from people like Chris and Terry Brady and Orrin and Laurie Woodward who take responsibility and are truly making a difference int the lives of so many people. Thank you for a self-directed education that, if applied, will change lives and our society for the good.

  149. Great blog Chris! I am encouraging my children to understand that if we give away the authority over the negative in our lives (i.e. not taking responsibility for our circumstances) then we also give away the ability to create the positive. We can’t have it both ways. And it all starts from the way we think. Thanks for all you do!

  150. freedom here we come!!!!!!

  151. Enjoying our self-directed education!! 🙂 Making ourselves better each day!!

  152. So blessed to be a part of this community. Great article Chris! Thanks for all the work of the PC.

  153. GREAT article. You are absolutely correct! Everything you do in your day to day life can be improved threw a different way of thinking. I have learned this first hand. I am very proud to say I have taken the steps toward bettering myself, which in turn is bettering my marriage, my financial state & the lives of my children. I’m loving LIFE!!!!!!

  154. This is the heart of the matter. If a man accepts blame isn’t he then free to become? Is this then the first step toward freedom? Thanks Mr. Brady.

  155. Where do we see a business built on helping other people out and sharing in an equitable matter the profits earned. This is a model they other businesses will have to adopt to survive in the Information Age. Thanks LIFE for leading the way.

  156. And somehow it keeps getting better and better! Thank you Chris, Orrin, and the rest of the LIFE founders!

  157. I have tried and failed at many things in my life but no matter what struggles I come across in the LIFE business I will NOT give up on what this business has to offer.

    • Herb:
      Many of us have had that same feeling. We’ve quit on other things and almost don’t trust ourselves to finish here. However, what was different this time for so many of us is that we were surrounded by a team of great people who would not stop encouraging and helping us. Add to that the great information, and you’ve got a formula for long term, lasting success! Stay plugged in and KNOW that you will finish big here!

      Chris Brady

  158. A GREAT first year…Can’t wait to see how good #2 is! Thanks for all you do! LIFE is good!

  159. LIFE provides the information and opportunity that everyone wants and NEEDS, but can’t seem to find on their own! So thankful for this organization!

  160. Orrin Wooward and Chris Brady have created an education system and opportunity that every person wants and NEEDS in their lives, but can’t seem to find on their own! Thank you to the Founders for putting this company together!

  161. Chris, I had searched for years for a program that would help me improve all the areas of my life. I knew enough that I did not know what I wanted to know. But too much of the other information out there was only good in a vacuum and was not applicable to me or my dreams. However the LIFE program and the MFC was exactly what I have been searching for. It is not only relevant to me, it lets me apply it in so many areas of my life that I am working to live the life that I have always wanted.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful program with the world. It is changing people’s lives for the better.

  162. What Chris is saying here is so true. The reality that your looking at this website right now is because you probably Googled it so let me say this; NOTHING else has helped me more in life than (not even family) than this business has in giving me a hand up in all areas of my life!

  163. Well said!!:) I love that it’s all my fault because that means I can fix it. And with LIFE and the Team I have help, I have access to people that really want me to succeed and I thank God for them every day.Yes it is painful, but not as painful as staying the same or rotting away in stinking thinking. The growing pains are worth it!!! God bless!!!

  164. Thanks to all the LIFE founders.

    Where else can you get involved in a business that helps you to become better in all aspects of your life, have the opportunity to help others do the same and, in turn, generate income in doing so.

    Thanks you, Thanks you, Thank you



  165. Chris,
    Thanks for the great article! I can’t express my gratitude enough to you and the PC. My success thinking journey has radically changed my life. I love that success takes hard work because it makes the victory sweeter. I remember the first time I picked up The Magic of Thinking Big. Wow, did it open my eyes to a bigger picture of life. Thanks again for the great LIFE materials!

    God Bless,
    Kaitlyn Fix

  166. We love the LIFE business!! Thanks, Chris, for all that you contribute to the success of so many people!! LIFE is good!!

  167. Chris,
    Thank you everytime I read your blog, listen to you on CD or in person I always have a smile. The business has done much for me I am learning to become a true friend and leader. I am a choleric so there is lots of work to be done however I love having fun and seeing people smile. That is what this bussiness does for people. In life there is no guarentee however we need to change the “pouty faces” empower people to change our world become better people, love each other and listen to the other guy. I even want to change the weather instead of 20% chance of rain how about 80%chance of sunshine. I know this company is developing awesome leaders as mine Tim and Amy Marks, Cody and Tara Newton, Kris and Megan White and Steve and Candi Brown. They’ve taken this hard head old lady and let her grow! I lost something over the years they have given it back to me and I am forever in debt to them and The Team!

    • Thanks for the warm comments. What we really have with this system of great information is a chance to change things for the better by changing ourselves. That’s exactly what you’ve just described, and we’re delighted to have you with us and that you are getting so much out of the association with a great group of winners!

      Keep up the great work!

      Chris Brady

  168. You know something. I really like how that was put. That’s what I call the truth times 10!!! After reading that, all I can do is be fired up!!! As long as I live I will carry that message to the still sick and suffering with hope that change for the better is definite. And Happy B-day LIFE!!!


    Richard Lane II

  169. Bishop James Miller Sr

    LIFE is continuously helping me change my thinking for the better. This is a great article.

  170. Thank you for the great thoughts. We need to get the message out.

  171. William Redekopp


  172. Mike and Jen Samuelson

    The information that we receive from LIFE is always challenging us (in a good way!). Never claiming to be perfect, but finding out how crooked our lines are has been strangely uplifting! Self-discovery is a powerful tool and we welcome the education that LIFE provides us!

  173. This is one of the best things!! I have ever done. So happy it has change my life…. thank you Chris and all founders..

  174. The Bible tells us that by beholding we become change. Does anyone ever think about that? Think about it…if you are around someone, listen to or watch things on a constant bases you take that on. It’s amazing how we are conditioned. That’s why we need to put good things in our minds and get around positive people who want you to succeed in anything! Welcome to LIFE. Being a part of this organization will give you the change all of us need and deep down desire. Chris you hit it on the head square on and I thank you for all your words of experienced wisdom!

  175. LIFE is one of the best opportunities that has ever entered my life.

  176. Very true. We cannot control others, only ourselves– thus we must discover what we can do rather than waiting for others to do it for us.

  177. Keith and Michele Bailey

    There’s nothing like hearing the truth. It just kind of goes KERPLUNK! 🙂

  178. Chris,
    Great post, so glad to be a part of this Leadership Revolution!!

  179. Chris it is always refreshing to hear the truth. We see it all the time, but so few are willing to stand up and make a difference. Thank you LIFE!

  180. Chris,
    Thank you for your hard work and leadership! The great thing about the books and cd’s in the LIFE and TEAM systems is, they truly make me stop and think about the direction we are headed as a country, and the direction I am headed as a man. I have yet to read a book from the LIFE business that hasn’t caused me to re-evaluate some area in my life. After having completed the Mental Fitness Challenge I have a much better understanding of the leadership we so desperately need in America, But with leaders like yourself, Orrin, and the rest of the policy council at the helm, we can and will steer this ship back to a true north course.

  181. I was living that poor me life for several months until I was blessed with LIFE. Changed my whole outlook! This is shaping me into the person I believe God wants me to be. Thanks to our mentors and leaders!!

  182. Great post Chris! Thanks for all your hard work!

  183. Sharon Nelson-Curtice

    I am so grateful for the LIFE business and all its leaders! I never realized how much room for improvement there was in my life in all areas until I was exposed to the LIFE materials. Although it hasn’t always been comfortable, and I still have a long way to go, I love the changes I see in myself and my life, especially the impact I see it having on my kids. Thanks for sharing truth!

  184. If we all accepted our circumstances as a result of our own thinking, our society and our world would be a much better place. Thank you, Chris, for teaching and reinforcing success thinking! I strive to “renew my mind” daily.

    Band of Brothers, BBNQ!

  185. Well said Chris! LIFE has made such an impact in my life. I am so greatful to all the wonderful leaders!

  186. Robert and Heather Shaw

    Thanks for spreading truth and hope. We need more of both in this world!

  187. Thomas A. Applebee

    I agree with this thinking, If you blame your circumstances on others, you have no power to change them. This article has firm psychological foundation.

    Taking responsiblity is often a painful endeavor. But in the end it produces fruit. Thank you Chris for these thoughts.

  188. Merrie Beth Den Boer

    Yes, it all boils down to our thinking, and then applying what we learn. Thanks for helping us correct out stinking thinking!

  189. I love coming back to this post and reread it for a quick reminder that I am in control and how blessed I am to be linked in with the Life business and great minds like you. Thanks again Chris

  190. Jason & Gina Koncz

    Great post!! Everyone needs the information LIFE has to offer. The financial principles we have learned alone have been priceless!! Thank you Chris!!

  191. It’s about personal accountability. Sometimes, this is best accomplished in a community or team that holds us in our magnificence and expects excellence as we choose into that journey in LIFE. My coach and mentors (thanks Chris, Manase and Rob!) have done well in creating a culture of accountability. The MFC also inculcates this into a habitual characteristic. True leadership not only models accountability but inspires it in meaningful relationships where in the end we realize that we are all connected as a body of Christ if HE is our head…..but maybe that is just the beginning..:)

  192. When we blame others for our lack of success because they didnt support us and we are a dissapointment to them and dont measure up ect.. It can really put a differant perspective on it when we realize that we are also dissapointed in them and they didnt measure up to what we wanted from them. Thanks so much for all the wonderful teaching on beingresponsable for our own results through the power of corret thinking patterns.

    • Yes, Ruth, exactly.

      Remember, “It’s FOR who it’s FOR.”

      We should never waste any energy worrying about what those for whom “It’s NOT for” think or say or do.

      We shouldn’t CONFORM to those for whom it’s NOT for, but rather, we should PERFORM for those it IS for!

      God bless,
      Chris Brady

  193. “We can’t solve problems by using the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” I love this, so true, never before was I able to discover answers to so many problems in my life, until LIFE entered. Love this, so many truths, thank you Chris.

  194. as we said before…..SUCCESS THINKING vs SURVIVOR THINKING…Survivor Thinking got us to where we are….SUCCESS THINKING will get us to where we WANT to be!

  195. LIFE has changed my life for the better! Thanks for the better perspective.

  196. What an awesome, it is our responsible for the out come of our life.

  197. Great post Chris! The Life information is helping us take on each and every day, striving to become the best we can in all of the 8 F’s.

  198. Chris, what a powerful concept. I have been guilty of this in the past. Thankfully, the LIFE business has allowed me to adapt and change my thinking process. Keep up the good work.

  199. Thank you for attacking status quo in thinking and challenging others to do the same. 🙂

  200. The longer we around you guys and gals, and the information LIFE provides, we realize how much we still don’t know. It’s humbling, and I think that is a big step in the personal development journey for a lot of people. Our thinking has so far to grow, but at least it’s not stuck back where we started. Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment to ask better questions of ourselves.

  201. We love this community of people who know where we would be if someone hadn’t intoduced us to LIFE!

  202. Chris,
    This organization has transformed my family, friends, and even me! I thought since my faith life was good i was ok and that was all i would ever need. This was sadly a philosophy adopted by many people i have been around. We live a faithful life to Christ but don’t take it on ourselves to be great instead of just “good”. After being exposed to the LIFE material i find now i am more of a help to my congregation and also have the ability to impart success principles to people who may not be looking for faith information right now but may once they have developed to a certain point. Thank God for you and the other founders of LIFE for helping us all understand that this is a journey not a destination. If we are to truly be like Jesus and gain favor with God and man it will take the training and skills taught in the LIFE materials and in the Bible to do that.

  203. Bishop James Miller Sr

    Chris, this article is similar to the bible .. every time you read it, there is a something more that you can receive from it. I am very thankful for you and all the LIFE family for helping me change my thinking.

  204. Thank for taking the time to post the thinking that can grow us to a point to fix the situations or current thinking got us in!
    Blake Harris

  205. Good stuff, great article. LIFE is now a year old and headed to many more great years.

  206. Heather Farrand

    Great article Chris and the video is very inspiring!

  207. Great article as always, there is definitely an issue of entitlement in these current times. I support helping people, but a hand up is much more valuable than a hand out. As I go through my daily activities it really strikes me how unfortunate that there are so many people that have a lack of true thinking. There seems to be an abundance of ignorance that needs to be educated with the LIFE information as many of us have. Thanks again for LIFE and all that you do to truly educate the ignorant. Thanks and God Bless.

  208. Jamie and Kim Van Slembrouck

    Only if we own it, can we change it! Love the success prinicples the LIFE information provides and the changes we’re making together!

  209. The LIFE products introduce and teach the correct and time proven thinking that has been missing in most peoples lives. The LIFE business is like no other.

  210. Thank you Chris, this has been a big problem for me over the years. The information on the cds and in the books has been a blessing to me. It is a struggle to change that mindset but it is worth it. I now have health problems and this is about the only type of work (if you call it that) that I can do. The Magic of Thinking Big has helped me as much as anything so far. I have begun a journey that I will not back away from. The ride has been fun and very rewarding. Thanks again to you and all the PC members. Bill Lewis is a great teacher, so I don’t have any excuses anymore. God bless this organization!

  211. Wendi Witkowski

    Awesome Blog post!

  212. Thinking is so important. How you think determines who you’ll become. I’m so thankful for the constant exercise that the LIFE materials give my brain. I especially liked the most recent CD by Chris Mattis about how to be a better friend. It had some practical life changing information in it!

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