Financial Fitness from Life Leadership

Are You Ready to Get Financially Fit?


Chris Brady

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3 responses to “Financial Fitness from Life Leadership

  1. Thank you Chris and Life Leadership. My real estate office is using this Financial Fitness pack for a Wednesday night class with our core leadership and spouses. It’s been so powerful to work though it as couples. Our office is stronger because of it. We intended it to be an hour session but find it hard to keep it to that as discussion continues. Even though I have read the book already, going through the whole pack with the work book, the cds and now this video to introduce it, I always learn more. My wife and I also lead groups in 6 week finance classes and one on one financial counseling at our church and this compliments that too. Great work and only getting better. Todays the day. What is your best life? Are you living it? This finance pack will help you realize it!

  2. Reblogged this on Craig Wisler – Servant-Leader and commented:
    If it were not for this material, I would still be digging a deeper hole. I am so thankful that this material was available to me.
    Craig A. Wisler, DDS

  3. This information is doing wonders to illustrate the nature of simple principles to overcome debt and move into wealth.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Professional Developer
    Life Leadership

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