Life Leadership Scam and the Leadership Train

Is Life Leadership a Scam?

Have you ever seen the movie Revenge of the Nerds? It’s an oldie but a goodie. Actually, I can’t really say that, as I haven’t seen it since I was a wee teen.  However, the premise, that the nerds outsmart their good-looking, athletic, popular, jock counterparts has really come to fruition in our times.

For instance, have you ever realized that those geeky bespectacled kids you used to push around at the bus stop are the ones responsible for terms like “iOS8” and  “PDF” being part of our normal vernacular? Or that we are all now living under the tyranny of baud rates and hyper text markup language? It’s as if they all got together and decided to get revenge on those of us who are too impatient and too, well, un-geeky to care about ones and zeros.  WE JUST WANT OUR STUPID PHONES TO WORK!!!!

Ah hem.  Anyway, there seems to be no end to what the nerds will come up with next.  Take the latest round of web address suffixes.  As if getting used to .com and .net and .org and .gov and .edu wasn’t enough, some hyper-smart geek got the notion that if those “web properties” (there they go again!) were so valuable, why not create like, I don’t know, 1700 more!  And just like that, we’ve got a whole bunch of new cyber real estate to pay for.  Suffixes such as .hello, .tattoo, and .plumbing may even make a little bit of sense.  But one is left wondering just how far this will go?  How many new suffixes could possibly be introduced over time? The answer? A limitless amount!

Some of the more troublesome ones, however, are the curious ones such as .scam and .sucks. Wow. Really? Are there that many people and entities out there being paraded through the mud?  With just a few key strokes and a handy-dandy search engine, one can quickly confirm that yes, Martha, nearly everything is being called a scam online these days.  From the 9-11 attacks to Mother Teresa, and everything in between (and let’s face it, there’s a lot betwixt those two terms), it seems some mole in an hole somewhere is getting his nerdish satisfaction from hurling the term “scam” or “sucks” at it.  So much so, in fact, that one of the many minions in the nerdosphere has seen fit to create a whole suffix just for such purposes.

What a wonderful modern world in which we live!

So, when one asks if Life Leadership is a scam, I guess it should be no surprise!  If they’re questioning Mother Teresa . . . .

Is Network Marketing a Scam?

And, further, if anything and everything gets hit with the scam label, why not an entire profession that’s been around for 150 years? Sure!

So what are the answers to these intellectual questions of infinite profundity?  Glad you asked.  NY Times best selling author and Guinness World Record Holder Orrin Woodward has just released a new book that addresses both of these questions in a most interesting way.  Written as a novella with interesting characters and real life questions about the profession in general and Life Leadership in specific, the book is so much fun that I read it in one sitting! (Others are reporting the same). I believe that the questions as to the validity of the networking industry and Life Leadership‘s key position within it are answered eloquently and thoroughly. Of course, I am also biased, as I’ve enjoyed my time in the industry now for over two decades, and can’t imagine life without the opportunity to Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference (all three in one place).

Is Orrin Woodward a ScaM?

Oh man, will the tough questions never stop?

Sidestepping the obvious rebuttal that a person (reference Mother Teresa above) cannot actually be defined as a “scam,” one has to wonder what drives such slander? Is there possibly such a thing in the nerd world as digital assassins? Could there possibly be those who benefit from tearing down a competitor online from the cowardly comfort of anonymity? Could it be that there are actually paid positions to do so? Let’s face it, if the nerds are capable of capitalizing on a .scam suffix, one is left to conclude that anything could be possible!

But I digress.

What I really want to do is introduce you to Orrin Woodward‘s excellent new book, which I technically already did, but forgot to give you the cool photo of its cover, or the interesting video trailer in which Orrin introduces it.


(And you nerds? Well, just to let you know, I loaded all this media onto this blog post all by myself! So there.)


Chris Brady


13 responses to “Life Leadership Scam and the Leadership Train

  1. Thanks, Chris, I have a smug satisfaction in this moment that, I, too, drink of the kool-aid so-to-speak and enjoy association within the most excellent field of Network Marketing-gone ROGUE with community building- people lifting- truth telling- hungry student feeding- and best of all – the opening of eyes and hearts to hope again. Best scam EVER!

  2. I use to pride myself on not reading a full book in school up through my 4 year degree in business college. Then 9 years ago someone told me of the Life leadership business. I now read 1-2+ full books a month in areas that help develop me to be a better person. We enjoy more lifestyle, time together as a family (and not at a job), travel around the world and have more peace of mind and quality of life than I ever thought I would have. We can’t wait to grow our selves and our business more and help others get the life they have always wanted via the Life leadership business.

  3. Chris, great article and I am so enjoying this book by Orrin!
    I also wanted to thank you and LIFE Leadership for a tremendous weekend in Milwaukee(Canada and Cali, also)! Especially your talk Saturday night was excellent. I so wanted to get alone with you in a quiet area and really flesh out some of the thoughts you were conveying. You were explaining in a better way what I have been thinking for a long time, now. I can hardly wait for that CD to come through. I truly hope you dig deeper into what you communicated that night in another seminar(maybe if you are coming to St. Louis soon) so we have some more audio on the topic of destiny along the lines of your talk.
    Thanks again.
    Love ya Brother,

  4. Rick Satterstrom

    Great post Chris! I’m excited to hand this book out to friends and recent high school or college graduates. I liked those R. of N. movies too.

  5. Danny Kellenberger


    Thanks for the great article! I just finished reading “Leadership Train” in 2 sittings. Orrin does a wonderful job sharing how awesome compensated community can be and why so many are drawn to it. Now to just get people to experience it for themselves instead of going to a .scam or whatever…
    Carpe Diem

  6. Chris –
    Once again your blog has me laughing out loud!
    Thanks for sharing truth with humor –
    Rick & Nancy Monsipapa

  7. Brittany Schlabach

    Thank you, Chris! From my involvement in LIFE since its launch in 2011 I have never anticipated a book as much as I have Orrin’s “Leadership Train”. I can’t wait to read it and I am so excited for the truth provided through the life-changing-LIFE business!

  8. Reblogged this on The Rockspot and commented:
    Written as a novel with interesting characters and real life questions about the profession in general and Life Leadership in specific, the book is so much fun that I read it in one sitting!

  9. This book really put network marketing together in a easy read and understanding way for me. This is why I pulled my ladder of the corporate wall and started onto the team approach staircase. This book will be yet another best seller for Orrin Woodward.

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  11. Chris, with the advent of the ‘virtual bathroom wall’, the internet and google, people really have to learn discernment of what is true or untrue. You know and I know that it is actually a good sign that some people feel compelled to write that life leadership is a scam on this bathroom wall. If we are not ruffling a few feathers, then we are not doing anything significant! Thanks for a great post and for being a leader worth following!

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