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The LIFE Business and Success Thinking

LIFE Business Success Thinking and Leadership

LIFE is bigger than we are!

We live in an age where people want guarantees and security. They want to be taken care of and handed something for nothing. And let’s face it, in dicey economic times, who wouldn’t yearn for a little bit of good old stability?

But success doesn’t come through comfort, nor security through others. Personal development and massive effort over time is the formula of achievement. It has rightly been said that our only security is our own ability to perform.

Enter the LIFE business. The materials and truths provided by the founders of LIFE (Orrin Woodward, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Dan Hawkins, Rob Hallstrand, and yours truly) go right to the heart of the matter; equipping customers with the foundational truths of success, and offering a chance at business ownership through which a level playing field is provided for anyone willing to earn his or her success.

It begins with thinking. It never ceases to amaze me how confident people are in their own thinking. They seem to assign all their difficulties and woes to outside forces, allowing them the illusion that their own thinking wasn’t responsible for any of it.  This is extremely convenient, because it therefore demands no introspection, personal growth or self-improvement on their part. Instead, outside circumstances, the government, the system, the economy, or any other number of scapegoats can be blamed. In this way, the poor victim is safe in his delusional cocoon from the strenuous efforts of self-improvement and change. But even Einstein weighed in on this topic, famously stating, “We can’t solve problems by using the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” And there it is from one of the smartest guys ever: we created them. Did you catch that?

It is critical to give ourselves the blame for our problems because that is the only way we can expect to be part of the solution.  And here again this is a difficult conclusion to draw, because it puts the responsibility directly upon us for the change necessary for betterment.  It is not up to any outside forces, government programs, corporations, rich relatives, or anywhere else the hallucination of an easy fix may be spotted. It is up to us.

Be careful. I am not saying people are not in need of a helping hand from time to time. I am  not suggesting that ALL problems in our lives are of our own creation. Rather, I am talking through the thinking process necessary to produce long term, lasting success in our lives. As long as we allow outside forces and others to take the blame for our circumstances, we immediately eliminate the only person capable of truly giving us the achievement and security we crave – namely, ourselves. The successful people I know take personal responsibility for their results, and work on their thinking and thereby their performance to change their reality until it matches their dreams or vision for how things could and should be.

This is radically different from how most people operate, unfortunately. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Anyone can be taught the principles of success and how to take personal responsibility for their lives. This is what the LIFE business is all about – it not only provides the information and answers to successful thinking, but a compensation plan that can provide immediate economic progress to those properly applying the principles taught. For some, simply becoming a customer of these materials will be enough to impart success thinking, which can then be applied to any endeavor. For others, however, both the information and the opportunity will be desired. Either way, LIFE is there to deliver the goods.

Welcome to the LIFE  you’ve always wanted – it’s directly on the other side of proper success thinking.

LIFE: A Whole New Category at

LIFE Business

LIFE: A Whole New Category

People have heard about home based businesses and networking.  They’ve heard about personal development and self help. They’ve heard about life coaches and accountability partners. And they’ve certainly heard about online communities. But has anyone ever heard of all four combined into one entity?

In short, that’s what the LIFE business is all about.  Orrin Woodward and the rest of the founders of LIFE are onto something unique; something totally new; something never done before. It’s the explosive space between existing categories, in this case, four categories, where massive opportunity exists. This cataclysmic space, according to author Frans Johansson in his book The Medici Effect, is the most exciting place to be.

What does this mean for the individual new to the LIFE concept? Opportunity!

LIFE is a chance at meaningful endeavor, a way to increase your financial standing, to grow as a person, to have a greater impact on society, and to amplify your ability to make a difference. As I wrote yesterday, LIFE is not merely about chasing dreams, but much more importantly about living the life you’ve always thought possible.  LIFE is the vehicle to take you where you’ve always wanted to go. But just like all vehicles, it’s no good without a driver.

So sit down, strap in, shut up, and hang on! (sorry, couldn’t help it. It’s an old off-roader’s phrase). Seriously, though, for anyone seeking to live a more adventurous and successful life, the LIFE business can provide a seriously wild ride!

LIFE, where living is for everyone! or ?

Baking up a new LIFE

When Orrin Woodward and the rest of the Policy Council founded the LIFE business, they were really just bringing to fruition the part of the business most people treasured the most, anyway. How often have I run into people who love “the system” part of the industry, but not the rest of it? How many of us enjoy the learning and personal growth aspects more than anything else? So it is really just a natural extension to try and capture the life-changing aspects of what we do and make that available to everyone, whether they choose to build a business or not. The LIFE materials are just that – designed to deliver life-changing truth to people of all walks.

I laughed the other day when I heard someone say, “Isn’t that just a business about chasing dreams?” as if that were a bad thing. First of all, there is nothing wrong with having dreams, and chasing them, as long as they are of the God-given variety and can be attained within His perfect will for our lives.  What this means is that dreams should not lead to materialism, covetousness, greed, avarice, or any of the other besetting sins of mankind, and they should be clean and reverent, God-honoring, and an encouragement to others.  Within these obvious boundaries, it is healthy to have something to pursue, for God’s glory.  Having something to chase gets us out of bed in the morning, makes us work at improving ourselves, and helps us beat back the temptations of laziness and victim thinking.

But the LIFE business is about much more than simply providing an opportunity in which people can have a chance at pursuing their dreams.  It’s about providing foundational truth in all categories of life so anyone, anywhere can transform his or her life into something that matters more, delivers a larger impact, and makes a bigger difference. People don’t have to build the LIFE business to accomplish this, they can simply plug into some of the LIFE materials and apply those truths to their lives.

Now, what about the Team training system, found at ? The Team remains a company dedicated to helping people learn the fundamentals and methods of building communities of people.  For specific techniques of developing a strong LIFE business, access the Team’s training materials.

LIFE products = changing lives by delivering truth

TEAM training materials = help people build their communities through which LIFE materials flow

It’s that simple.

Welcome to the LIFE you’ve always wanted! May God bless all your efforts for His glory!

LIFE Business Launches Without a Hitch (Almost)

Yesterday the founders of LIFEOrrin Woodward, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, Dan Hawkins, and Rob Hallstrand, and myself, were extremely excited to see the successful launch of the company. At exactly 11:11am, as planned, the website went live and the company opened for business. LIFE specializes in producing life-changing products that can be sold by individual LIFE members for a profit. In this way, people can make a positive impact in their own lives and in the lives of others through the “8F” categories of: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun.

LIFE Business Chris Brady

Chris Brady at the LIFE PreLaunch

All went smoothly as thousands of new members signed up, all, that is, except the inaugural internet broadcast, streaming of a live event being hosted in Lansing, Michigan. Yours truly was on stage, flapping my gums like I knew what I was doing, only to be interrupted twenty minutes later with the unwelcome news that somehow a glitch had been encountered somewhere in cyberspace and nobody across North America was receiving the signal. The 2500 people assembled in Lansing and I would have to make do until further notice.

In a scenario that played itself out across hundreds of living rooms across this land, there we were, nice little cozy crews of folks all dressed up with nothing to do. So we related some concepts, taught a little detail, shared a few laughs, and finally got word that we were “live” and ready to go! No harm done, we all proceeded according to plan and the rest of the evening went off without a hitch.

With an entirely new product line, brand new subscription models, a cutting-edge pay plan, new website, new marketing materials and sales aids, new instructional brochures, new video advertisement clips, and new training tools, there were certainly many, many potential places for something, anything, to go wrong! Compared to all that could have happened, a little Internet hiccup was nothing! We certainly appreciate the patience of everyone involved, and the professionalism and dedication of the LIFE staff who scurried around behind the scenes to minimize (as much as possible) the “looking like idiots” factor affecting the guy with the microphone (me!).

I am truly honored to be in business with such a cadre of professionals who insists on excellence, work well under pressure, and never stop in their pursuit to bring world class products and information to a world that needs it. Congratulations to all LIFE members and employees, and everyone involved to make this launch everything we dreamed it could be. The chance we’ve all been waiting for is here – the LIFE you’ve always wanted!!!

LIFE Pre-Launch Weekend a Major Success!

LIFE Business Pre-Launch

Orrin Woodward rolls out details of the LIFE business to the Team

This past weekend in Columbus, Ohio, LIFE  held a fantastic leadership conference featuring best selling author Oliver DeMille, best selling author and leadership guru Orrin Woodward and his wife Laurie, Ernst and Young’s 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year Dallin Larsen, founder of three ministries Pastor Stephen Davey, business leaders Tim and Amy Marks, Bill and Jackie Lewis, Claude and Lana Hamilton, George and Jill Guzzardo, and Dan and Lisa Hawkins.  The theme of the weekend was LIFE, leadership, and opportunity. Topics covered ranged throughout the “8 F’s” including Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun.

There are moments in life when everything just seems to come together. After 17 years of dreaming and working, the founders of LIFE are finally able to birth a concept that sits at the apex of four industries/trends, namely: 1) the Personal Development industry, 2) the LIFE coaching industry, 3) the networking industry, and 4) the concept of Community (both electronic and “real”).  Details of this amazing combination, which author Frans Johansson in his book The Medici Effect calls “Intersectional Innovation,” were covered at this conference. The concept of Intersectional Innovation states that cataclysmic and explosive shifts occur when unique combinations are found in the spaces between industries or trends. If this is true for the space between two trends (and Johansson’s book makes a strong case that it is), then imagine what could happen at the conjunction of four trends/industries! That’s what’s happening with LIFE!

LIFE doesn’t officially launch until November 1, 2011. However, all attendants at this weekend’s Major Convention are set to get a head start. Armed with new tools and information resting atop timeless principles, new members can charge ahead into a future so bright they might want to wear welding helmets! Here’s to a LIFE that matters!

Orrin Woodward launches LIFE

It has been nearly two decades in the making, but Orrin Woodward, Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, Dan Hawkins, Bill Lewis, and I are finally ready to unveil a dream come true on November 1, 2011. LIFE will be a company specializing in producing life changing information in the categories called the “8

LIFE Business

LIFE – the best yet, but probably still no piece of cake!

F’s:” Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun. It has been our experience that nearly everyone can benefit from personal growth in at least one of these eight categories.

Also, members will have the opportunity to be paid based upon their performance on the sale of these LIFE changing products and the building of communities that do the same thing.

For more information, or to obtain LIFE products, visit